Monday Musing 30 | Showing Estate JEWELRY

– Oops. – Oh, rub up. (laughing) It’s supposed to go up
the cheekbone, you do it, look at it right there. – Mwah. – Okay, so we’re going
to go up the cheekbone. Oh good, oh that’s much better. – That’s much better. You are here with me in my living room in Raleigh, North Carolina. And you may know who this is. – I’m Donnie Grissom. – This is my friend Donnie Grissom. And he is an estate
jeweler extraordinaire. This is Monday Musing 30, which means it is my 210th video. In a row, yep, so every Monday Musing. I know. – Every? Have we had 30 Mondays? – We’ve had, this is
the 30th Monday in 2019. And the 210th day. Because I have done 210 videos. – That’s a lot of videos. – It’s a lot of videos. I don’t know what I was thinking. (laughing) – That’s a lot of videos. – It is. – I would never have
obligated myself to do that. – This past week, I shared with you my Eames chair collection. And the, well I don’t know if you can see them, but these chairs Donnie
and I are sitting on are part of that collection. And I also showed you the tree that was hit by lightning. – That was amazing. I love that tree. – Yeah. – It left this, sculpture left, that these long strips of wood, that I think, I really think, you need to get some gravel and a nice jardiniere, and just stick them in
there, as a sculpture. – Yeah. I had said in that video that I thought the longest one was about 10 feet, but Donnie held it upright, and I think it’s more like 14 feet. – Yeah. It’s pretty (mumbles) so
maybe you can put it in here. – I can put it in here. – You could probably put it up there. – In certain places, in front
of the glass would be good. But I want to get a store so
bad I want to put it in there. – It would be gorgeous, gorgeous. – And I also do want to create a line of jewelry around that. So everything is inspired
by archeological digs. But, you know, there’s that fire thing. – You know, I was thinking about that when I was here the other day. And we picked up the wood that the lightning threw across the yard. Strips across the yard. You know, in a lot of your pieces, the striations in your design, it’s very much like the graining and the striations that are in the wood. It’s beautiful. – Yeah I love those pieces. We also took you with
us, Mitchell and I did, to the farmers’ market to get tomatoes and make tomato sauce. We got 25 pounds of tomatoes, and cooked it up, and it was mostly… – 25 pounds of tomatoes? – 25 pounds. – What does that look like? – It looks like, you know
the big real big soup pot? It looks like that full twice. – I’ve never seen 25, well I guess I have, just going to the store, but I’m thinking it
would be all the tomatoes in the store. One of those bins. – We originally had
wanted to get 100 pounds, we wanted to do four batches, ’cause I have enough pots for that, and we realized we didn’t
have enough oven space to make the tomato paste. – How do you…? – We made the, all it is is tomatoes. Just watch the video, then you’ll know. – I know, but what are you
going to do with all of that? – We freeze it, and then
that’s the tomato sauce for the year. – Oh, that’s cool. – That I have. Yeah, we use it in different ways when we’re cooking, we
don’t have to get… – Oh, you’re going to make some salsa? – Salsa? – Yeah. – With the tomato sauce? – Oh my. (laughing) – Donnie’s not a real big cook. (laughing) – Oh maybe you can do that, I don’t know. – We could have made
salsa with the tomatoes, but not now. – Oh you can’t because
it’s already pureed? Oh whatever, I don’t care. – We cooked it up and we pureed it. And I will say from both of those videos, the Eames chairs and the
tomato video walking around, people keep asking me
for a tour of this house, and I’ve thought about doing that, and then I also think about security, and whether that really makes sense to lay out exactly. – Yeah, I don’t think you should do that. – I don’t think I should do that. – Even though Jill has a great collection, of period pieces, I don’t think yeah, I don’t think I would do that. – It may not be the best thing to do. One day, I will sell this house. And maybe just before that
I would do a tour of it. So people can see it. And people do come and
tour the house on occasion. I’ve led the odd tour, it is a
historically important house. – It is the most important
in Raleigh, North Carolina. I would think it’s up in
the top five of all the most important mid century modern houses, if not the most important. – Still standing. I’m not really sure. North Carolina modernists have took that society has told me they think it’s the most
important still standing. And there have been several that have been torn down recently that have been, it’s just been really sad, so I don’t know. Because I will tell you, there are also some Matsumoto houses, and I just think that
they are spectacular. So I’m not really sure, but it is certainly of
historical importance and um, it’s a wonderful house. It’s just a very easy house to live in. – It is easy. Lots of light. A lot of glass. – As far as the jewelry videos, the one that you commented on the most from this last week, was why can’t I sell my jewelry for the appraisal value? That got a lot of comments. A lot of questions. And people wanted to
better understand insuring, because one of the things
we talked about was, you know, that’s an insurance appraisal. And they want me to do a video on insuring your jewelry. And while I’m a jewelry expert, Donnie is a jewelry expert, I’m not really an insurance expert, I know how I insure, but maybe I can find an insurance person. When you start talking about finances or insurance, that kind of thing, I’m sure you should probably have some sort of certificate to be giving anybody advice on that. And I don’t have that. Next week, I will be talking
about August birthstones, do you remember what the
August birthstone is? – Yes, it’s mine. What, August 17 girl, peridot! I can’t wait to get my birthday present. What is it this year? – I’ll tell you about him later. – Oh, okay, oh. (laughing) Ah you are so dirty. – There was no dirtiness in it, it was a teddy bear. – No, there wasn’t, you’re right. – It was just a teddy bear. It’s a puppy Donnie,
I’m getting you a puppy. – Oh so that’s what we call it! (laughing) – Okay so, yes, peridot, you are correct. – Peridot is such a beautiful stone. – It is a beautiful stone. – The right color peridot? There’s nothing like it. – No, it’s a beautiful green, you can’t get in in emerald, you can’t get it in anything else, it is a, it’s a beautiful,
beautiful color. – Yeah. I mean, if the saturation
in that color is right, it is, in my opinion, more beautiful than an emerald. – I love them. My, both my mother and my
father are August babies, and they have peridot as their birthstone, and my father didn’t wear jewelry, but my mother did, and almost every year
he went out and got her another piece for her peridot collection. And green is also my
mother’s favorite color. So she ended up with a
beautiful collection. – Of peridot. – Of peridot jewelry. And so it’s always been
near and dear to my heart. – I didn’t know your
father was born in August. August the what? – My parents were August 30th and 31st. – Oh my god. – They were four years apart. – So they’re not a Leo? – I have no idea. – No, they are something else. I think a Leo stops on August the 23rd? – I don’t know. I will be doing a video with Donnie. Donnie and I just sat
and recorded two videos, and hopefully one will be up next week. – Wonderful. I’m excited about being on your tube. – Yeah, there might be some
editing required, we… – She was excited to get
on my tube one time too. (laughing) You don’t want to share that one? – No. And it never happened. – I said I’d never tell anybody about it. (laughing) I love her, she’s not my type. – No, no. And I wish I were. I wish I were so bad. – It would be easy,
wouldn’t it, oh my god. – I just love you. And of course there will be a couple of Jewelry Minutes. I will also fit in a handbag video, I was tagged in a video
um, Autumn Beckman, and Chicprofessor tagged me, and I’m not sure if I will be able to get that one up this week, or if that will go next week, and if not, I’ve also done a review of the CloverSac, which is a purse insert that I will review and
compare with Samorga, you didn’t understand
any of that, did you? – No, I didn’t understand
one word of that. (laughing) Don’t know handbags, I’m learning. – I know a lot of you have
wanted to meet Donnie, and you have a lot of questions for him. – Bring ’em on. – We’re going to try to
get together more often, and do more videos. So whatever you want to know from Donnie, and he has got a lot of vintage jewelry, should we give them a
little bit of eye candy? With power of editing. Look at what Donnie has in his hands. He’s got, and also show
them the other hand, we have a few things to show you now. Let me see this. I love this. – Isn’t that beautiful? – I am insulted about this, because Donnie you know my finger size. – I know, I know. – That’s not it. – I thought you would
like it as a pinky ring. But it’s too big on the pinky. – Well, this actually would only take a little bit of sizing. – But that looks beautiful, yeah. So beautiful. And with white? Isn’t that stunning with
just the white blouse? It’s gorgeous. Diamonds and gold and turquoise, oh my! – Oh my, oh my. But see you could wear that with dark. – Yeah, it’s great. – Ooh, ooh. – I’ve been working out. I can tell. – All right, that’s gorgeous, that’s from what, the fifties? – No, this was actually the eighties, this was 1980s, yeah yeah. This is a little modern, but it’s 1980s. But beautiful, yeah. A beautiful piece with great workmanship. – Very Dynasty. – So that’s one of the pieces. – I love it. – So we have more. So this ring here, this one is French, and it is from the 1950s, in that period, It is tiny to be such a big ring. – I know. – It’s like a size what, five and a half? But all of that can be changed. – Oh yeah. – But this is angel skin
coral and turquoise, and it also has, and the workmanship in
the gold is fabulous, in this piece, but it also has rose gold, and then just 18 carat yellow gold, and it is a gorgeous piece, and it has matching earrings. These are matching earrings, here, you hold that one. I’ll hold this one. And see, but beautiful, look at the detail in
the gold work, stunning. See that. Isn’t that gorgeous. Oh, I love coral on you. It’s such a beautiful color. – Yeah it is. Coral isn’t really made today anymore. – It’s somewhat extinct. – Yeah, well you’re not
allowed to harvest it, and I think sometimes you can get it in a certain way and then
they dye it, or whatever. But this is, this is beautiful. – Well, that’s great. Another vintage piece
that we’ve talked about, and you’ll see in some of
the other videos as well. And then we have, since
we’re talking about coral, this is a great piece, bracelet, from the 1960s. Great sort of cuff design,
beautifully carved coral. Isn’t that just…? It’s got a locking mechanism that we may need our glasses for to open. But it’s a great vintage piece as well, but it’s this carving, it’s gorgeous. – It is. And I love the opening work on this because it’s flattering, and then the fact that it’s an oval means that it’ll fit you better, I mean argh. – That’s a great piece. So we also have one of
my favorite designers. His name is Arthur King,
and this is a black opal. It’s a 23 carat opal. The colors are stunning. – This style reminds me a lot of my grandmother, who, she had a couple of heydays, but one of them was the
60s, when she had… – There were a lot of people
who had heydays in the 60s. – Yeah, and she, this
is the type of jewelry that she loved, was this sort
of amorphous natural form that was popular then. – Very organic and it was found in nature, like they just dug it up from the ground. – And she has rings, and
brooches, and earrings, this was definitely definitely her look. Beautiful, beautiful piece. So now you have officially met Donnie. – And I’m so excited to meet
all of Jill’s people out there. – Yes. All right. – I feel like I’m one of them but now I know everybody out there. – Right, hey! Hey! Thank you so much for being
with me on this journey. It means a lot to me. And I want you to know
how much I appreciate you, and now Donnie appreciates you too. – I do. I’m now on the journey. – If you haven’t done so
already, please subscribe. We’d love to see you here again tomorrow. Bye for now.

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