Most Legendary Battle Rap Bars of All Time – Subtitles / Part 2

Carey, leave him red, prom – my rhymes deeper Chilla Jones strapped in C4; I’m a bomb schemer Look, I’m at your crib strapped, chillin’ with your boo, we in
Ash Kash lovin’ it she d*mn near moved me in
Heard the front door open, Charlie and his hooligans Dump at ’em, he ain’t get a chance to guess what room we in I’ma kill D clear. I declare war now. You from the school of hardknocks? I am from the college of kicking doors down. So you Magic right? Well pick a card any card but that race cards a no go I go hard, it’ll look like they put the Sandlot dog in the yard with Todo I got this from the boroughs to the burbs to the Hearts of Soho With your bird pearched on my wood like the Cardinal’s logo my machete – disloyal, imma tell EM n*ggas why cuz everytime i argue it always takes the other n*ggas side a dozen roses, you thinkin’ you blessed
Note attached says “Secret admirer” she thinkin’, “Who dis?”
I kick in the door, bust her a*s, the flowers fly towards you, you catch ’em that means I’m (w)ringin’ you next
Don’t f*ck wit me Nitty! I’m bringin’ two TECs
MaC and Pro form a group and they singin’ duets You can lay low for some months but I’ll catch up with you and shoot ya
A Lima bean in a time machine, I’ll make you a vegetable in the future You was battlin’ Illmacs and Okwerdz and Passwurdz
Rhymin’ ventilators, usin’ generators, usin’ mad words
Then come to the URL and everybody “snow dat” Snow what? Them weirdos f*ck with you, but so what?! I had a threesome with Karma and Death
In them graveyards you’ll find plenty bodies And if this MAC hit his hat
He’ll have enough cap room to sign anybody F*ck a drive-by I’ll do it on the hoverboard I did a background check
You known for getting your background checked Be upfront and don’t front
You ain’t checked a n*gga in my background yet When the pressure’s on is he gon’ back down? Yes I will close fist back hand your biggest rap fan But I ain’t selfish n*gga, you gon’ get smacked round next You hear that click clack, get used to that sound Rex I’m like a procrastinating pimp ever since I picked up this pistol I ain’t put my Mac down yet I’m Mr. Incredible, filling the pavilion
I put the boot on him like Sicilian civilians Slit your wife throat, burn down the b*tch building So when your princess died (Di’) they don’t find any prints (Prince) William WHOLE NEW MEANING TO PALM SUNDAY Catch me in a Maaazda.. I’m a mooonster
Strap with a rocket, if I launch ya, sh*t’ll leave a big ol’ space I’m talkin NASA
OR Catch me in a sedan, with the homie, his homie, his man
Lookin’ for a body to drop, no sports.. slugs’ll hit center That commentating’ll put you in a box… NEXT TO STUART SCOTT!! I’ll do a Mexican dirty I’m desperado with the guitar case I tie Clips to a chair, then smack him in the neck
You gon’ love the show 40 in DNA mouth, only thing left is the bucket though You watchin’, Charlie? Splat! Then that gun’ll blow I’ll ray Charles, last thing he seen was his brother go I pick your girl up, I’m a drop her on my f*ckin’ bed

Lift my d*ck up and let it drop on her f*ckin’ head

Punch her in the a*s til her booty cheek is f*ckin’ red

Then make that b*tch wash and retwist every motherf*ckin’ dread

Yo. Me And My bigger brotha. a n*gga had on some different colors. I was on her like with that rag me Talking that you popping heaters got me heated b*tch ima patsteam Cuz How you lose to K-Shine, then move to they side? That’s a sad thing! Imma play the Bishop role, you can have King! I don’t care if you wit yo b*tch!! I’m gonna make a bad scene, grab weave, and pull her down the block……….. that’s a Drag Queen!!! This n*gga Tay trippin’
n*ggas tried you before, but never Tay crippin’ I’ll catch him outside, no need to dump the fifth in ‘Cause the 32 clip’ll be banging; Blake Griffin Listen, this n*gga better stay in a rock place
I rush more just to press a dent into Roc face Hitman Holla vs Aye Verb, d*mn… that battle shocks me still ‘Cause how you let a n*gga violate your father In front of you and not get killed? See that couldn’t have been, I woulda cocked the steel And put it in his mouth so he can talk to my pops for real You Are A Replacement Ref, You Don’t Know Why You Throwin’ That Flag Around Lets get this clear this does nothing for me
Just another pile in my funds You got a lot of guns in your rounds
I got a lot of rounds in my guns That’s killin’ battle rap and robbin’ the culture You gotta stop this sh*t, face mask
When I murder n*ggas, I leave ‘em with no trace You want your n*ggas to look they killa in the eye I rather you look your killa in his whole face So you could remember the n*gga from the East Coast That stripped you of your pride and your glory Real n*ggas don’t need a face mask
I don’t plan for you to live to tell your side of the story our confrontation will be done
Yo, bring that hearse round Y’all gassed ‘cause he slowing down lines?
N*gga, you could slow my whole verse down I can’t front, this little corny act killing me A big MAC and two 9’s, I could order that literally Throwing bullets like it’s my job
I know the quarterbacks feeling me These two 9’s start flipping sh*t around the room
I call these a pair of normal activities Pulp Fiction If I whip the piece, your family f*cked Headshot your mom’s sister They gon’ have to M-O-P your aunty up Why would they put Scotty Slippin’ to rap with Jordan? Everybody in here know that my rap’s important But you wanna slow it down three times like smack importin’ I’ll smack your gun, then step on the barrel like I’m Captain Morgan I let the jammy blam, tools like a handy man, if you play the family man, spray up the family van! I’ll white pearly gates ya n*gga I’ll first 48 ya, that second 40 starving N*gga That’s cause the first 40 ate ya. shots, with your b*tch at the beach
Like I created a surf bar Or I’ll give shots, shots, shots to everybody; that’s a Surf bar If he givin’ shots to everybody, he just buyin’ out the surf bar Surf bar, google that!
For those who ain’t know, that’s a Google fact But that was so out of this world
Some of y’all might just need Google Map I’ll search for him, then click on Surf; that’s a YouTube app The gun under the big T going bink bink biggity boo boop bap Remember against A-Class when y’all was supposed to go 60 seconds, then on the day of the battle this guy switched it? Then remember against Swave you had timed rounds But he said f*ck it and you wound up rhymin’ for 9 minutes? Then against me, this guy told Lush, “I’m rhymin’ till I’m finished.” Then against me, this guy told Lush, “I’m rhymin’ till I’m finished.” Which only proves further you got a problem with time limits since he wants to talk about time
Then we’ll talk about time
when I roll up outside and hurt ya
But you’re DNA, you never click-clack the burner You never commit the murder See, I do what I want with the time limits
I’ll just extend them further:

this world’s mine, I control time

That’s why they call me the Prince of Persia When I was in Rikers, you was in diapers,

I was in cyphers, rhymin wit lifers!

And you got the nerve to challenge me with subtle jabs Like you would’t get f*cking dragged and f*cking bagged Well, now I’m mad! and I can’t get past it
So I’mma catch your leaving Summer Madness, talking to your f*cking ratchet
Knife you at a red light
Tell your b*tch you got stuck in traffic! Play hide and go seek with yo friends. Count to Ten and he ain’t never come back Fans blinded by waves of lights, core spectrum Shocked I can outshine your floor essence (florescence) Shocked I can outshine your floor essence (florescence) The pen is mightier than the sword, but I bet a gun could change some things Aim the thing, bang the thing, lights/Lyt’s all over the wall, I’ve seen Stranger Things That non-stop choppa is my best HEAT, through a crowd through a bus through your vest even, theyll be a whole lot missing from your neck region, put your face in your chest now you breastfeeding. And if it come to the goons, its fruit of the loom, a tag for red apple and the grapes AHAT to Smack in a year? I’m on a roll Miner Norbes found a diamond in the rough, that means I’m cold (coal) Miner I’m an old timer, January I’ll be 34 in fact
Let’s get back to these name flips I wanna give you some more of that Dig a hole in the middle of the forest, throw this man in the dirt FBI will be looking for Miner (minor) like an Amber Alert if the sum different
I’m TS and you ’bout to take a Pun visit
I will spare your life, but the trunk, you ’bout to jump in it
We got all night, Melvin Terrell Bryant
This just early round blunt twistin’ I don’t wanna hear about your big bags and your jar deals Mommy sniff coke, you pitch coke in the hard field You seen me in your state
You ain’t in Newark where them cars squeal I walk through Carolina so much I got tar heels But since his man gave him the charge
He’s been on the low, dodgin’ imprisonment Hopin’ it gets better, playin’ Chris Webber
Tryin’ to forget that time out in Michigan You can’t spell brawl without putting that raw in it, you can’t spell draw without putting that raw in it. If you heard I f*cked your mother I probably went raw in it I analyzed your tracks and gave your vocals a listen No pun intended but essentially your Soul is just missing You’re the reason that this culture’s in its lowest condition He thought “Immortal Technique” was a Yoga position And if I smack him, it’ll knock your f*cking eyes out of your skull He said “Yoga”, but I don’t even f*cking Mind, Body and Soul! Just STOPPPP I’m really a Street Fighter I’m no liar, think Dhalsim, maybe that’s cause I reach and spit fire I keep a K in hand just to remind you not to play with Dan The chopper will flip your V sideways to show you I’m greater than We battled five years ago but somehow you look like even less of a youngin So I’m guessing that Justice’s government name is Benjamin Button I am Benjamin Button with the cycle that I’m aging So when I’m 50 I’ll f*ck your daughter at her high school graduation you trip I let them cans squirt
I’m a battle rapper, but honestly, I’m a fan first But don’t get it twisted, cause when it comes to the streets I’m Altered Beast before the power up n*gga, I’m a man first
I should slap you ’til my hands hurt– I should slap you ’til my hands hurt Then go upside yo’ mama’s head Then slap you in front of psychic, she’ll tell me my palms read (red) Mmm, oh my god, stop f*cking lying! You battle rap for the money, Beloved
But just keep it a hundred, that’s why this n*gga slippin’ You think we’re in the same field financially?
Okay, y’all, this n*gga trippin’ N*gga, listen, I know we’re black brothers
Both successful, but I’m on a bigger mission Roy Rogers and Popeyes
Our skin may look the same, but the chicken different Holla
Remember the one with the braids and the rope chain The one that was willin’ to kill anybody
Not worried about no names Not this Hollywood diva, punk, p*ssy-a*s ho lame Whose hairline could be the before picture for Rogaine Now you got everything to lose and no gain
You gave me the shot so I’m takin’ it… close range yoU Spanish right, well listen Pappi, let me let u know something, the scope on you Im bout to end a Migo in the view (interview)like Joe Budden Or The Lethal Beam, After The Shots I Flee The Scene. Arm Under My Shirt Looking Around Like I Stole Something .44 Dumping, He Hit The Gas Bullets Blast Thru The Glass (Sound Effect)
Sh*t Sound Like Stone Cold Coming play and it’s a homi
Smooth Criminal, you know I took the angle for a body Stop it Ain’t no b*tch n*gga gon’ play me
‘Cause it’ll be a wrap (rap) Wit two arms behind his back, like the old JC N*gga, play then you’ll get stretched, you from the gang then throw your set
You vicelord, right? Well I put you under the five, and bang it to the left That one a let you down
If you thought this “vice” verse a (vice versa) kill me its gon’ be the other way Around

it’s comin’ down to the drama hour
I’ll f*ck yo baby mama raw dog in yo’ mama shower I go to your dead grandpa’s grave and spit on it Rip the plastic from your granny’s white couch and sh*t on it I’ll have 50 n*ggas in your house shootin’ dice, they poppin’ all night
Rip up your daughter’s spellin’ test and that’s the one she got ’em all right Oh, you wanna brawl, right?
B*tch n*gga don’t even play yourself I’ll cut you into so many pieces your funeral will be on a conveyor belt You make a mess you gon have to pick Qleen (clean) up after yourself I’mma make him choose between 0 and 30: gave him Durant options See the youngster on his grind, I’m a monster with the nine Gun with the beam, put it by him
If I dump it, then he dying It flash from his chin up like, ‘Once upon a time’ I swear to God if I have to grip it, my whole crew shooting And what’s up with these n*ggas with struggle and gangsta bars? These dudes clueless N*ggas got shotties in their pants legs, deuce deuce in their boots but they move stup*d I had the pack in my briefs, AR in my jeans and I walk regular ’cause I’m used to it! You’ll get tossed, something without the pin: I don’t swipe debit
They say I got Lyt? F it, it’s light effort Despite Lyt effort, you couldn’t check Mike, mic-checking a 1-2, 1-2 will leave your skull aired like you light-headed You see the scope, Lyt? The scope light where Lyt head is You don’t like Mike? The white light where Lyt headed Get your life cut short, I’m makin’ a slight edit
Cause the fo’-fo’ surprisingly low like my credit! n*gga even stole Brizz
I spot her,i pick her up by her thighs then , put her under my chin,cut her across the chest, it look like im playing a violin if sh*t go further than f*ckin’ rap Snuff this cat, open up the trunk you get stuffed in that
A couple clap, won’t hear right when I buck the gat I keep squeezin’ till somethin’ fly in his ear
Like what the f*ck is that? like you really out here with the tool and you be shooting If I’m looking for you, then get the moving Get low first then I’m walking up right on a cave man this is human evolution covered bringing gun bars back The streets talk, gotta keep watch
Eaves drop from the tree tops
Three shots, bring your Reeboks cause I keep Glocks in my knee socks Cheap talk in the T Dot gets you outlined in police chalk
Bbb bbb chickaa bbb bbbb Like a white guy trying to beat box Tuck it all in your neck if it going off,I’ll cut something and raise the arm on the Chef if he throwing salt Cuz I load and snipe you, something bout the arm and salt, n*ggas armed and bam – when I do that, you know it’s going viral That first sh*t “syke I lied” Charlie Clips sh*t was my biggest mistake But you said some bout “hair on food” that let y’all know – boom – I’ll leave your wig on the plate This saga leave him holly but jaz started busting I got the craziest flow, it’s danger is slow
I was born yesterday looks like I’ll have to break through a p*ssy two days in a row And you right, the sh*t is Super Mario I first thought it was strange But n*ggas battle rap ‘cause a good job is not in they range And they don’t wanna jump up to hit the block for some change! Haters’ll try to put your face on a bullet if they the jealous type The best advice: she ain’t your princess ‘cause she let you pipe Your boo gon’ make moves behind your back, having sex at night ‘Cause if y’all split, having 1 up on you will give her extra life But the most important thing: love from these fans ain’t unconditional When there’s much room from growth, they’ll campaign and they stick with you But when you get bigger, they’ll do anything to belittle you But, win or lose, STAR POWER MAKES YOU INVINCIBLE! I’ll tie something around ya neck & have you trying struggle to live forreal Everybody got a gun but who gon’ really pull it?- Mine might dump, it’ll lift Redd in the air like, that’s my bike punk! f*ck Trick Trick I’ll give that n*gga a shotgun for real Red Dots Hangin’ Over Ave Like A Stop Light bat across his chest like Bruce Wayne
I’ll let a billion air and put him in ‘da skies like Bruce Wayne I’ll break your legs, a bat’ll cave in the mans shin like Bruce Wayne all them fabricated bum a*s lines he said It ain’t gon’ equal up to this real sh*t That gangsta sh*t he shouldn’t try here
Cause I’m keeping it real… a n*gga could die here
We brung them 9’s here, you know them hammers is on deck When them plane tickets was paid for and we ain’t fly here trippin’, like, “N*gga f*ck yo’ mic skills
You’d rather buy a ticket to New York then sit here and pay this light bill?” B*tch! I raise ’em all, I don’t even know why I keep this ratchet
They never went without food, clothes, Halloween masks, Christmas sh*t or Easter baskets I go to work, take them to the park, then hit the block just real lifein’ Then I ask you for some head and you talkin’ ’bout you don’t feel like it?

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  1. First video =

    In this video I've added the bars that you've requested in the comments section, I hope nobody will complain like "that's a bad list". You've created this list 🙂

    I hope Y'All like it.

  2. shoulda went ahead and hit em with the Qleen vs Twork – "why I oughtta for them spinach cans I been done blew doors off… side note! If I live all you niggas dyin"

  3. The only thing this video is missing are the names of the battle rappers, so we can try to watch the entire bout if we want to. I know for me, if they had a hot ass punchline, I am eager to see how the competitor came back from it……

  4. Bar 57 21:16 with Hitman Holla. The actual most disgusting and raw bar I have ever seen. Thats the kinda shit you say and get put on a list for

  5. & you can’t spell brawl without putting that raw in it
    you can’t spell draw without putting that raw in it

  6. Them niggas on stage be pushing those little skinny niggas mad hard ?? I be thinking they gonna fly into the crowd omfg

  7. B. MAGIC used to be one of the coldest niggaz out. A shame he fell off! The RUM NITTY versus AVE battle is one of the TOP FIVE BATTLES of all time, in terms of barz!! I used to really like D.O.T., what happened to him? Bro was hilarious. Who is the white guy on #38 with the pony tail? He is dope!

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