Mrs. Samantha Roblox Theme Park 2 Making A Vintage Car Ride

Hi guys welcome back. It’s me Mrs.
Samantha with my Christian Mommy Grammy Gaming channel and today I am going back
to Roblox’s Theme park Tycoon 2. I decided I love this game. This is a lot
of fun. This is a sort of thing, this is just the sort of thing I would have
played before… it whoa ha before I started my gaming channel had I found it.
So there we go now this is Miss Samantha’s theme park I only have two
stars because I just started you know last week and I haven’t visited a lot.
I have zero likes. If you guys who play roblox would go over to my park and like
it that would be great! Because you know likes are important and
the big in the big scheme of things. So last week I started and I came and of
course you have to place the key the key cups teacups first did that and it’s
it’s wildly wildly popular. Benton says I’m excited for teacups. So every time I
put something in I made it a couple dollars less so that people would be
happy with the prices. And then of course I’m running into a pole yay lady! So a
bunch of bathrooms Pizza drinks and here is whoops mm-hmm let me leap around what
is this guess Darrin L whoops I clicked on the
guest gravitation is extremely cheap is it now well let’s do something about
that I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing
happiness Nixon oh he says is extremely cheap too Wow
well I am making money I have fifty two thousand dollars click for info well
let’s make it a dollar more oh let’s make it two dollars more and see what
happens the point is to make money so here comes James nope George George is
going to go on okay let’s see what George says what you thinking George I’m
excited for gravitation great let’s see what Ismail Ishmael really that’s a good
biblical name right there I’m excited okay that’s good okay that’s
very good that makes makes me happy makes me happy when people are happy
because the point is to make money while making people happy actually that’s a
good motto for life I guess whoa whoa I’m impaled anyway that was a painful
let’s see what guess verses I’m hungry well eat some pizza man I want people to
be happy see whoa I am so gonna get vertigo
watching this thing all right what do we got here let’s do a secondary color blue
oh yeah that’s much more noticeable oops yeah there we go oh yeah you can
customize all this stuff this is great yeah these secondary colors utter bland
or killing me Oh much better okay let’s change you
let’s go something more exciting let’s make you yellow okay that makes my eyes
bleed but whatever Travis ah the hunger is better okay so I guess
if I Holly how are you doing she’s starving are you gonna eat hmm I have no
idea I have no idea if I’ve done a good or a bad okay
for two days build I I looked into the rides
I’m just hopping everywhere so let’s go look at the rides somebody wanted me to
make a roller coaster I can get I can make a junior coaster wild mouse coaster
steel coaster inverted coaster Lulla this one’s lot require oh you require
the achievement of nice theme park apparently I don’t have a nice theme
park oh that makes me sad I was going to do first I want to get the hang of this
stuff I want to make a vintage car ride um
oops let’s just change the direction here oh my um so I don’t know okay so
this is just going to be a sweet little ride okay let’s Bank it this way just this –
yeah perfect then Bank it back the other way a little
bit our turn yeah BAM haha I did a thing alright oops
this is No why is it telling me no cuz you can’t put it there silly Oh neat and
then an exit it says no some more neat I’m clueless
big surprise I don’t know if it’s gonna work I’m dying the anticipation is
killing me Oh somebody’s getting on my ride he’ll let
me see oh okay I want on the right can I get on the right let me on the ride
it says no okay okay oh well look at that oh it needs decoration look how
boring this thing is okay let’s go up close oh why am I not moving Oh cuz
you’re stuck on a thing well nice Oh why are you looking at me haha sorry
gerald okay Gerald is defensive let’s click on Keith
vintage cars is extremely cheap well good vintage cars is extremely
nondescript I need some decoration on my vintage
cars okay let’s decorate it Oh people are riding my vintage cars am i making
money marluxia mint money 57 I’m looking at my money sorry for 350 261 while not
making it hand over fist that’s for sure so let’s make it a dollar more let’s see
what these guys say they’re excited for ships Wow everybody’s driving the cars I
guess they don’t mind it’s boring I mean what’s not boring but it’s not there’s
not a lot of decorations a lot a lot of decorations okay yeah glad you go okay
so let’s put some decorations by bat ride stall scenery we need can I put
this here let me see can I put it between the two how nice
so it’s just a little decorative whoa sweet maybe a flower-print bread
I want a flower bread I love flower bread sorry lantern perfect are you
chase a color very nice I don’t know what happened but very nice let’s rotate
this bad boy yeah that way there’s lighting to the path to the cue
oh they need another trash can y’all some trashy people man I can’t put it
there there you put it there put a lantern over here just because I really
like lanterns and then we are going to add a trash can here because people are
just so so trashy I’m waiting for this neat trash can to get in laughs blocked
okay let’s put it right there and then good night uh-huh are they stuck on the
cute look okay I see um that seems to be a problem to me let me uh let me see if
I can’t do something about that sorry guys make that a normal path that was
funny I’m not meaning to trap you oops they would not mean to trap you whoa
what’d I just do there we go i trap them in the queue I did not anticipate that I
did not realize that they would be trapped behind a little bitty blue line
oh I’m getting run over by the car I’ve thrown myself in front of the cars
alright let’s do this and see see what we can see see he is saying Milani
Milani Melanie Milani finish cars is still extremely cheap cool let’s see
some about that now let’s clean up the trash I’m not sure why people throw
trash down so bad trash pick up the trash
hurry Oh hmm I guess I could destroy this and make the queue come a different
place I don’t think I’ve thought this out clearly big surprise alright let’s
see I’m going to make the colors nothing colors I will flowerbed oh that’s nice I
can change the flowers let’s see see that red out don’t like that oh yeah
act let’s make that normal flowerbed killer oh that’s Pleasant
what is this see we get some roses working in there hmm
not okay you know got a flowerbed I’m going
to make the vintage cars one more dollar credit I’m going to make everything one
more dollar and see what happens let’s see what this guy is thinking why are
you looking at me sorry man everybody so defensive they’re triggered hey I’m
stuck on a pole great hey oh my goodness I have one hoppy chick alright stop it
life is so good and I put in a little fountain I don’t know if anybody likes
it but Delilah says I want to sit down for a while
oh yes you’re on a bench good job yeah I want to sit down for all okay life is so
good what do you think twister is extremely cheap okay let’s let’s fix
twister tone so it’s not extremely cheap all right you guys I had a lot of fun
I’m going to come back out here and see hey Martha I’m gonna see if I get
another star I did not get another star yet so I have two stars on my miss
amantha theme park I have no lights y’all somebody go and light my Park okay
first oh I wonder if they tell you who does like sighs about say I will shout
out the first person who likes my part but then I don’t know I don’t know if it
it tells me who who does it why is this lamp look at this lamp we have a gravity
lamp what what if you put those on top of the trash cans so people can find the
trash cans better uh yes I’ve gotten distracted big surprise all right guys
that’s my theme park we built a nice car ride today I trap people in the queue
I’m in the flowerbed I’m such a rebel okay guys that’s gonna be the end of
that video I made a vintage car ride I’ve adjusted on traps I’ve adjusted
prices I’ve tried to make everybody happy
I still only have two stars and I don’t have any likes on my theme park
it’s a cute little theme park I like it but it won’t let me like my own theme
park so I put a fountain and I put the vintage cars and I made everything
cheaper and I have a whole bunch of food booths and stuff in another bathroom and
so many trash cans because people are trashy so that was an exciting night an
exciting day and night at the theme park thank you guys so much for recommending
I play this I love it oh my god here look at my thing you know what the moon
goes down on this on this game let me see if I can find the moon where you go
moon oh that’s exactly what I’m looking for I’m stuck again stuck on a trash can
what whoa I wish I could do this on my other games um do we mind why are we
hopping eyed up I’ve done Oh whoo I’ll say I did something bad I did a bad all
right guys I’m gonna I’m calling that the end of the video there’s this the
moon set we’ve done another day and another night on my theme park next time
I am going to make a roller coaster that’s a great suggestion by somebody I
don’t even remember who it was now and I am excited about the roller coaster
because you can see the roller coasters of other people’s theme parks and I want
to do that that looks like fun oh you can’t see it okay so next time on my
Christian mommy Graeme gaming channel on this part on this game anyway I’m gonna
make a roller coaster and it will be spectacular because I have a scat of
money they’re saving money for a spectacular spectacular roller coaster
let me come out to the front part here and tell everybody bye what well that
works for me oh there we go
Samantha’s theme park if you’ve enjoyed this video
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join it’s a it’s a lot of fun and I will see you guys in next video bye need a
godly sword miss Samantha had their head removed
had her head removed by zombie Hey look I’m home I think I’m gonna go in the
house now Wow

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  1. First you trap people behind the queue and then you get run over by the cars xD That was too funny! I think you will get more stars if you add a roller coaster for sure. šŸ™‚

  2. Wow, an adult playing roblox! I acctually have a friend that is an adult and plays roblox but this is pretty cool! as an adult for a roblox youtuber you have 2.5k subs! Woah! More than me! Congrats!

  3. Also, if you want to rotate you can press r and you can press 1-8 to select the bottom things where you build i dont know what there called :/

  4. Hey guys. Thank you so much for watching. Pretty please SHARE the video, with the share button. šŸ™‚ It really helps me out. Oh, and like. šŸ’•šŸ‘

  5. Hey mrs S is been a long team i don,t look at u live stream cuz im in malay if u night im day if u day im nigth thats why i do not look at u live stream šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢

  6. hi I just subscribed and I think you should have more subscribers than this, I enjoy watching your vids and that's all that matters!

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