Mulberry Classic Bayswater: Real vs. Fake | How to Authenticate | Heritage

Hi, everyone welcome back to my Youtube channel if you are a brand-new welcome. I’m super glad to have you here My name is Jessica also known as chic professor on Instagram And I make videos on luxury goods the pre-loved market and work wear so today’s video is going to be showing You some of the ways that you can authenticate a mulberry classic Bayswater So these are three versions of the classic Bayswater two are authentic and one is inauthentic intense this is the inauthentic one So I will show you how I was able to figure that out I bought this bag recently on eBay And I knew I was going to have to fix it up if you notice it’s missing The Little lock which I’ll get to in a little bit But I knew I was gonna have to fix it as I was claiming to take it to the Mulberry store in New York City But I am no longer going to be able to do that because it is not authentic. So I am sending it back I thought before I send it back I may as well show you how I was able to tell that this was not an authentic bag So I will give you the details on the exterior and the interior This was a very good fake and it was difficult to figure out so I will point out also some of the things that are Usually a little bit more obvious in the fake bags However the Bayswater is one of the most counterfeited bags in the world So it is something to keep in mind and something to be cautious of if you are buying pre left Let’s go ahead and get started and show you the difference between these three bags So I’ll first show you the exterior and then we will move to the interior so this bag I bought on transy so all these bags were bought pre-loved just because the base water is often Counterfeited doesn’t mean that you can’t find an authentic one on the previous market and save a bunch of money I bought this one on Trade C I then sent it in to Tracy’s authentication team which you can do no matter at what point you buy something at what price point? So I bought this one I sent it in to Tracy and they authenticated it for me I then bought this one on ebay from a large seller called Material world who? Authenticates all of their items, so I know that both of these two are authentic this one however I was able to tell before taking it into the store and asking them to repair it Which is another way you can make sure that something is authentic. No luxury store will repair something that is inauthentic So they will always have entity first Before I got I bought this one and then was planning on taking it into the store however I was able to tell my own it wasn’t authentic. So it wasn’t worth the trip One thing that you’ll be able to tell is on the postman’s lock which I will get into in a little bit more Detail after I just want to talk about the exterior in General This is a large base water and these two are both small base waters, so you can see the size difference But you may be able to tell just looking at this that the leather on this one is much more slouchy It’s just kind of condensed. It won’t stand up on its own even though it is a little bit stuffed so that’s something to keep in mind and actually was my First kind of way to tell that it wasn’t real as soon as I picked it up I felt the leather and I went I mean something about this doesn’t feel right so this leather is much more thin it is much more almost like plastic feeling and It also is just kind of just doesn’t hold any shape and part of that is because it is so thin so These ones have a little bit more Sturdiness to them they are sort of a glazed finish This one has the look of a glazed finish, but it doesn’t have the feeling of a glazed finish So there definitely is a difference in feel between these different bags This is a pretty good fake And it was hard to tell at first And I was like maybe it’s just much more worn bag than I would think or is it Actually something that is not real the specs all line up so what you want to look for when you’re looking at a baseline Does it have the straps of it does this a flap go down to the right amount? Is the detail on the Postman’s block correct and I’ll show you that in more detail later How is the stitching there were some things about this bag that I was oh, that’s that’s an issue That’s something that’s not real and then figured out why I looked at my other two that actually that is something That’s okay sometimes there are some stitching errors sometimes there will be errors And if there’s an error in production it will be sent to the outlet so sometimes you can get a correct Authentic bag that does have an error too. So that’s something to keep in mind in the Large Bayswater There are stitching that goes up to handles in the small bays waters that doesn’t that’s the stitching only is in this sort of rectangular Shape I Have all of these sets so that you can see a certain amount in the belts on the side so This one had as many Notches in the belt as any of the other ones did If it was Koopa correct, shape you would see that it is also the correct size, so if it was a little bit more sturdy Everything sticks with the way this bag works the only thing on the exterior that really was an issue was one It doesn’t have the clochette doesn’t have the lock and key so I couldn’t authenticate it Using the lock which is one way that you can tell as well. It didn’t have that didn’t come with that So that was a little bit of a red flag, but then the bottom of this bag looks a little bit different So you kind of see it’s smooth leather on the bottom whereas these ones Continue to have this pebbled leatherr sort of look all along the bottom that grained leather So that is one other way that I was able to tell The feet on all of these look the same they have the same amount of stitching so all of that Was good with this fake it is a very good thing. It’s almost a super fake, but it was something I was able to tell so the biggest thing on the exterior was just the quality of the leather I can tell and the base and the missing closure The next thing I want to show is the close-ups of the postern block as well as the base of the handle strap So the first thing that I want to point out about the postman’s lock is the shape of the bull Berry tree itself This is a very good fake and you’ll see when we compare it to be authentic that it is really well done The leaves are nicely spaced out and nicely engraved They’re not sloppy and the tree trunk is a triangle something also to keep in mind It should be this shape of a triangle If it is an authentic bag now this plate is a little bit dirty that does happen and you can get postman lock Repaired at any Mulberry store if you have a receipt it is free to replace a postman box that gets scratched up or dirty like This and if you don’t have a receipt it cost something around $60 to get that replaced the other thing you want to keep in mind with this is that it has These flat head screws and not Phillips head screams generally the front even on a fake will have the flat head however the back Often has Philips head instead of flat head So that is something to look for if you have an inauthentic bag now moving on to the authentic Bayswater So this one is a different color hardware, so that is something to keep in mind now The Postman’s lock is going to look different in the tree symbol will look different as well because it’s not this colored a matte base that is something that depends on the color of the hardware, and I’ll give you a quick glimpse of the other one as well, so The oxblood is the same color as the inauthentic and it also has the darkened design around the Postman’s Lock and the Base water tree This one is going to be a little bit different it also has the flat head screws on the front and on the back So definitely something to keep in mind this one also has the closed shet so you can see the detail on the back of this There is a small Mulberry tree, it’s going to be a little bit difficult to see but it looks like that in there And then it also has the lock inside now different years of different locks have some different details to them but it also will have a blue mulberry symbol and It will have the hole on the bottom so definitely something to look into and to do a little bit more research Depending on the year of your bag and the different kind of locks it could have as you can see this is the rectangular stitching And it does not continue up the side just like in the inauthentic one So that was not something that was a big enough deal to see that it was not Authentic and then you can see on this side the stitching does go all the way up the handles Next I will show you the interiors of the bag So this dark brown is the authentic and this black is the inauthentic look at how the structure of the bags How much this one just kind of flops around? Compared to this one. That’s what I’m talking about about the leather the other thing I want to show is the thickness of the this leather is much thicker and much more sturdy look at how easily this one moves This one is a is much stiffer and harder to move this one does not stay straight on its own whereas this one Does this back little pocket that might seem like something that is not authentic however it is? They all have this little strange Place where it’s not fully Sewn together on the back of the pocket The leather in this one is much thinner than the legit leather in this one You can almost see it almost feels like it’s two pieces of leather sewn together for this one whereas this one is really just One piece of leather it is much thinner in that area thing I want to show you is the hardware on the zippers through the interior zipper is also in very good Shape in this bag not something that was easy to figure out that it wasn’t authentic So the first thing I want to point out about the differ Is that when you are just looking at the bag the zipper kind of falls into the slit pocket in the authentic Version there is a nice space Between the zipper pull and the pocket so that it doesn’t get stuck as you are pulling it out That is something to keep in mind however the shape of this zipper is really quite well done It has the rounded edges which it should have it has the nice shape up here, and it also has the nice Engraving detail if you look on the back of the zipper which is a little bit difficult to show it is a riri zipper it Should always be either a rear er/ir eye? or it should have a mulberry tree on the back of the zipper the mulberry is engraved really nicely on here it also has a Nice engraving on this Symbol here, so this Fob is nicely done It has a code on the back and this is not one of the code that Is known as being a fake code there are a few that are used in a lot of different fake items so you will want to Google the code and see if it does come up as one of the ones that is most often used as a fake This was not one of these because this is a better fake, but that is something to keep in mind And that is the font that is on the back of that I’ll now show you a really quick glimpse of the zipper and the Fob on the authentic So on my dark brown bag you can see that the fob and the slip pocket have a little bit of space in between also the shape on here is Also, nicely done, and it is also engraved So you can see that is the shape on the authentic bag and then if you look at the engraving here? You can also see the detail on the embossed leather as well as on the Fob This is what the authentic Serial code looks like for this particular bag and now I will show you on the other hardware So you can see the different color as well now my oxblood one is from a different, era So it is going to have a different shaped zipper This is also an authentic zipper, but it is obviously quite different from the other one Which is why I wanted to show it to you. You can see the mulberry tree symbol right there and on the other side as well, the Fob now this bag has been dyed so it’s a little bit harder to see the embossed leather But you can see the fob quite well, and then this is what the font looks like on the back of this one You can see some of the diet got on this bag as it went from a dark Brown to an ox black color So the next thing I want to show you is the interior of the inauthentic bag So not only is this quite loose inside which obviously it does not look nice, and if not in good shape But I don’t know if you can see the stitching is not straight It’s kind of wavy down there, and then on this part as well. It’s really wavy It’s not straight Which is definitely something that is different than the interior of the authentic bag which I’ll show you now So this bag is quite dirty inside however, you can see that. That’s a nice straight line nice straight stitching now It has been used quite a bit and so some of the stitching is loose I don’t know if it was always like that or if that’s just something from the different Contents of my bags rubbing against the stitching that has made them loose in those corners but it is still a very nice straight stitching so even if it has a little bit of Loose stitching and it is a pre left bag. That’s probably okay But it is still nice and straight stitching. So that’s definitely something to look for and to keep in mind So the next thing I want to point out is that the authentic bag has this made in England tag in the corner? It’s right by the pocket. It’s black It doesn’t have to be made in England Mulberry has recently outsourced some of the making of their bags to turkey in China so if it doesn’t say made in England But it says made in turkey or mainland China that does not mean that it’s not authentic But definitely something that you will want to pay attention to it should have this tag I also want to point out right here The Mulberry lettering this is the authentic bag my inauthentic bag has very good hardware So it looks almost the same be engraving in the font, but this is what an authentic font looks like the other thing I want to show about the interior is Behind the pocket so when someone is making a fake they want to do it as cheaply as possible And they’re really not interested in putting in the precision work in detail That’s necessary to making a nice looking bag this one is nice and straight lee stitched like I said before however It does have some stitching issues. So right here. Even a little bit right here. You can see that There’s extra stitching that has been gathered there. I thought immediately when I saw the behind the pocket in my other bag but that was the inauthentic like telltale sign that there was stitching issues however this one also has some issues as Does the oxblood color so that’s something to keep in mind, but it is nice and straight stitching and there are no glue marks So now I will show you the inauthentic bag so the inauthentic bag does not have the tag where it is supposed to be The tag should be right by this pocket and hanging right here however it is not there on this side instead It’s in this corner over here, and it says mwh, I don’t know what that means and it also says made in turkey however The made in turkey is definitely a different font than the made in England It’s also not white as it is in the other bag, and it’s just kind of sloppily done And it’s not in the place where it is supposed to be Sometimes you will have a bag if it is a fabric lined bag sometimes they are missing the tag because the tag is accidentally sewn On the other side of the lining so it can’t be shown however that is one of those bags That would be spent right to the outlet so this one to buy the tigers just in the wrong place It has them made in turkey It has this Mw on the back, but the font and everything about that tag is incorrect you can even see that It looks like this stitching where the tag is is just really poorly done The other thing I want to point out is the font so here’s what the font looks like and this one’s a little dirty So the other side here’s what the font looks like on this tab not bad But definitely not the best. It doesn’t look exactly the same as the other one though It is quite close, so that is something to keep in mind And then now for the big telltale sign how I definitely knew that this was not an authentic bag look at those bloomer So not only are the glue marks obviously quite in your face But check out the stitching next to that one look how sloppily done. That is they just like glued the extra loose threads down Instead of actually selling that down and it’s all Wavy in here on the stitching as you can see so definitely not the best Stitching job on this one. Thank you so much for watching I hope that you enjoyed the video if you have any questions Please let me know that we’ll be sending this one back to the ebay seller tomorrow, so I won’t be able to answer questions specifically about this bag however I’m happy to answer questions about either of these two or about the bayswater in General remember this brown one is for sale so if you are interested Please contact me about that or check out my poshmark ebay and trade z account which will all be linked down below Thank you so much for watching if you liked it, please give it a like and consider subscribing to see other videos Thanks, and have a wonderful day. Bye

24 Replies to “Mulberry Classic Bayswater: Real vs. Fake | How to Authenticate | Heritage”

  1. Great video! I never knew that Mulberry was so highly replicated until you told me! Now I see fakes all the time on the pre loved market. I agree that Mulberry fakes can be hard to detect unless you know what to look for. Thanks for sharing! ?

  2. That was such a thorough video. It is so hard to escape the fakes and dupes that sully the luxury market. That is why I so enjoy videos that show you how to identify fakes. A few years ago I unknowingly purchased a Celine bag from Ebay. Celine was not as popular a brand at the time (I felt) so I bought in confidence and arrogance thinking that the "Fake Makers" did not know Celine as a highly coveted luxury brand. Fortunately, enough for me I work so closely with consignment stores
    that as soon as the bag arrived I was able to get it authenticated. My purchase was in vain!!! The bag was a phony as a $3 bill. The good news is that I was able to return it for a full refund. However, I am now a little gun shy about purchasing high-end designer bags on Ebay.

  3. I Think the others might be Fake as well. I bought mine in the Mulberry store a few years ago, and the zipper goes from left to right not the other way around 🙂

  4. The bag you state to be fake is genuine, there is no question. All your comparisons about the hardware, thickness of the leather, fonts are largely inaccurate. The leather will be a different thickness because each bag is cut from a different hide and various parts of that hide are used. I hope you didn't falsely accuse the seller of selling you a counterfeit because it is you that is incorrect and not the seller!

  5. Mulberry isn’t luxury retail it’s “premium” I worked part time for Mulberry. It changes your outlook when you know the truth. People are paying ridiculous amounts of money for quality and it’s not even quality. They’ve cheapened the brand bags are no longer made in England like stated the factories are sweat shops abroad

  6. What a detailed review! I also go a small Bayswater in orchid colour.I've subscribed in your YT channel, I hope you can subscribe back. Thanks much!

  7. Hey girl!!!! I genuinely love your mulberry videos. They’ve helped me choose the brand over any other … I uploaded my first ever YouTube video unboxing a mulberry large Suffolk in indigo. I would love it if you could stop by and check it out and hopefully subscribe. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you

  8. Hello How do i know if a bag isn’t authentic with a small black cloth « Made in… »?There are a lot of superfakes on eBay…
    According to you, the grey font means it is inauthentic. I am so confused.

  9. ALL 3 are fake to me because The screws should be towards the middle and not one to the left, the other to the right.

  10. I have a collection of Mulberry- most are genuine, but I have one fake which is much nicer than the genuine version. It was made in an overseas factory used by Mulberry, but the leather has aged beautifully. Many Chinese real leather fakes are well made. Mulberry alienated me when they watered down the quality of their bags, trying to be like Michael Kors.

  11. Does anyone know how to authenticate the lock? I bought one where the lock ? has no key, its the lock that opens up by pulling it up… everything else looks 100% neat and authentic. The lock is the only questionable item on it. It was supposedly authenticated by FASHIONPHILE where I purchased mine from, but I’m still slightly suspicious of that lock…

  12. I would love a video on the Mulberry Bayswater PVT or Croc print bags authentic vs dupe. I have an authentic white one but I'm in the market for one in oak to replace the one that was taken from me a few years ago.

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