MVTV Introduces the Antique Door Barn: Double Door with Split Transom

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Today we’re going to be giving you tips and tricks and educating you on doing
construction the right way. I’m Devon Tilly, President/Owner of Mountain View Window & Door. Welcome to the Antique Door Barn. We installed one of the doors here
at the Grape Street Show Home to show what we can do with these killer antique
doors. Mountain View Window & Door has collected and collaborated with over 47 systems
today in stock. The whole idea behind
this is let’s do some built-in artwork with this door from the 1800’s here. It’s
designed properly architecturally back in the day versus today how a lot of the
design has gone away from doors. They’re just a 6 panel cheap door. The
downfall of these killer doors is they were all built architecturally correct and the transom and the glass above them usually doesn’t fit in a lot of houses. So what we did here is showcased the double door system from the master
sleeping area to the vestibule to the bathroom so you can close this up. It’s really built in artwork here. And you see behind me the
transom from this door, we built that into the wall. We did a lot of
collaboration between the modern design of this house with the Heritage old work
of these doors to where you see the drywall return, going into this original all system here with the satin etched glass installed in this door. Click on a picture to be
redirected for more great information. Thanks for watching another episode of

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