MVTV Introduces the Antique Door Barn: Hopper Used As Transom

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Today we’re going to be giving you tips and tricks and educating you on doing
construction the right way. I’m Devon Tilly, President/Owner of Mountain View Window & Door. Welcome to the Antique Door Barn. My thought, I see this and I say, how cool would this really authentic barn wood be in a wall, at your bar, and this hopper window with this chain you pop open and now it’s the shelf for your bar. How cool huh? Here’s more transom pieces as you see. This here you could do an arched door below it. And again this transom we have most of the
frames and all the parts and pieces to build this as a whole prehung system or
parts and pieces. All in stock at Mountain View Window & Door in a
building we built out back called the Antique Door Barn. You’ll find these all online through YouTube where they’re priced and we have pictures and full videos for you to go
online and see the inspiration to design one for your house. We can’t wait to talk to you about it. Click on any of the pictures to learn more. Thanks for watching another episode of MVTV!

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