MVTV Introduces the Antique Door Barn: Wire Brushing

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Today we’re going to be giving you tips and tricks and educating you on doing
construction right way. I’m Devon Tilly, President/Owner of Mountain View Window & Door. Welcome to the Antique Door Barn. Why
do you have an old board sitting here? No it’s not an old board! This here is the
Mountain View wire brushed boards and this is such a cool story. So I have a
place down in Westcliffe Colorado that my father in law got a long time. He
got to know the farmers across the street and to offset their time when
they’re not farming, he put in this little wood mill. And they lease all
this land where their cows go up and graze. They have access with lease, they can
use the lumber and you know their cows go up there to feed. So he figured why
not take advantage of the trees up there. So he started logging these trees
up there and then built this sawmill. And then met Devon because he didn’t know how to sell
it. So here we are selling the wire brush doors. So we custom made a machine
that takes these boards wire brushes them and makes them look old. So this is something we can utilize in
the Antique Door Barn where you’ll see it showcased all over the Grape Street
Show Home. I hope we have you hooked. Do you want more? Click on any of these pictures to be redirected. Thanks for watching
another episode of MVTV!

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