My Cottage Offers Warm, Comfortable Furnishings With An Eclectic Mix Of Antiques & Cozy Home Decor!

My Cottage Offers Warm, Comfortable Furnishings With An Eclectic Mix Of Antiques & Cozy Home Decor!

100 Replies to “My Cottage Offers Warm, Comfortable Furnishings With An Eclectic Mix Of Antiques & Cozy Home Decor!”

  1. Shabby chic is not really my style…but then, the owner probably wouldn't like the way I had my cottage decorated…it was a tribute to Ireland. Overall, I love this cottage…it is welcoming and invites one to get comfortable. Well done!

  2. No wonder this looks familiar, I worked in Franklin for 7 years and was downtown often! So glad to see the inside! Gorgeous! Love the town.

  3. I like it but its cluttered. All that dark furniture and dark curtains. Too much stuff on the walls. I know to each their own. But imagine that same space with lighter accessories and a spot of color here and there!

  4. Beautiful big little tiny house. Very well done. Love it. If I live it I would forget it’s small. Luxurious!

  5. Nice house, but how many different times did you need to show the living area without showing bedrooms, baths, closets, etc?

  6. A bit cluttered, but I lean towards minimalism and less visual clutter. Chandelier in bedroom is a bit long for that sized room.

  7. It looks like a sweet home lived in not used daily unlike those that are just bare bones for the cameras but the moment people aren't looking you can relax (and 'move' back in). I clean my house for guest but that's why most of these shows annoy me like it's all propped together for the channel its supporting. Thank you!

  8. A beautifully designed and decored SMALL **Not Tiny House,** Cottage. Can't be classified as Tiny but it is an average SMALL home and very, very lovely. Do not understand why its shown in the Tiny House videos though. Enjoy your beautiful cottage home ? Well Done!

  9. P.S. I think you've done a great job keeping it free of clutter only having out useful things and items that have meaning to your family. Any less would make it look barren and cold. You have excellent decorating taste. Thankyou for sharing. The ceramic dog is cute?

  10. Wow….way too much junk and furniture is oversized….could be really cute little house if tastefully decorated….tacky , ugly colors

  11. Does anyone question the size of kitchen sink, oven and that huge refrigerator? They only have two people living there and no dining table? Out of proportion to the small house!

  12. I would absolutely love to have a little cottage that has my name on it I would be so complete and my older age.

  13. This exterior is what I think I will aim for on my tiny house. A traditional front porch, with the porch swing.
    But the interior is far too large for me. I think I'd go for more like a 20 x 24, at the most. 16 x 24 would probably be quite sufficient.

  14. Very tastefully furnished. Some lovely unique arrangements that reflect the owners character and taste. I wish you could interior design my little house here in the UK! What a pleasure it must be to live in this house. I'd never want to leave it 😉


  16. "Tiny House" Fad is just that. A FAD! This home is absolutley adorable and lovely.. Not a tiny house though!!

  17. Why are so many people commenting about this not being a Tiny house??? The title clearly says its a cottage, and it decorated beautifully, cozy and inviting.

  18. Little house is perfect, tiny is too ..
    tiny… Nice home by the way and with a garden it is more than perfect ?

  19. Muito lindo so o relógio que eu tiraria de trás da porta e grande e matou ele por ser tão lindo escondido

  20. I wish i could give this video 20 ?! This is almost identical to the TIMY house plans I have been doodling with for several years! Especially the outside, and the covered parking area. Add a chicken coop and a small garden and il ready to move in! Love all the trees!

  21. it is an older small house with a central wall removed to open up the inner space and given a kitchen /bath remodel. IT IS NOT A TINY HOUSE OR COTTAGE.

  22. Just skip to the bathroom, it's the best part. I was really amazed at how nice it looked. Many tiny homes neglect the bathroom's appearance. This one didn't

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