MY DIY 2019: Ретро лампа / Retro light.

Hello! Today will be small
DIY. We will do the moto headlight lamp. First you need any headlight
teardrop shaped. I took the headlight from the IZH motorcycle. We need
detach the bezel with glass, to access the lampshade. Unscrew the screw at the bottom and
disconnect bezel with glass. Headlight housing for now
not needed, we can put it aside. On the inside of the ceiling there is
plastic cap. We remove it, we will no longer need it.
Also on the inside of the headlight there is special mounts that hold
reflector. They are also necessary
remove to install the lamp there. To remove the mount you need to pry it
flat screwdriver for one side. Done. Now you can gently pull out
rim reflector. The reflector holds the lens with
small ears around the perimeter. They need unbend in order to free
glass. In old headlights, they are usually rusty. so be careful not to break
them. Carefully separate the glass from reflector so as not to damage the parts.
Now you can install the cartridge under the lamp. I took the cartridge E14 under the LED lamp.
cartridge dimensions are great for this reflector. First, disconnect
back of cartridge we don’t need her. Further using two
rings set the cartridge in the reflector. You can also adjust the depth
a cartridge landing to a light bulb did not rest against headlight glass.
Further, we tighten everything well. Now make sure the inside
the cap does not rest against the speedometer. As the saying goes “Measure seven times!” We see
that around the headlights we have an even gap and everything fits perfectly.
Now you’ll have to disassemble the headlight again, in order to install a lamp there. I AM
I use the GAUSS LED lamp on 4,5W
and color temperature 2700K. LED location inside the lamp
resembles a filament that will look very nice. Insert
lamp in the cartridge and collect everything again. At The main thing to the assembly is to install the glass correctly
reflector. For this, there is glass special mark “UP”, and on the reflector
there are protrusions that need to be combined with by these marks. The same mark is on the rim so that
set the lens correctly. Install the reflector fasteners. Now we connect the bezel to the body. It looks gorgeous! Well, it’s time to do the electrics.
Here’s a very simple circuit diagram: two contact one of which interrupts
toggle switch. I specifically picked up a toggle switch of this
size to fit in the factory ignition key hole. We clean the wires, connect to the toggle switch and
the cap. Voila! Next, pull the wire through
headlight housing. So that he does not fall out make a knot on it. Next, connect the wires together and
check that everything works. With a slight movement we collect the headlight. Now I will make the headlight bracket.
For this I will need 8×25 bolts under the hexagon and aluminum rail 45×2.5 cm.
I’m in rake drilled 3 holes and bent it
arcuate shape. Then screwed it all to the headlamp and got an excellent bracket. I have already prepared a tripod
for this project, so I don’t I had to make it from scratch.
And how to make such a tripod I myself will tell in one of the following
video. And finally, the final part of the assembly! Let’s see what happened in
the result! Friends, thank you very much for your
support! I hope you enjoyed this. video. Do not forget to subscribe, put
like. It motivates me very much. make good videos for you as well
helps in the development of the channel! Bye everyone!

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