My favorite antique shop

Hey so i’m in one of my favorite places in
Downtown Upland. Scavengers Treasures. Most of the time when I need to get a gift
for somebody this is the spot I come to. It’s a big store, this is just the front side
the have pretty much everything you need, Older camera equipment here is cool. Collectibles, speaking of collectibles lets
go to my favorite part. So this right here it’s all the toys, and
memorabilia stuff, then you come to this next section and it’s all like Asian. arts, collectibles, just everything. Furniture pieces, china, stuff like that. And then you go even further back and there’s
a record shop back here. It’s really cool. so just get in here, go all the way to the
back. Yo! all those trying to dig though the crates,
get the hard to finds, this is it. I’ve found a lot of good stuff here.

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