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  1. Nice video! I certainly think there is something everybody can learn from a minimalist approach – too many people waste their money unnecessarily!

  2. That’s awesome how you have 2 renters as well with your house. Where did you end up finding them Ryan? I’d do something like that too 👍

  3. Hi Ryan! Have you ever had a Bourbon Burger? It's a burger patty marinade in Bourbon BBQ sauce stacked with Pepper Jack cheese and grilled onions and mushrooms with whole grain buns. I like spicy so I would sprinkle some cayenne pepper in there too. Try it bruh, get yer mind blown!

  4. I think i was born a minimalist when i was a Very young boy i got a stuffed dog for Christmas, but i already had 1.

    Overwhelmed I gave the old one to my sister for free💪🌚

  5. Hey Ryan! Hello from Germany 🙂 I really like the table in 7:02. A good place for your guitar. And a good place for writing a book 🙂 By the way: You need to play "Settlers of Catan" – The best and only cardboard game I 100% love.

  6. I'd like to watch a series of a hardcore minimalist who falls in love with a non-minimalist to see how they navigate life. lol.

  7. “The things you own end up owning you. It's only after you lose everything that you're free to do anything.”

    ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

    As a new entrepreneur, I'm in the process of downgrading my lifestyle so that I have the freedom to invest in my business.

  8. Great video Ryan! I also watched Graham Stephan's home tour video. Both of you and Graham have a great philosophy in living a minimalism lifestyle.

  9. I like the minimalist lifestyle. Cleaning up and throwing/selling your junk makes your life so much easy to manage and you really know what is important in your life and what's not. Materials can come and go, but you should value friends and experiences more.

  10. There’s definitely comforts and things I like spending money on. Big TV and a nice bed are a must. Spend money on things that bring you joy but never on things TO MAKE YOU HAPPY. There is a difference. Great video bud

  11. Hey Ryan – good vid as always! Love the American Flag picture above your head at about 1 minute in – yes!. I also play guitar (but I am not a minimalist on that – I have about 27 of them – LOL!!). But at 64 I am a minimalist to a big extent. Your stuff super as always – pay attention to him peeps! If I only knew what I know now when I was his age, I would be giving Buffet a run for his money! Just had dinner a few weeks ago with Marko (Whiteboard Finance), and we brought you up. ….and yep, in a great way!

  12. Beautiful house and decorating. You're a GREAT guy I've been watching you for a while. What happen to your rag doll cat? Thank you

  13. Minimalist. Watch “Into the wild” or read the book. That’s true minimalism imo. The rest of this group think mentality seems to be people racing to think the same. Awesome video man, don’t comment very often. Be yourself brother, that’ll always be good enough. I think the real question to ask is “what exactly does one person really need?”

  14. I like your decor, it looks very peaceful. I remember I wanted the game Mastermind when I was a kid in the late 70s, because I thought the name was cool.

  15. It’s funny, Graham also posted a financial minimalist video today. Love the trend! I’ll have to do a tour of my minimalist apartment too in once of my upcoming videos, but just to warn I live in Tokyo, so my place is MUCH smaller than this. It’ll be like a 3 minute video max, haha!

  16. you are pretty much me in the future, i am living in clutter with mild ocd which gives me anxiety, but once im out living alone, i will be more minimalist then you

  17. My parents were hoarders, I fear having to clean the house out (especially the freezers, there's 4 of them and bursting), and then, there's all those cupboards and cabinets.

  18. Ok… I want to give you some constructive criticism. You have a very monotone voice and you seem very robotic. Having a bit of energy and excitement would make watching you way more engaging.

  19. My house is much more minimalist than that one. Nice house mate, I am just poor. Lmao
    edit – thumbs up done, loved the video.

  20. One thing I'm minimalist with are pants. I bought 7 pairs of the same tracksuit pants once, and from my experience just wearing those when I'm not working or going out anywhere has made life a lot more streamlined. I think that is a form of minimalism.

  21. I’ve watched your “Day in a life” video earlier, you are not a minimalist by any means 🙂 or depends to whom compare you with.

  22. Thanks for the vid! Great place! Are the Keurigs just for Airbnb guests or the compostable pods? Just asking cuz they create horrible litter and pollution. Thank you Again!

  23. Minimalism is my life, I literally throw out anything I haven't used for 2 months, I tend to only keep things I need and use daily. I don't buy anything for myself outside of things for work and Youtube. My money is spent on food. I think a part of it is caused by anxiety, causing me to want to throw things out and keep things simple and my mind uncluttered, I think it's a good way to live, as long as you keep experiences nice.

  24. been super curious to see your setup for a while, cool to see behind the scenes. moved down to FL and the interior design/layout of homes down here just don't compare to the look/feel of homes up north

  25. i like ur vids m8 but please do 1 in 10 years time when u have kids lol and or a G/F move in,U have to,Happy Days

  26. Hey Ryan, thanks a lot and I too am a minimalist. Have too much space here in Italy and am actually thinking of starting a small business around my home/land. Is subscription to any of your courses open at the moment, please? Wrote you in the past and think I would like to make the leap. Cheers from Torino, Italy (former New Yorker)

  27. I have one of those portable closets that fits all of my clothes in, and how I do it is I move all the clothes to the front and fold fresh clothes out of the laundry to the back….this rotates me through each piece for each day. I had a similar problem of "what should I wear," so rotating tends to keep me from worrying too much. I have a rule that if I ever feel like I don't want to wear the next piece in the rotation, then I get rid of it, because it won't be the last time I feel that way with it, no sense keeping it.

    As for dishes, it looks like you don't do much cooking at all, if you are able to get by with such minimal things….for me, I like cooking big. Thanksgiving is coming up, my girl and I are probably going to be doing what we did last year, which was: turkey, stuffing, pasta salad, mash, 2 types of gravy, mac&cheese, corn, cornbread, spinach, deviled eggs, and pie ( https://imgur.com/lj5GxBi )….2 pans and 1 pot is not going to cut it for me, lol. I have a lot more mouths to feed as well.

    Personally, minimalism for the sake of minimal is the similar mindset to cluttering/hoarding/collecting, just in the opposite direction. They say "don't let the objects you own own you" but if you get rid of objects so they don't, then you're not combating the underlying feeling that those objects hold on you. It could cause problems later in life, as you may bring more people into your space (like children, pets, family, or friends)….you'll be obsessed with the specificity of it all that even a gift from someone may throw a wrench in your mindset, necessity of order may cause you to lash out and isolate you, so be careful. Life is messy.

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