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Hello, everyone. I’m Rachel and I`m 12 years old. For my whole life I only saw my mother a few
times a year, so I spent a lot of time missing her. But I didn`t expect that her arrival would
turn my life into a nightmare. Yeah, for as long as I can remember, I lived
with my grandmother. Mom used to come home several times a year,
give us money, and leave to go back to work. She basically missed all the important events
in my life, we weren`t close, and we even rarely called each other. But I loved her anyway, because she’s my mom,
and she makes money so I can live a normal life. In addition, my grandmother always supported
me. So I think I had a pretty normal childhood. But then everything changed. It was a very hot summer, and my grandmother
could barely stand the heat. And one morning it happened. Grandma wouldn’t wake up. I mean… She died. All I could do was call an ambulance, but
there was nothing that the doctors could do. I was devastated. The only person who was close to me throughout
my whole life had died. I called my mom to tell her everything. And you know, I think I expected sympathy
from her. But on the contrary – it was the shortest
call ever. She just said, “I got this. I’ll come tomorrow and help deal with everything.” That’s it. No words of support, no grief in her voice. Ant then everything became clear the next
morning. I woke up because I heard a familiar voice
downstairs. I went down and I was very surprised. Mom wasn’t alone. There was a man with her, and a boy who was
about six years old. Instead of smiles and sympathetic hugs, mom
said we had to have a serious conversation. She said I was old enough to understand everything. The man who was in our house was her new husband. And the boy was their son. This fact baffled me. She explained that her life was not fixated
on just work and me, and that she wanted a normal family. I said that I was her family too, but she
stayed quiet and didn’t answer. The funeral was the next day. A lot of people came to share their sympathy
with me and my mother. It was the saddest day of my life, but I’m
not sure my mom felt the same way. To be honest, I think she wanted it to be
over with as soon as possible so she could get back to her life. But there was still so much to do with all
of my grandma’s documents and inheritance, so these days were just unbearably long for
me. I didn’t know what was waiting for me ahead
and besides, I was ignored while I was in the house. My mom’s husband didn’t want to talk to me
and, in addition, he banned their son from playing with me. The only time we were together was at dinner. But I was still sent to my room as quickly
as possible. I felt absolutely alone, despite the fact
that my own mother was in the house. About a week later, my mother told me to pack
my stuff. While we were driving my mother explained
everything. She said her husband didn’t want me to live
with them, so she asked her cousin if I could live at her house on the outskirts of town. I didn’t know my mom had a cousin. But, I also didn`t know my mom had another
family so… She also said that she was going to come and
visit me more often, because they were now going to live at my grandma’s house, so they
would be very close. I was really angry that my mom’s husband was
preventing us from living together. But it was better to live with my mother’s
cousin, than in a house with a man who didn`t love me. A strange woman met us when we arrived. My mom said that she would visit me and give
me money, so nothing would change. When my mother was about to leave, I had a
really bad feeling, but she calmed me down and cheered me up. Mom said that we’d see each other in a week,
and that maybe she could convince her husband to let me live with them. I was really hoping that would happen. In the meantime, I was left with a complete
stranger. She showed me my room, which was more like
a closet, took my phone, and said that I could use it only with her permission. I didn’t like this situation at all, but I
had no choice. Most of the first week I was just sitting
in my room, reading books, waiting for the weekend to see my mom. But she didn’t come on Saturday. Or on Sunday, either. I wanted to call her, but my mom’s cousin
forbade me from using my own phone. She said my mom told her that she had a lot
of work to do, so she couldn’t come this time. It took a couple of days, but then I started
to get really nervous. Something strange was happening. I had a bad feeling about all of this. So I decided to steal my phone back. While my “caretaker” was in the kitchen, I
snuck into her room and started looking for my phone in all of her drawers. Suddenly I heard a loud cough right behind
me. She was furious. She screamed at me and threw me into my room,
locked the door, and said that I was going stay there until the morning. I wasn’t just going to sit there. I quickly packed a backpack, took a chair,
and knocked the window out with it. I heard her screaming from the door – she
was running after me, trying to stop me. But I managed to quickly climb out the window. It was very scary, but I had to jump from
the first floor. When I landed, I just ran in a random direction. I heard screams behind me. I thought she was chasing me for a while. But then everything was fine. I had actually managed to escape. I was just walking along the side of the road
until I heard a car stop behind me. Some good people gave me a ride into the city. I was trying to get back home quickly so I
could tell my mom about everything. But when I got to the house, I saw a sign
that said “FOR SALE” in front of it. The doors were closed and locked and nobody
was inside. I got into the house through a window and
it was absolutely empty. They were all gone. It looks like everything that my mom told
me was a lie, and she was really gonna leave me forever with a stranger. I was literally falling down I was so tired,
and so I decided to spend the night there. This would also give me a chance to think
about what to do next. I lied down on the floor of my room, and before
I could get to sleep, I heard a police siren. They were called by neighbors because they
thought that robbers or a homeless person had gotten into the house. I was really scared when the police found
me and I told them everything. They calmed me down, took me to the station,
and even fed me. I think that, for the first time since my
grandma died, someone was kind to me. After that, I only talked to my mom once. She had never been honest with me before. She apologized to me and she told me that
my father had left her as soon as he found out she was pregnant. My mom didn’t want to go through with the
pregnancy, but my grandma made her keep the baby and my mom hated her for that. Of course, she was only 18 years old and she
wanted a normal life, and to not have to be a single mother. So she left me with my granny, moved to another
city, and started over, and I was her mistake from the past. Mom wanted to erase her past life completely. But now she and her cousin will be punished
for child abuse. I may be the ultimate mistake of her youth,
but you have to face your mistakes and take responsibility for them. Now I am looking for foster parents, and I
still have some hope that they will accept me better than my own mother. Do you think I should ever forgive my mom? Leave your opinion in the comments. And be sure to share this video with your

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  1. Do you think she should ever forgive mom? Leave your opinion in the comments. And be sure to share this video with your friends!

  2. You can be my sister I’m always alone in The house besides being with my hamster BUT MY HAMSTER IS THE MOST STUCK UP LITLE GIRL

  3. First off, unless she'll get some emotional closure from forgiving that horrid woman, there's no point to forgive her or her cousin and she should keep her distant from them. I'm glad they'll be facing charges for all they done. Needless to say, I can't completely blame the mom for being that way to her: to be pregnant at 18, ditched by the father and made to have the baby by the grandma who most likely knew the whole situation would leave anyone bitter at the end. And while grandma clearly did a great job at raising such a sweet and extraordinary girl, she did kind of overestimated the future of her granddaughters wellbeing as she was at a vulnerable age herself and no other relatives were happily willing to help out, if there were as many at all.

  4. I think she's better off without her mom in her life,what kind of a person chooses a guy or woman over there own kid, that girls goanna one day do well in life,as for the my and cousin they deserve to rot for there hate and abuse.

  5. No i don't think you should give her a nother chance because moms should not do what she did that is so wrong and she should not listen to some guy she just met and got married to that is so wrong moms should love there darthers or sons no matter what i mean that lady is terrible just evil😈 to put her own daurther through that

  6. After watching this, I'm scared that if my mom leaves me like that 🙁

    My mom's sister is also a child abuser, yesterday she said bad words to me and hit me at the back because she said that my Lil cousin was gonna get crashed by a bicycle that wasnt even close to my Lil cousin, so she kept saying bad words to me until I had enough and told her its better if she gets out of the car (I'm bad ;-;)Then she really did and I was so happy I said "Yay She's going out!!!!!" ;-;
    Then she tried to hit me with my other mean cousins jacket but she didnt hit me, instead she hit my Lil cousin, my Lil cousin said her chest hurts so bad, and the day after that her parents said she has a fever which probably because of my child abuser aunt. She always protected her son even if she caught my mean cousin pushing me my aunt still blamed me.


  8. Wow 😲 your mother just did that wow who are you going to live with my mom was just the same thing but I lived with her

  9. It's not easy to forgive or forget the cruelty one stuffers at the hands of your loved one . One can num their feelings in the years to come but to forgive is quite difficult

  10. aw i'm sorry for what happened:( but ngl when I saw the door unddr the stairs,it immeadieatly reminded me of harry potter😂

  11. Forgive her for your peace of mind and for the sake of being able to move on. Not forgiving her won’t make her a better person but will only make you bitter

  12. For me, in my opinion. I would rather choose to forgive my mother. Even tho you mother is like that, you have to accept your mother. We almost have the exact same problem in our lives but their is one thing they did good to us. Is that didn’t throw us or let a stranger adopt you. Its hard being a mother but you can let them have one more chance because they might improve or change more, and think about what they did wrong. Thank you for sharing your story. Its very brave and independent of you.

  13. You should forgive her, my mom had stress all for her life when I wad around. She started to be quite and never talk to me. I took her for a walk on the beach and we're fine now.

  14. I hate your mother so much I’m so confuse your mother is suck🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  15. No do not forgive that lady with her ugly bad cell signal I hate that I wanna clean it don’t don’t please don’t don’t don’t don’t forget her don’t forget what she done to you

  16. I dad left me and my mom since I was in my mom’s belly, Last month my mom passed away. I live with my aunt and last week my aunt disappeared, I stay in a hotel, Studying and working at the same time, Suffering and struggling all alone. Can somebody show me some love?😞

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