My Vintage Style Accessory Essentials – A Collecting Strategy

Hello there, welcome back to the closet historian today I want to talk to you guys about my favorite vintage style accessories Basically, uh, my essentials of vintage style accessories what I would replace again if all my vintage accessories went missing What are the things I would replace first What are my most essential pieces within my vintage accessory collection? but I do have a little bit more just to talk about on this subject in general because I do have quite the Philosophy surrounding how to collect vintage style accessories, so I’ll get into that first. As I’ve mentioned here on the channel many a time I like to collect accessories in sets so I like to have a full set of red accessories, a full set of black accessories I find that is the easiest way for me to be able to style things quickly when I’m in a rush uh, I can, I know I can just you know have a dress and if it’s got red flowers in it I can just pair it with all red accessories because I know I have the set of them that’s just how I like to collect accessories, I’ve talked about it here on the channel quite a lot. It’s very repetitive I’m a very repetitive person. I apologize. But what do I actually consider to be a full set of vintage accessories? What do I include in that? Well to begin with I think you need shoes, and then a matching belt, bag, gloves hat, scarf, and then jewelry and other accessories possibly like a Parasol or like a larger summery straw bag, or I don’t know an umbrella things like that You can expand on this list, you know forever But I think the most essential are going to be the top three, the shoes, belt, and handbag I think that just adds a lot of harmony to an outfit, along with a hat and gloves as well Those really just help give a very like… Help the eye move along the outfit and bounce around in a very even and balanced way, just because of how Proportionately they end up on the body so I really think that those are the main accessories that I’m always looking for to complete in any one color or material a set of Building onto the basic set try finding both long and short gloves, having both a closed toe and a summer shoe, a handbag and also a clutch, a small handkerchief kind of scarf and a larger one, A small hat and a larger, one a wool hat a straw one, a leather belt and a suede belt, This is how you can expand upon the basic set. So once you have let’s say red– or black leather accessories Maybe you want to have black suede accessories as well, so you have that different finish to umm call upon I like to collect sets of the same finish or texture like that as well So like all patent leather, all regular leather, all suede things like that Of course, that’s once you start– have already built your basic set and you want to expand If you have the closet space for it, which I really don’t but that I hasn’t stopped me yet And I don’t anticipate it will stop me in the future. Also, you want to consider having options uh based on the seasons too. If you live somewhere with two to four seasons, if you live somewhere where it’s warm all the time Maybe you only have to focus on suede and straw and open-toed shoes things like that But for those of us who live in places with different kinds of climate throughout the year So I live in Colorado So I need sort of wintery things and then summery things, it gets quite hot here and then it gets very snowy So I like to have wool hats, warmer scarves, different– like umbrellas, things like that, boots for the wintertime, and then straw hats, wicker handbags things like that for the summertime so all in red Let’s say I will have I’ll have a straw hat and a wool hat that way no matter what time of year it is I can call upon my red accessories set to serve me well with whatever outfit I’m styling So with my strange views on vintage accessory shopping and collecting explained once again here on the channel Those of you who’ve been here a while have heard it many a time. So thank you for putting up with me I will now get into the actual list of essentials and show you a couple of examples from my collection of What I would replace where I to lose my entire collection of vintage accessories today. Where would I start? What would be my list my shopping list of my most essential pieces that I would need to build back immediately? Starting with my black leather Marylyn pumps from Royal vintage shoes. These are reproduction 1940s shoe But I think they worked for anywhere from the 30s 40s 50s even to the 60s. They’re very classic pump shape I think you can wear these with modern fashion as well These are probably my most comfortable vintage reproduction shoes or vintage heels– my most comfortable heels I guess in general really and of course black leather is extremely versatile, works with many many things, works in the summer works in the wintertime, so these are my most essential vintage style shoe I have in my wardrobe If I were to lose these I would have to replace them immediately Even though they are an investment, a little bit expensive these ones, but I think they are well worth it They’re gonna serve you for many many years especially if you take care of them better than I do because I tend to knock my shoes around a bit because I am clumsy, but these are an absolute must for me Definitely number one on my list of vintage style accessory essentials I’m also going to put a black traditional handbag here on this list. It’s just a mid-century style clasp handbag and then also a brown traditional style handbag as well because again, I think these work for anywhere from the 30s through the 50s If you’re pushing it, of course, these are more of a mid-century almost like 50s 60s style bag But I think that this is such a classic style that it works for earlier eras as well I will also put a black cord clutch on this list We all know here on this channel that I love a clutch handbag and I think a black cord 1940s clutch is a good place to start if you are interested in starting to collect clutch handbags, or 1940 style things in general I also really love a straw clutch handbag for summer This one is probably from the 1980s, but you can get them from all different eras And I’ve seen them in my 1940s Wards catalogs. So I always feel comfortable styling styling them with earlier outfits as well But I like having a straw clutch in the summertime I think it’s just a very fun and summery accessory to have in your collection as fur hats I think my two most essential hats in my collection are going to be a black wool beret for the wintertime I just wear berets all the time and I think black of course is my most common, standard, accessory color So I would have to have a black wool beret and then a big straw hat for summertime Probably a natural straw since it would match almost anything I think a natural straw hat, like a low crown like this umm is just definitely an essential of my wardrobe and I am so happy to have found these ones which are actually 18th century reproduction hats, so I will actually link the link to these… the Etsy shop that has these in the description of this video because I don’t think they’re gonna happen forever. They are a very nice quality little low crowned hat You do have to like put a ribbon around them yourself but I think obviously it’s totally worth it to have a quality hat at this price point because these are not too expensive and Having a real vintage hat like this is much pricier than this So I will link those reproduction ones in the description as well for you and of course like I mentioned in my recent video about gloves I think the most essential gloves to have are going to be short white gloves and then black gloves as well Those are going to serve you with almost any outfit for both daytime or evening. So short white and black gloves I think are quite essential for me in my vintage style wardrobe. Then of course I would like brown belt to match the bag from earlier in this list, and then a black belt too match the bag from earlier in this list So whatever finish of bag I ended up getting I would want to have a belt to match that so, if it was a suede bag I found, I would want to suede belt, etcetera etcetera I also like having silk scarves around, but I think the first one I would want back would be something in black and colors that I could style with different suits. This would look good with grey with black Different colorful outfits as well. You could tie the scarf around your neck, or on your handbag, things like that So a scarf like this would be quite essential for me and then when it comes to like accessories as far as jewelry goes, I would just start out probably with a Couple of sets like a gold earring and brooch set, and then a silver earring and brooch set mostly I wear brooches and earrings when it comes to sets I have necklace sets as well, but I just don’t wear like most of the year. I guess I’m wearing a jacket or Something that is like higher up in the neck So I don’t really have an open neckline often enough to wear– make necklaces an essential for me, I think brooches are more of an essential for me in my wardrobe Of course, it could be different for you. But that’s just how I feel about vintage jewelry sense I think I’d want a brooch and earring set first in either silver or gold or both preferably as we all know I’m a bit of a maximalist, which I’m doing nothing to curb that opinion here in this video now am I? So if we go by this list I’ve just given you, I will put them on a chart here So we have colors across one side and the basic accessory set across the other, and we can kind of put X’s in Where we have filled in this chart now, of course My next steps would be to find all the missing Things here so that I could have full sets, because that’s just how I collect, I like to collect them all I– it’s like a Pokemon game, I don’t know why This is how I feel I need to do it, but in my brain, this is how a vintage accessory collecting works So for me the next step on this like vintage accessory essential journey would be to fill in the rest of This chart here of the things that I didn’t include on the first list But I would really want to have at my disposal In order to style things the way I am used to. Of course I find things that don’t fit into my you know wishlist don’t– don’t take any of my boxes of things that I’m looking for But that I still really like, I’ll find like a really pretty pink scarf and I don’t have anything else, or I’ll find a cute handbag that doesn’t really match anything else I have and I will still get those things especially if they’re a bargain or I find them on thrifting, things like that, but I just like to try and stay focused and build the sets outwards Expand upon my sets so that I can call upon things no matter the time or season. There have been several times where I’m trying to style something in the winter and been like darn it I don’t have like a brown scarf yet and like it would be so much easier to style this outfit if I did, and so I’m always wishing I had the full sets of accessories So that’s why I tend to keep collecting in this way Even if it is kind of methodical and some people have told me I take all the fun out of vintage collecting doing it this way, but hey, you know, it’s fun for me, you do you, I’ll do me You know, that kind of thing. And I’m not saying this is the best way to collect vintage accessories This is just the way that I go about it. This is just my way of doing things You may have your own philosophy on such things and I’m sure it is just as good for you as mine for me. So those would be my most essential items that I would have to replace first from my vintage accessory collection And then of course I you know wanted to go over once again my strategy for how I collect vintage accessories and provide you guys with that chart I will actually try and link away I’ll link to a blog post where I post that chart as well If you guys are interested having a blank one to save on your computer or something like that for you know your shopping needs I suppose. Please do let me know what your most essential vintage accessory is from your wardrobe in the comments below, or perhaps let me know if you have your own strategy or methodology for how you collect vintage accessories as well, if you’re as nutty about it as I am And thank you guys as always for tuning in today. I will see you again soon. Bye Accessories accessories, I guess– assheshurees, accesheuries, I can’t speak anymore

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