Nathan For You – Fixing Computer Repair

– [Nathan Voiceover]
If you’re handing over your computer to a stranger, there’s nothing you care
more about than your privacy, so for computer repair shops like Los Angeles-based Cyberguy, earning customers’ trust
is a huge struggle. – We are saying them, we are not gonna looking
at the files and folders, or private files, but they don’t
trust. (soft piano music) – [Nathan Voiceover] The reason
is that most of us have
things on our computer that we don’t want seen. As someone with a recurring
medical issue, I keep photos on my laptop that are meant only for my
doctor’s eyes, and when my computer breaks
down, I can never be certain
that a repair technician won’t be tempted to snoop. But fortunately for Cyberguy
owner Herman Akbiyik, I had a solution. – Your biggest problem is, no matter how much you tell your
customers you’re not gonna look at
their nude or sexy pics, they’ll always be skeptical because you’re a sexual being,
right? – Okay, so, whatever desire I
have, it’s not gonna be affecting my
business. – What do you mean? – Okay, if you don’t eat foods, you’re hungry always, okay? – Mm-hmm. – If you eat food, you’re gonna
be full. You don’t feel anymore your
hunger. – Right. – So if you don’t
pleasure yourself at home, maybe you’re gonna feel it at
the office, or while walking on the street, you can feel those desires, in a
way. – So you’re saying you pleasure
yourself so much at home that it doesn’t affect you at
work. – Correct. (ominous music) – [Nathan Voiceover]
Despite Herman’s claim that he gets everything out of
his system before arriving at work each
morning, his customers will never
completely trust him because he’s a sexual being. But if Herman recruited repair
technicians from the one percent of
Americans who identify as asexual, meaning they have no
sexual desires whatsoever, customers could finally feel
confident about getting their computers
repaired without the staff being tempted to look at their private photos. The plan, put customers at ease by offering the world’s first
asexual computer repair. – I see. When they see any image, nude
image, so they’re not gonna be
desired or affecting? – In theory, yes. – In theory, I see. – [Nathan Voiceover] Neither
Herman nor I knew much about asexuality, but he was willing to give it a
shot. So I went to the internet’s
most popular asexuality forum and posted a job notification to
see if anyone would fit the
criteria that Herman would need, and later that week, I set up
interviews with everyone who responded. – You know, just the lack of
feeling, a sexual attraction, and need
for sex, is all that asexuality truly is, and there’s a spectrum to it
too. – So if you’re not thinking
about sex, what are you thinking about? – Well, it always depends. I mean, I suppose, most of the
time, I’m actually thinking about
superheroes, my favorite of which being
Aquaman, hence the orange shirt. – So when most people are
thinking of sex, you’re thinking of Aquaman? – Well, that’s a funny way of
putting it, but I suppose so. – [Nathan Voiceover] After
learning more about the asexual lifestyle, I was feeling optimistic
that this could work. – So right now, sitting across
from me, you feel no sexual attraction? – No, you’re another person to
me. – Whoa. – I was born an asexual, and I assume that I
shall still be an asexual upon leaving this world. – [Nathan Voiceover] So after
a rigorous vetting process using a heart rate monitor to
judge their physical response to a
series of stimulating images I found
in a stock photo database … – Do you find this sexual
arousing? – No. – [Nathan Voiceover] I
offered the job to the two who showed no spike in heart
rate no matter how stimulating the
image was. So the next day, I brought
the new recruits to Cyberguy to introduce them to Herman. – So this is Nicky and Randy, and they’re asexual, which means they don’t have a desire to look at any customers’ private
nudes or sexy photos. You know, they just
don’t have those urges. – And also a sense of privacy, I
mean. – Yeah, definitely, privacy is important to everybody.
– Not because of asexuality. – Right, but someone like
Herman might be tempted. – Yeah, possibility. – Right, yeah, but you
wouldn’t be tempted ever? – No, no, no. – Right, so that’s why. – [Nathan Voiceover] Their
lack of arousal was perfect, but they still weren’t computer
experts. – I’ve removed viruses
from computers before, but with instructions. – [Nathan Voiceover] So
knowing they would need Herman’s close guidance
when doing a repair, I installed a series of walls
in the back of the store to create a quarantined
viewing booth for Herman so the repair area would remain free of sexual contamination. The only access point
into the inner chamber was through a military-grade key
code lock that only the asexuals
would have the code to. So after putting up a
brand new banner out front and giving the repair staff
their code to enter the desexualized zone
… – The code is 1234, okay? So don’t tell Herman, okay. – [Nathan Voiceover] The
securely sealed themselves inside the repair area while me and Herman waited
for customers up front. – You didn’t see the code,
right? – No, I didn’t. – Do you promise? – I promise. – Okay. – [Nathan Voiceover] Before
long, the first customer arrived. – It’s very slow, and it’s hard for me to get
to the internet sometimes. – [Nathan Voiceover] So it was
time to see if he’d be impressed by the new
service. – I don’t know if you saw our
sign, but we’re the only computer
repair shop in town that offers a fully
asexual repair service. – Okay. – Are you familiar with
asexuals? – No, I’m not. – Okay, so the entire time
your computer is here, no one with any sexual
desires will be touching it, and that is the Cyberguy
guarantee, right? – Yes, for sure, 100% guarantee
that. – Full disclosure, Herman
is a sexual person, but he will not be touching
your computer at any point. – What does that mean,
he’s a sexual person? – Yeah, that means, a
sexual person, as me, so we having some desires
for looking at the picture, digging, looking inside, so
we’re curious about what is inside,
what’s contained inside, it’s a nude photos, videos,
stuff. – So he has those desires. – But the other people don’t? – They don’t, the people
that will be repairing it. – [Nathan Voiceover]
The first customer was excited by the concept. (bell rings) – So now an asexual is coming
up? – Yes.
– Got you. (dramatic music)

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  1. I feel like asexual people are just like the ultimate form of white knighting. “I respect women so much I don’t even touch them” really? Are you sure your not just a giant nervous pussy? Your telling me that SOME humans are the only animals in nature who are SOMETIMES naturally born asexual? Yeah give me a break. I mean just look at these people. Ever wonder why you never see a “normal” asexual or transgender person? Maybe its because those things are abnormalities that shouldn’t be promoted as a viable choice for a sexual orientation or a gender. But what do i know? I only lived on this earth for decades, with only the last 5 years being complete 180s. People are more racist and hateful now then they were in the 2000s. Why is that? Because the media is dividing us all. First it was black vs white, then gay vs straight, and now theres so many small groups and subcategories that are just destroying and cancelling each other off, and they just sit back and watch as we claw each other apart over stupid shit like pronouns or “cultural appropriation”. Even tho a white guy invented rap and a black guy invented rock and roll. But cultural appropriation rite? Pfff.

  2. I mean besides the 2 obviously gay people, everyone else’s heart rates increased when show those pictures, 100% proving these asexual losers are completely full of shit. Its just a way for 20+ year old virgins to feel like they CHOSE to be lifetime v-card holders.

  3. Epsiodes like this make me feel bad he's clearly a hard working and trustworthy guy and he's being humiliated without realising

  4. This is so underrated. Fielder literally doesn't do anything other than perfect in this show back to back. Comedic and television masterpiece that should be considered one of the greatest comedies of all time.

  5. This show is like what happens when you bring a comedy show into the real world. Like the Fat Albert movie with Kenan Thompson

  6. I love how now one in this comment section cares about how he took pictures of his dick and put them on the show just to make a point

  7. Isn’t it illegal to ask about someone’s sexuality during a interview?!?! Fuckkkk lmao how are these kids so chill with working for a dude who just ask about their sexual thoughts sksksksks

  8. The funniest shit would be that when he rings the bell, the workers don’t respond right away cuz they are fu***ng.????

  9. This gives me so much anxiety because i had my cellphone in these repair places twice( i couldnt delete the PICs because the screen wasnt working)

    Until now a days i have to do therapy because having leaked nudes can Destroy a womans life and I constantly feel like It Will happen to me

  10. im not saying that this is right, but whenever i hear someone say that they're asexual i assume that they're lying for attention

  11. Women and gays all seem really into Nathan, based on comment sections. As sexual beings, none of you are qualified to look at my computer.

  12. Is no one going to talk about those intro pics literally could see the glands how did this air?!?

  13. My gawd!!! "So, you're saying you pleasure yourself at home, so you dont need to do it at work!?" …"correct!" creep smile

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