New York City’s Last Accordion Repairman

(accordion music) – Ah, I’m tell you, I feel
sorry if I have to retire. You know why? I have so many customers that say, “Alex, you never retire.” I say, “No, one day I’ll
have to retire, no?” (accordion music) (Greek style accordion music) My name is Alex Carozza and I fix accordions
since 1960 in New York. The people comes from all over the world to fix the accordion cause they say that I’m the best, I don’t know. (chuckles) This sometime breaks, you have to change. Very difficult. I’m the only one in New York that fix accordions in this moment, you know? See, I fix the accordion
and I lose the customer because I fix the accordion correctly. (laughs) Honest. I have this one for example, take a look. This is a very old accordion. Ooh. At least this accordion is 75 years old. – [Interviewer] How old are you? – Ha, if I tell you, you won’t believe it. I’m 88. You believe it? I swear. How old is him? If I tell you 93 you won’t believe it. We working together 60 years. Since 1949. (laughs) – Like yesterday, yeah? – Yeah, looks like yesterday right? (accordion music) You gotta understand,
an instrument is like a some part of your life. You care for the instrument
more than anything else. I love this more than anything else. It’s not the money sometimes in life. If you are healthy and
happy, money doesn’t count. This is what I believe. Maybe I’m wrong but, now you have all my secrets (chuckling). It’s good. (accordion music) Just like that. (laughs) Okay.

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  1. Hat's off to you Sir ! I salute you ! Simply Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat ! Amazing ! Awesome ! What a rare talent in the field of accordion repairing !!! Quite impressive , super natural & uncommon !!! You are really geniuos !!! I bow to 'Thee' !!! I am really spellbound & couldn't find proper words to express my feelings…. One day or other, I would really like to visit your store & touch your feet at least at once ! Waaaaaaarmest Regards , Best Wishes , Greetings , Thanks a lot & Hearty Congratulations !!!!!

  2. OMG !!! You are the real king of the kingdom of Accordions Sir ! Hat's off to you Gentleman !
    I bow to Thee ! Salute ! Very Many Warm Regards ! You are not an Angel but are the GOD of these instruments !!!

  3. My accordion of 50 yrs is finally in need of repair! I hope I can find Alex Carozza easily – there aren't any accordion repair shops in my neighborhood. If anyone has any information on where to find him, please let me know – I'm googling, but cannot find his shop. I hope he's still around ~ he seems honest & really knows his business. Charming – Bravo, Alex!

  4. Hello Mr Alex Carozza s my name is John Goes I have a sonola accordion it needs tuning could you tell me how much it would cost O by the way I am 74 years old and I am Portugues thank you.

  5. Come to Brazil or anywhere over latin America and not only you will find plenty of work but also the best musicians here. No wonder American music is so bad today if musicians there care more about "dope beats" than actual good music. Here is a great example of an actual great musician from here:

  6. Good health to Alex Carozza and his team I will never meet the man but I send best wishes to such a good and committed repairman and artist.He is of a declining breed and as an accordion player I wish him well.

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