Niles community reflects on city’s history through Heritage Day, antique car show

It’s Heritage Day in Niles. Hosted by the Niles Historical Society – it’s a way for people to learn about the city’s past. First News reporter Briana Ray-Turner went to this event and talked with the President of The Niles Historical Society, who says their goal this year was to get as many people to come out and learn about history. She has that story new tonight at six, The Niles Historical Society Heritage Day is an event to take the time to go back in Niles history and show appreciation. ANNA MARIE BEAGLE, PRESIDENT:”WE HAVE TOURS OF THE HOUSE, WE HAVE DISPLAYS IN THE WESTINFIELD ROOM OF THE WORLD WAR ONE AND WORLD WAR TWO. WE HAVE A GREENHOUSE…A WORKING GREENHOUSE.” They also had displays of local crafters, vendors, and musical performances. Beagle says Niles has so much important history that not a lot of people know about. BEAGLE:”WE’VE HAD A PRESIDENT BORN HERE, WE’VE HAD THE WARNER BROTHERS USED TO LIVE HERE. ITS JUST A VERY RICH HISTORY OF ALL THE PEOPLE THAT ARE NAMED SOMEWHERE ELSE THAT WE DON’T REALIZE ACTUALLY CAME FROM THIS TOWN.” Beagle says that her goal is to get as many people to come out for Heritage Day. This year they added a new popular attraction to the event. A Car Show. FRANK TRINCELLITO, CAR OWNER:”DRIVES AROUND LIKE A….GIANT GO KART. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IT’S LIKE. DRIVING A GO KART WITH A LOT OF PIMP.” This is Frank Trincellito and he’s a proud car owner of this 1967 volvo p-eighteen hundred s. He found this car in Arkansas in a woman’s garage when he got lost on his road trip through the united states. after hearing that he did not have much time to live because he has cancer. FRANK TRINCELLITO, CAR OWNER:”TRICK ABOUT CANCER IS THAT YOU HAVE TO FOCUS ON SOMETHING WHAT YOU LOVED TO DO OR SOMETHING THAT YOU STILL LOVE TO DO IT AND DO IT.” Trincelitto says if he had a give a piece of advice for car lovers it would be… TRINCELITTO: “TRY TO THE BEST YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU GOT AND WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO,AND DO THE BEST TO YOUR ABILITY WITHOUT PAYING FOR PARTS..THAT’S THE TRICK RIGHT THERE.” IN NILES, BRIANA RAY-TURNER 33 WYTV NEWS This morning — bikers took to the road — all to honor the late

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