Nino & Mia – Pottery – Western Syriac (Surayt)

Ohhh, There is no place for my money. Excellent Nino,
You collected a lot of money. But how will I get it out? ll break it and get the money out. Yayyy!! I got all the money! …But wait!… how will I store my Money from now on? We will buy a new one from pottery maker. Pottery maker!! who is he? Lets go and see pottery maker. Hello Welcome We broke Nino s piggy bank and wanted a new one. can we make a new one for Nino? Of course. Welcome. Can you show us how to make pottery? Of course come with me. At first we bring water and soil and mix it to make the clay. We then put the clay on the turntable (turning table) to make our vessel/container.When complete, we let it dry so it can then be baked in the oven to make it stronger. At the end, we glaze(color) our container/vessel. NINO, do you want to try? Yes, Of course I would love to! Slow down, Nino. You need to do this slowly and in a steady pace. ohhhh ohhh ohhh hhhhhhh hhhhhhh Uncle (sir), our ancestors used to do
different pots for different uses Yes, our ancestors made pottery from
several different utensils. Such as Pottery pot for drinking water And a bowl for drink Pot to keep the water cold And other utensils Our ancestors were so creative Oooh really it is a wonderful skill, I love this profession. Thank you uncle (sir). Welcome. WOW, how beautiful! hyyyyy

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