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to NYC Barbershop Museum. I’d like to welcome you in. [MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Arthur Rubinoff. I’m a master barber,
fourth generation. I grew up in a barber shop
since from former Soviet Union. My father started collecting
vintage pieces from 1991. Anywhere we went, like
to the flea markets or to any like, antique
stores, he used to buy vintage pieces, small pieces. Each piece has a history. You don’t know who’s
been cut by this razor or by these scissors. In 2003, I lost my father. And you know, those
pieces became sentimental. I started collecting bigger
pieces, as far as the barber chairs, barber poles,
the signs, anything to do with the
barbering industry. Some of the pieces,
like the mirrors, some of them from Egypt. One is from France. One is from Russia. The tools, brushes,
the mugs from England. We have some rare collections
from Ireland, from Poland. And that’s when I
started having an idea that one day I’m going
to open up a barber shop museum to honor my father
and to give respect to all the barbers in the world. How are you, sir?
– Good, good, brother. How you doing? ARTHUR RUBINOFF:
Nice little start. Each person that walks in,
I wanted to have that wow. And so far, I accomplished that. Everybody coming in, they
go, wow, because there’s a lot of detail in this shop. Usually when I start,
even with my customer, I like to say hello to the hair. I wanted to bring
to the people not that chop shop of a haircut. A lot of barber
shops, they don’t want to use scissors over comb. That’s what I’m trying to bring
back, that classical haircut and then the razor cut. A lot of barbers forgetting
how to use the razor. So we’re doing the usual, sir? Yes, please. ARTHUR RUBINOFF:
First of all when they come in here, we wash. That’s number one. Number two, each customer
gets individual comb when we give the comb to go. We use individual blade
for each neck shaves. Then we do hot towel
massage for the neck. Customers respect that when
you give time and effort. Sweet. He blended me very well. WOMAN: Yeah, it
looks really nice. ARTHUR RUBINOFF:
And I also educate at the NYC Barber Shop Museum. We have three
students as we speak. And since this is a
non-profit organization, I don’t charge nobody to give
them experience and teach them. He’s giving your a
barber shop necklace. ARTHUR RUBINOFF: Whoa. I love what I do, and I
want people to be happy. I’m not doing this
for the money. I’m doing this
because I love it. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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