NYC’s WEIRDEST Store ! ? (Obscura Antiques & Oddities)

What is going on members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from the East Village of New York City And today i’m going to be showing you guys around a store That you’re probably not going to find in many guide books It’s called Obscura Antiques and Oddities This place is weird, this place is different And I think you’re going to like it a lot Alright guys I’ve had a chance to walk around the store and this place is so unique You’re going to find out why I’ve got one of the owners Evan sitting here And she’s going to be kind enough to show us around the store Evan tell us a bit about this store for somebody who’s never been here before We specialize in the rare or things that are often overlooked. Or things that are somehow difficult to understand And probably pretty archaic Alright great let’s go for a tour This is our miscellenaous area Our entire shop is really a miscellaneous area Umm so we often have some antique deer hooves We have glass globes We have natural history diaromas. We always have some kind of mask These are actually german painted masks The details really beautiful on them Can I try it on? Yeah it kind of looks like you Guys is he better looking or worse looking tell me in the comments. Okay It did kind of look like me a little bit Yeah We specialize in carved puppets This one is an old wood specimen It’s terribly handsome I think How much does this guy retail for? This guys about 500 dollars A very old one, original paint Very nicely done This is Goliath the dead As you can see he has quite a pallete Does it actually work Should I move it? Uhh if you can move it They don’t actually work in the sense that the spirits are probably not reaching out from the other side And guiding your hand You can believe that if you want You always have the one friend who’s doing it Yeah… well they’re kind of wasting their time But if it makes you happy And floats your boat and helps you sleep at night Then that’s whats happening All the answers are here I actually found something that I’m going to be buying today And these are Mexican comics As postcards I’m going to buy this just for Adriana So this is our big case In the back of the shop It’s my favorite place This is where we keep some of the more unusual things And the more fragile things The older things And the lock is very hard to get off Don’t get any ideas I’ll try not to Yeah so we have things like the medical models This is a wax tongue We have some of my favorite stuff. This is all hair jewelery This is a watch chain Made out of human hair We have this is a world war 1 Prosthetic arm Featuring a hook
oh wow. It’s really beautifully made This one is German And the person I acquired it from Got it from the gentleman’s family And they said that his injury Came on armistice day So maybe one of the last people to have lost limbs during world war 1 Can I hold that? Yeah please do A prosthetic arm from World War 1 This is incredible This whole store is just living history What’s inside here That is actually another stereo viewer This is one of my favorite areas of the shop It’s one of our specialities History of Medicine These are early pharmeceutical bottles We have here a lot of poisons A lot of glandular substances And things that were typically used medicinally A lot of 19th and very early 20th century We also have instruments And other things that sort of make people Nervous Those make me nervous just looking at them What sort of person do you think would enjoy coming to this store? Doesn’t matter where you come from, how much money you have, doesn’t matter what sex you are. What color, nationality. Religion.
The only thing everyone has in common who loves this place Is that they have a healthy sense of curiousity Alright members of the Barrio What a cool place to go shopping I mean they have gifts from 1 dollar to thousands of dollars Go check them out Tell Evan that I sent you I’m leaving a link in the description If you want to visit this place Make sure to subscribe Leave me a comment, tell me what you thought about the store. What was your favorite item? Guys, I appreciate it so much I’ve got a lot more coming out from New York City Thanks for watching.

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  1. What was your favorite item in the store? Be sure to subscribe ( if you're new !

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  2. There's a place like this in Chicago called Woolly Mammoth. They specialize in taxidermy but have all sorts of cool/rare/antique stuff!

  3. I love Obscura! I have to go there and get something for my curiosities cabinet every time I'm in the city. Great video!

  4. Have you ever seen a show called Friday the 13th The Series? Not about Jason from the movies, but a shop with cursed antiques. this place reminds me of the place. you should;ve purchased that mask!! Like the history of the arm thing, but what does one do with it?

  5. Here Be Barr I used to watch your videos but I stopped because I switched accounts [I was mojixzen tv] Since i'm doing youtube. I still love your vids.

  6. John, I was wondering if you can tell me what camera you use to film or is it the software that makes it so vibrant and sharp. I hope you do reply to my message.

  7. Great find, Jon!! Yeah, that ask did look a little like you. ?? His painter was human, yours was not. No comparison would be fair. ?? My favorite item was the store itself. Looks like the kind of place I could spend hours on a rainy day.

  8. Hey Jon! Catching up with your videos. Antiques is my kind of thing but I do not collect them because I already watch creepy paranormal stuff. Lol! I am more intrigued and fascinated by the stories they tell behind their seemingly unusual look. Good info!

  9. Hey! Hope you're doing well, How are things?? That's a crazy but fun shop! I love going to Antique Thrift stores and i always find good stuff.

  10. I was there 4 years ago! An experience that I will never forget! We do not have any shop close to such from where I am at….hope to visit soon again!

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