Old Age Makeup for Theater : How to Remove Old Age Makeup

Hi, I’m Aaron and you?re watching Expert Village
and today we are going to start on a Old Age Look for Theater. Ok, so now we have our finished
products, but one thing that we need to do before we send her out to the stage and the
bright lights we just need to go over it again and make sure that all the lines are defined,
everything is good, everything is blended in so let’s take a look. We’ve got some here,
maybe above the eye we can maybe blend this dark brown in a little bit more, it’s kind
of a strong line and we don’t need it to be that strong so we can probably do that right
there, that’s nice ok, we still have, but the strong lines are good like I said because
from the audience you need to be able see the actor because they are so far away, so
anyways, so and here’s a highlighter we did not blend that very well, so we’re just going
to come back in and blend that out a bit, right here, blending out all right take care
of that highlighter there kind of remember we highlighted the chin earlier just kind
of, I’m a little out, we’ve got everything looking good actually, maybe I’ll just clean
up right there real quick other than that there you go you’ve got your old age makeup,
will you turn to the side, there you go see nice jaw lines, everything oh, and you also
may want to blend these jaw lines too to kind of create the shadow a little bit more so
it’s not so dominate but other than that it looks good, and the proper way that you need
to clean this off though, because it is oil based makeup only way to clean it off would
to be to use one of the face wipes that I showed you earlier or you can use a cleansing
liquid face soap or a bar of soap, whatever that you would require and I always recommend
after doing that after using a oil based makeup you need to tone maybe every once in awhile
exfoliate but other than that and don’t every forget to moisturize, thank you for watching.

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