Old fear cannot see new things

from the point of view of the ego it seems Larry you really have to control the world you feel just the way we organize everything and one time somebody told me he said he said you have done quite a lot of things did you plan them and this is the businessperson you know when I said I did not plan anything so that means if you plan it then you will do much better immediately that’s what he sceptre told me of course that they’re very mobile after what he said your plan then I said I was thinking it just reflecting a little bit moment for that comment but of course probably has nothing much to do the planning or not planning but maybe a little bit but it has more to do it by just being open that this is what clearly I realized it has nothing to do with the planning of course depends on how your plan or who is planning but most of the time fear plants fear plans because fear is fearing what can happen therefore we need to do plan fear assuming something wrong will go in the process sometimes fear creates a lot of wrong things it was kind of inviting it you know but but when you’re open when you’re open you always all the time well any given moment you see what is there rather than what you think should be there or rather than what what you feel something should happen because it doesn’t happen just you see in any given moment things changing things changing all the time any given moment situations situations a completely different moment a different moment it’s different so you can’t if you look at that particular moment the situation you open you see much more when you are not fear old old fear cannot see new things you need new eyes to see new things that’s what have we have old fear a new situation so in a way it’s this this idea of that ego or not controlling so much things will work well I think the interesting idea right but if you trust the life everything will be fine I know it’s very hard to hard to completely understand or trust that right is it that you feel you have to be English you have to get involved you have to fix it you have to correct and you have to prevent it maybe it’s true you have to but who is that you ego feels like it have to the awareness knows that it will be fine so we suffering between ego and awareness we love awareness but we spend time with an ego you say I love you see you too see you later I’m walking with my pain you come back you see are you still here I’ll see you later I still have something to do with my opinion maybe tomorrow is meat so you keep on changing the schedule you encounter with your awareness because you have so much to do with your pain

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  1. fear plans…..invites wrong things……..openness…..you see what is there……new things need new eyes…..trust life ……and it will be allright…….

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