Old Men Fight!

sujo capital quarterback the vikings
insuperable or lost to the cheeks uh… he’s a s yes alleged play to the bc the bristol realized one
instance wanted and uh… angelo muscat wasn’t defensive player uh… problem probably went both ways
back then for the uh… hilton sagard so the uh… so they apparently were uh… intervene
answered i did not they’re they’re big mister their big issue they were bitter
rivals uh… in the sixties and there was some dan cfl alumni banquet right nothin
nowhere with the trial which was it wasn’t and i think that
that was it was in canada i think it is and that by the cannisters which makes
sense ’cause it seems that the v_c_ one and uh… it was for polls concussion
syndrome the first minute at another they uh… uh… they have this banquet
and jill caps up there with his former rival angelo moscow capital see in this
video what you may not be able to see is the
he he’s offering a flower a sort of what would cap flamed the audio starting here
was sort of a peace offering to moscow why i have something after
that okay and he does this with the flower show at lvl see he like it would the reasonable and editions off notes that ok any
grazes moscow on the face they’re both seventy three years old and then all hell breaks loose personally think the love of his video anytime seventy three-year-old man such that the another seventy
three-year-old man with his pain as a quality east equality to clip um… so he wasn’t
there was an earlier peace offering there was of ron james who was the host
use actually a comedian was the host of this banquet said at something that did not feel something
as an actor filmed at least was that uh… marceca friendship is hand before they went on and kept refused so then kept at the flowers in his face
and films of after jerica moved is what i
like is that i guess because it was a comedy night there’s a comedian the
sailor selection just because of the beginning the cap offers it to me does that little thing in the face and the crowd you can hear laps at first if you think that it was
planned but they did for secondly i think everybody feels like i didn’t
think it was earlier the the uh… travel at a low but and then
witnesses that one seventy three-year-old search of beat me other
seventy three-year-old the hair it doesn’t look like accused of hoop will somebody please stop this and then they would win in this topic
and it looks like it looks like the canadian air force comes in but guys
uniformed break up the fight it’s awesome anyway great these video to
the stand new maybe ever happened to it in a
difficult wadi avenue with the canadian legal you win the break-up units of it

70 Replies to “Old Men Fight!”

  1. It was a really good game. The B.C.Lions started the season 0 – 5 and not only earned top spot in the league by the end, but won the championship game. That is worth talking about on TYT Sports.

  2. I think this is where I say RIP tytsports. Anytime you are filming in a worse location than a office aka the roof or outside THE CHANNEL IS DONE.

  3. @Underpantsniper fuck off all of our canadian players get traded to the american teams cause american players are full of so much suck.

  4. @DaKuteCate im candadian bud, born and raised in edmonton and trust me id love to see lord stanleyback in the great white north as much as any hortons eating, maple syrup blooded, don cherry worshiping canook. so lighten up

  5. Joe Kapp is an ass…I watched him pick a fight on the Venice basketball court back in the 70s on a completely unsuspecting guy

  6. Wow these two old guys still have beef! While they were young and playing in the CFL! Hahaha holy shit lol

  7. Danny Romero, Fighting Takes Less Athleticism Than Basketball And Football, So Mexicans Can Play This Sport At Its Highest Level. However, When Mexicans Fight More Athletic Fighters (Blacks), Especially Highly Athletic Blacks They Tend To Lose. Generally Speaking, One's Level Of Athleticism In Sports, Like One's Level Of Intelligence In Life, Is The Factor That Determines Who Wins Or Loses.

    Danny, You And Sid Garcia, Like Most Mexicans Over 40, Are Fat And Need To Shed The Pounds.

  8. Joe Kapp tiene la culpa. No debería haber insitido con la estupidez de la flor. Ya es bastante patético verlo con cara de cordero enamorado ofreciendo la flor, si la rechazan debería haber quedado ahí.

  9. 73 year old men can be surprisingly tough can you imagine getting into a fight with Arnold Schwarzenegger he almost 73 only a couple of years off

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