Old Pine Blanket Chest – Pinefinders Old Pine Furniture Warehouse

Here’s an Old Pine Blanket Chest dating from
about 1920 I think this one. It’s got carrying handles on each side. Its quite deep, that’s
front to back deep this box. Its got a large candle box, what’s known as a candle box,
on the left-hand side inside compartment. Its got a lock but it hasn’t got a key, I
haven’t got a key for it. If you really need a key then I might be able to find you one.
This is in the bare wood at the moment having just been stripped, so as with most of the
furniture we’ve got. The code number is J4555A the price is £210 as it is, if you’d like
to buy it in the bare wood. And £247 if you’d like us to wax it for you. The Height 19″,
Width 33″ and the Depth 25″

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