Old school cellphone is a thing of beauty!

Today I’m review the Motorola Pocket Classic 910 cellular telephone and I got to say, I quite like this cell phone it’s got a lot going for it you know I’m kind of over the gimmick of phones with memory, harddrives.. and you know not having a retractable antenna so that’s kind of why I was drawn to the Motorola Pocket Classic 910 so let’s kind of take a closer look at it so as you can see, it’s got a great size to it it’s solid, rugged, it’s what you want in a cell phone and you can also get it with the leather carrying case which I just love you put that on your belt and it’s there people can see your phone it’s solid you can hit it around, it’s not going anywhere I love that feature and also what I like about the phone is you can approach any exercise ball any exercise ball! you throw it at it, and that phone’s gonna come right back and that’s always been something I’ve looked for in a phone and when I heard they were coming out with the Motorola Pocket Classic 910 I was like… *gasps* wow I mean like that affects me in no way I’m seven I think people over look a lot of the features of this phone they seem to think it can’t do as much as what a smart phone today does but the Motorola Pocket Classic 910 can actually do a lot of things it’s a phone packed with a lot of features and I think over time people are going to really grow to appreciate these kind of features on a phone and now some people have complained about the phone being too big but, I mean you take off the battery pack and it’s gotten a whole lot smaller and I mean, I personally preferred to keep the battery pack on I find the phone operates a lot better when it actually has power but um… and I mean you can still go without the battery pack it’s just you probably won’t receive any calls I think some people think it’s too important to have a camera built into your phone but let’s think about it really here’s my phone and here’s my camera I can fit both of those into one hand so if you want a phone that is just solid and definitely a cellphone you should consider the Motorola Pocket Classic 910 I got one here, and I love it VELCRO!

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