Oldest Things On Earth (GAME)

There’s old, and then there’s old, and then there’s old. Let’s talk about that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning! When I think about old, I think about
my old chin strap that I used to have and how much of a mistake that was.
I’m glad I don’t have it anymore. – So do I.
– Don’t look up those old pictures. But, uh, my chin strap was
really not that old compared to some of the
oldest things on Earth. And that is the game that
we’re going to play today to figure out how well
do you know your old stuff Link? – Ooo
– It’s time to play: Can you guess how old
these really old things are?! And our first and only contestant on “Can you guess how old these really
old things are?” is – Me!
– .. Link Neal! – Me!
– Welcome to the show Link! Yeah, hi. I felt like you were gonna
call my name and you did — – Yeah
– … and I was already here. There was one hundred percent chance
you were gonna be on this show. And also womaning the board,
is the hidden and talented, Stevie! – (cheers applause)
– There she is. – Look it’s —
– Oh, sporting the latest in Good Mythical Merchandise. – Yeah.
– (Rhett laughs) – Alright, so..
– Okay, Link here’s.. So this is like — – A guessing game.
– … the oldest stuff on Earth. Yeah. Different categories of old stuff
and I give you two guesses. I’m gonna guess two hundred
and forty one. Okay well would you like
the question? – No. because..
– And also would you like the rules. – Neither one are gonna matter.
– I know numbers mean nothing to you. – This is how bad I’m gonna be in this
– No, no but you, Li- Link. – Believe in yourself man!
– (Link sighs forcefully) So for every one that you get wrong in Good Mythical More you have to
eat one of these pickled eggs. – Why?
– So look forward to that. – Just because it’s fun.
– Cause they’re old. (Stevie and Rhett laughing) They’re really old. Yeah. Lizzie like found ’em in her closet
or something. Where do you keep these? Doesn’t matter. – Alright, I’ll put ’em right here.
– Okay, first question. They say that slow and steady
wins the race. Jonathan the Giant Tortoise is the
world’s oldest living land creature. He lives on the island of
Saint Helena. And like most old people,
he enjoys large buckets of salad! How old is Jonathan? Two forty one or one eight three? Um, wow. I — um. Jonathan. Good name for a tortoise, huh? Imma say two forty one, Stevie. – Mm.
– And the answer is … – (incorrect buzzer) Not!
– Oh! The answer is one eighty three. Fun fact about Jonathan. After living one hundred and
eighty three years he’s never successfully
fathered any torti. – But — huh.
– (crew giggles) – Is that how you say tortoises?
– (crew laughs) Maybe that’s the key to his
longevity. But he’s got time, they can live to be
two hundred fifty years old. – So, —
– Right, and you know — … keep working it Jonathan! He’s gonna live to two hundred forty one and then I’ll be right so I don’t
have to eat an egg for that one. Okay, remember that whole:
“If you swallow your chewing gum it will stay in your intestines
for seven years” thing? – Well that’s a myth!
– Of course. You poop it right out and then sometime
later a British archeology student finds it in Finland! How old is the world’s
oldest piece of chewing gum? – (Link chuckles) Five thousand? About five thousand years old or
about nine hundred years old? – Oldest piece of chewing gum.
– Five thousand .. Chewing gum didn’t exist
five thousand years ago. Or did it? I don’t know. That’s why we’re playing this game. Is it actually gum? Cause if it is
then I have to go with nine hundred. – Alright, what’s the real answer?
– For the win. – (incorrect buzzer)
– Wrong, it’s about five thousand years old. – (crew laughing)
– How, how is that possible? – Well the gum was actually discovered
under the, underside of a neolithic
cafeteria table. (Rhett laughs forcefully) That’s not funny. – (crew laughs)
– No it isn’t. Uh, no but it was like birch tar
from a tree. That’s gum dude. Birch tar is a chewing something, but it’s not chewing gum. It was five thousand years ago.
Wrong. Next question. Two eggs so far.
(chuckles) – (crew laughs)
– A purse is an essential fashion statement but what embellishment
can really take it to the next level? A whole bunch of dog teeth! At least that’s what the owner
of the world’s oldest purse thought. How old is the world’s oldest
fashion sack? Ha ha. That’s what we call ’em in my family. – A fashion sack with —
– When do you wanna go – … teeth
– … shopping for fashion sacks? With, with. Teeth, lots of dog teeth. Is it forty-five hundred years old
or is it two thousand years old? Well dog’s didn’t exist forty-five
hundred years ago. – Interesting logic.
– Yeah. Yeah they did. I’m gonna say, but I’m gonna go
with the short. – I’m gonna go against my instinct —
– Okay. So this is the right answer,
so I’m guessing two thousand. – Alright Link, you’re wrong again.
– (incorrect buzzer) – (crew laughs)
– It’s forty-five hundred years old. I did say this is the right answer
so I’m guessing the wrong one. – Okay, I well —
– So.. I might lose an egg on that one.
I don’t know. – (crew laughs)
– But listen, I will tell you don’t– – I’m trying guys —
– Do not — – I mean it’s just difficult.
– Hey, do not get your wife a dog tooth covered purse
for Valentine’s Day because that’s what I’m getting her. – I mean, my wife.
– (Rhett and crew laughs) Uhm, okay. Forty-five hundred year old
dog teeth. Yeah. Keep thinking Link. Old Tjikko is a small Spruce tree that
lives in Dalarna, Sweden. That’s how they say it. And bares a shocking resemblance
to a toilet bowl brush. It’s also the oldest living
tree on Earth so, – Hm.
– So show some respect! How old is old Tjikko? Oldest living tree on Earth is either ninety five or
sixty five hundred years old huh. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah. That’s old. I don’t know. I’m thinking sixty five. I knew trees could get old. – (crew giggles)
– Boy, that brain is working, innit? – (Rhett laughs)
– But I have no way to know, – if within three thousand years.
– Yeah, theres no way to know except count the rings. – Show me the rings!
– (Rhett wheezy laugh) Can we show him the rings? – No we can’t show you the rings. (laughs)
– Alright, so I feel like I should — that I was gonna guess this therefore – I’m gonna guess ninety five fifty.
– Interesting logic. What do you got here? – (correct ring) Ninety five fifty!
– Yes! – Yes Link! I knew it would pay off to go against
what I thought. Hey you’re on a roll I’m gonna
move right onto the next one. Uh, oldest animal on earth.
Ming the ocean quahog was just a regular old clam, minding his
bivalve business when a bunch of researchers yanked him
out of the ocean – and murdered him to see how old he was.
– Ohh. Turns out he was the oldest living
animal on Earth. How old was Ming before his
untimely death? Is that two thousand five hundred
and thirteen years or five hundred and seven years old? – Did you say the oldest animal on —
– Oldest — – Oldest living animal on Earth —
– Animal, animal. – .. was killed to find out — that.
– How old he was. – (crew laughs)
– Ironic huh. – And it’s a clam.
– Yep, it was a clam. Well it still is. It’s a dead one. – Mm..
– It’s probably — How did it taste? Twenty five thirteen. That’s old ‘innit. There’s stuff older than five hundred
years old. I mean there’s animals older than that. There’s a tortoise that’s
gonna be that old — – Yeah.
– .. before he dies. Yeah it’s a hundred and eighty
three right now. No. Twenty five thirteen. That’s my answer. – Okay.
– (incorrect buzzer) (crew laughs) Yeah, five hundred and seventy years old. – So it is ironic —
– I knew it! I should’ve gone against myself. So the way that you find out how
old a clam is is you count the rings on its shell. Which incidentally you can do while
it’s still alive. So scientists please! Next time you wanna find out
how old a clam is, just count the rings! Don’t kill it! Gah! Alright, gimme another one. – Fe —
– I am, I am not yet on a roll. Fetty wap chooses not to rock a fake eye
ball but one twenty five year old ancient Iranian babe chose differently. In 2006, archaeologists popped the world’s
oldest fake eye out of her skull. How old was this ocular ball of animal
fat and tar? – Oh wow. It was mushy?
– Was it forty eight hundred years old or fifteen hundred and seventy years old? Fake eye ball. – Mm
– Iran. And it’s made out of fat and tar? I don’t think that can last for
forty eight hundred years. Oh, well that might be insightful. So I believe this is the right answer,
therefore I’m guessing this. – Okay let’s see what you got.
– Forty eight hundred years old. – (correct ding) Instincts are great Link!
– Yes! – Well they’re bad, which makes them good
– Yeah, yeah. If you have a good instinct to know that
you have bad instincts that’s a good instinct. And I can’t be the stupidest person here if I’m not the one using
a fake microphone. – That’s, well no this is working.
– (microphone tap) Add some sound effects please when
I do that. – (microphone taps)
– Please. Okay, uhm. Back in the olden times,
they didn’t have Netflix to binge watch their sorrows away. They had flutes.
(chuckles) – The old —
– (Stevie laughs) The oldest flutes on Earth were found
in a cave in Germany called “Geißenklösterle.” Probably not called that. How old were those ancient tooters? – In flutes? In Germany?
– (Stevie laughs) – In flute in Germany!
– (crew giggles) Yeah it’s a flute in Germany. Yeah, is it sixteen hundred years old
or is it forty two thousand years old?! – Wow that’s really old.
– It’s the oldest what? Known flute? Uh, oldest flute. – Oldest flute (giggles). This is so stupid to me. – Man.
– You don’t You don’t believe in archaeology? I believe it’s sixty eight hundred
years old. Therefore, I’m gonna have to guess, – .. nah I’mma stick to —
– Okay, that’s smart. – Sixty eight hundred.
– That’s also wrong. (incorrect buzzer)
(all laugh) – Forty two thousand years old.
– Man! – Hey!
– You don’t know how old flutes can get! Listen, interesting fact. Right next to where they found the flute they found a cave painting entitled,
“Beginners Guide to Jethro Tull.” (Rhett laughs) Jethro Tull incorporates a lot of flute. (crew giggles) Remember that book, “French Woman
Don’t Get Fat?” Well it was horrible! And it probably should’ve been called,
“French Woman Will Outlive All of You.” The oldest person ever was a French woman
named, “Jeanne Louise Calment.” (accidental British accent) At what age
did she, what age, mhmm, did she pass on to the great baguette
in the sky? Come on Link. I know that one twenty two is
pretty old for a person. – Mm, and one thirty eight is even more.
– One thirty eight is even older. – Mm. Sixteen years older.
– (whispers) Sixteen. That’s a whole person older. – I thi-, I think —
– (giggles) A sixteen year old person. I think I’m gonna guess
a hundred and thirty eight. Therefore I’m changing my answer
to one twenty two. – Stevie yank it.
– (correct ring) – Link!
– Yeah! – You did it!
– Right answer! – You ended on a positive note!
– (Link hollers) Uh how many did he, did he miss? It doesn’t matter, who cares? – The only thing that matters —
– Five! You gotta eat five nasty old eggs
in Good Mythical More! Congratulations to everything
that aged. (crew laughs) – Yes.
– And congratulations to you. Congratulations for us, because you
liked, commented, and shared this video. (hesitantly) You know what time it is? Hi I’m Rob from Syria,
and I’m Rob from New York. And we’re in Finland! And now it’s time to spin the
Wheel of Mythicality! Today we’re launching two brand new
sticker packs! At RhettandLink.com/store Look at these,
that’s not even all of them. – Yeah.
– This. – And this.
– Stick ’em anywhere that stickers are stuck appropriately, but not illegally! Click through to Mythical More, I’m gonna eat these eggs, talk about
the oldest stuff that we know about. Unisong about 14 buttons? – Well —
– Guess what I found in my pocket. It’s not one, it’s not two, it’s not three four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten – eleven, twelve — thirteen!
– No! It’s four – buttons! It’s fourteen buttons! In my pocket today. Fourteen buckets, in my, not gonna
wait sixteen years.>From toda — tomorrow. I’m gonna find me fourteen buttons. Yeah! [Captioned by John: GMM Captioning Team]

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  1. The oldest person on earth is not that woman itโ€™s actually my 2 grade teacher,she is 143 years old and she doesnโ€™t even look old

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  4. Well people used to live much longer than 100 or so years back when earth had an exterior ring around it that protected peeps from excess radiation, so she is only the longest living modern person

  5. Right before this episode, Youtube asked me in a survey which types of gum Iโ€™d heard of. Birch tar wasnโ€™t even an option. Rude.

  6. Okay Iโ€™m new to the Mythical fandom, and I know Iโ€™m a couple years late, and I hope itโ€™s not inappropriate. But Stevie is beautiful ๐Ÿ‘Œ btw the oldest thing that needs to be discussed is the oldest shoe. Why not?

  7. The Methusala tree is really the world oldest. Old Tjukka has regenerated it's trunks to many times they are only a few hundred years old

  8. Makes ya wonder is link that much of a bonehead or is he putton on a facade..if not i kibda wanna smack him upside the head lol

  9. oldest piece of chewing gum ever found is thought to beย 9,000 yearsย old. Be sure to fact check them

    The World'sย Oldest Purseย Is A Priceless Artifact; Also Gross. Archaeologists recently discovered the world'sย oldest handbag, buried in a grave dating somewhere between 2500 and 2200 BC

    The current, verifiable world's oldest human is Violet Mosses Brown, comparably a baby at 117 years of age. If Sodimejo's documents could be verified, he easily outlived the "verified" oldest person ever, Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment. She wasย 122 yearsย andย 164 daysย old when she diedย 20ย years ago.

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  16. It canโ€™t be 5,000 years old well unless dinosaurs made it because humanity didnโ€™t exist

  17. Remember when they said that tortoises can live up to 250 years yet link says that tortoise is gonna live up to 500

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