Oprah Winfrey’s Life Advice Will Change Your Future | One of the Best Motivational Video Ever

The three things that I want to leave with you just these three I could do ten, I could do a whole life class But just these three things will carry you if you let them first and foremost Knowing who you are Knowing who you are being able to answer this question Who am I and what do I want? You know many times when I go out of the country I am baffled by that question To explain what is your occupation? I’ve stood there for 10 minutes. Well am i a talk show host well, I’m more than a talk show host. Am I a businesswoman? I’m a businesswoman. I’m more than a businesswoman Am i an entrepreneur? I’m more than an entrepreneur.So I just leave it blank or self-employed So I’m not asking for the roles that you play as daughters i’m not asking that question What are the roles that you play as a daughter as a friend as a sister you’re gonna be a lawyer you’re gonna teach You’re gonna be a pharmacist. I’m asking the bigger question Of Who am I? Who am I really? My answer is I am God’s child. I am. I am that which is born of all that is I am as. PA de Chardin said a spiritual being having a human experience Come trailing the breath of the ancestors yet, but trailing the breath of the angels and understanding that because I am connected to the source of all that is All that is possible is possible for me That’s who I am and What do I want I don’t want to just be? successful in the world I don’t want to just make a mark, or have a legacy The answer to that question for me is I want to fulfill the highest? truest expression of myself as a human being I I want to fulfill the promise that the Creator? Dreamed when he dreamed the cells that made up me what do I want you must have Some kind of vision for your life even if you don’t know the plan you have to have a direction in which you choose to go I never was the kind of woman who liked to get in a car and just go for a ride I had a boyfriend would say let’s just go for a ride. I want to know where are we going? Do we have a destination is there a plan or we just ride What I’ve learned is that’s a great metaphor for life You want to be in the driver’s seat of your own life because if you’re not life will drive you So Knowing who you really are in this space and time that we embody That’s number one what do you want? Who are you number two? You must find a way to serve Martin Luther King Said that not everybody can be famous, but everybody can be great because greatness is determined by service now we live in a world where everybody wants to be famous and Where we admire people for just being famous? We think being known brings us value The truth is all of that will fade in time in three years. You won’t be able to name the Housewives a banana The real truth is that Service and significance Service and the significance that you bring to your service is that which is lasting? so to be able to whatever your occupation or job or talent or gift is our honorees today getting doctor degrees to apparently opposite fields HIV and AIDS and the spoken word But what they have in common is? service Using the spoken word in service to community in the world Using your knowledge and information about HIV and AIDS and medicine in service to the world And if you look at all the most successful people in the world Whether they know it or not they have that paradigm of service Everybody’s talking about Mark Zuckerberg, and I appeal Service JZ rapid service through the word to people through song For many years I was really just happy to be on TV and people would stop and say oh you on TV Yeah, I’m on TV. I like being on TV It’s a nice job and it was about the time that I received my Honorary Doctorate from Spelman around 1993, so I don’t know if that had something to do with it. I thought of myself as dr. Winfrey Then I went back and I took the long look at what it was I was doing on on TV and made a decision that I was no longer going to just be on TV but I was going to use TV as a platform as a force for good and Not be used by TV, and I will tell you My decision To make that significant change in the way, I operated on Television using television as a service changed my career exponentially Service through medicine service through art Using whatever it is you produce your product as a way of giving back to the world When you shift the paradigm of whatever it is you choose to do to service, and you bring significance to that? Success will I promise you follow you service and significance equals success That’s number two number three. It’s so simple, but so hard to do always Do the right thing? Always Be excellent people notice Think of how you notice you go to Taco Bell somebody gives you extra napkin and some sauce you notice you Want to go back to that person because even at Taco Bell Excellence shows itself be excellent let excellence be your brand Everybody talks about building a brand I never even knew what that was When people say you’re a brand, I would say no. I’m just Oprah what I recognize now. Is that my choice to it every way in Every example and every experience To do the right thing and the excellent thing is what has created the brand Years ago I did an ad for Revlon for for an ad they were doing called unforgettable women and what I know is that when you are excellent you become unforgettable People remember you you stand out we got us of what it is you become an unforgettable woman and That is what we all want we want to be unforgettable and not forgettable So doing the right thing? even When nobody knows you’re doing the right thing We’ll always bring the right thing to you. I promise you that why? Because the third law of motion is always at work for every action. There’s an equal and opposite reaction That is so true in all of our lives That’s what Newton said Sealian the color purple said it Everything you even try to do to me Already done to you Everything you even try to do to me Already done to you so you don’t have to worry about revenge or Getting back at somebody making sure they pay you just have to do the right thing and the right thing will follow you even when people don’t support it I remember many times on my show there are many shows y’all never saw and the reason you didn’t see them is because I Got the last vote and I remember 2010 My team hardest working team in television had done this Interview with a woman who turns out she was a Sunday school teacher by day and a sex addict at night whoo They were like you won’t believe it We got her going out we got her with the men and we get to show her and she was willing to show us everything I Sat down with a woman for an interview that was taped and During the process of the interview I said why are you doing this and she said oh? I want to help the people I want to tell my story And I want to help people I said do you have children? She says yes, I have a ten-year-old son I Knew right then this is never gonna see the light of day, so We got off the air, and I said to the lady. We are not going to air that show and She said why? My producer said why? She knew she was being filmed She knew what she was saying. She knows what you I said because her son will never get over it Her son will never get over it and it’s not worth a rating point to me Not worth the rating point to me to know that there’s a ten-year-old boy Who’s destroyed because his mother went on The Oprah Winfrey Show and told all her business? You do the right thing even When other people think it may not be and oftentimes when you make a decision to do the right thing Immediately you’re faced with doubt was that the right thing was that the right decision I don’t know was that the right thing you always know. It’s the right thing when in the end There is peace You are rewarded by peace and knowing that you did the right thing The most important thing I have come to know in doing the right thing and making the right choices is Understanding What we talked about yesterday All of you leaving here have the potential for enormous success There’s a price that comes with that People don’t always like you and they’re not always happy for you and if you surround yourself with people Who are not accustom to your success? They become fearful they become scared Because you are reflecting back something to them, but they don’t recognize now. They’re not going to say You know I’m very fearful Because you’re reflecting back to me Something I don’t recognize They’re going to say you know what they’re gonna say they’re gonna say who she thinks she is Who’s she thinks she is that only happens when you are around people who do not mean and Want and aspire to the best for you? People who want the best for you want you to be your best So my greatest advice to you is to surround yourself with People who are going to fill your cup until your cup runneth over So when people say you’re so full of yourself you can say yeah Yes, I’m full I’m so full my cup runneth over and To know that once your cup runneth over you cannot spend your life with your Gallon-sized offerings Offering them to pint-sized people You have got to surround yourself with gallon-sized people Who can hang in the same company with you? So that you’re not offering your Gallants to those little pipes out there Who can’t hold it anyway? Choice to change the world I love that song I Love hearing you all sing that song and what I know for sure is that the biggest choices? Begin and end with you your internal big questions Who do I want to be in the world my relationship to Source Energy? To all that is God. I’m not talking about what you believe in God. I’m talking about your Experience of that which is all life, which is divine and universal. I’m talking about the big deal Being connected and aligned with that when you are Tuned in and charged into that whenever you feel empty you go inside yourself And you connect to the source and you know that all things are possible To know that and to choose to do the right thing in service and significance I promise you You will create a vessel of service For yourself first because you have to honor yourself first you have to give to yourself first, otherwise you have nothing to give away You will create a vessel for yourself for your family Your community and the world and those three things Will not only lead you to a blessed life I Stand as a witness my life is so blessed. I can’t even take it in sometimes It will lead you not just to a gifted life and a rewarding life that fills you up But a sweet life That’s what you want You want the sweetness you? Want it to be so sweet? so that even when the storms come and they will You’ll know this too shall pass This too shall pass the storm is passing over and You shall not be moved Because you know who you are When you can do that Grace will follow you grace and glory and when they see you coming it ought to make them proud They say it’s the click of your heels. It’s the bend of your hair It’s the palm of your hand. It’s a need for your care. Coz’ you a woman you a Spelman woman Phenomenally phenomenal class of 2012, Thank you.

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  2. Well I hear Oprah saying she is a spiritual being I hope that she has learned through all out her life that the only way to get to the father is through the son Jesus Christ because I know on one of her shows and she said that was not the only way when in fact it is the only way

  3. Made her billions for not being able to shut her mouth. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jobs, JK Rowlings, on the other hand, had brains.

  4. 1. Know who you are
    2. Service + significance = success
    3. Always do the rights thing and the excellent thing creates the brand because when you are excel you are unforgettable

    Thank you #OprahWinfrey #OWN #MotivationMadness

  5. I am a singer and I want to show my world to the people. That's why I started my YouTube channel. I am really grateful for the listeners! I wish a beautiful day to you all! ?

  6. Grande mulher, me inspirou muito está mulher, me fez ter uma visão para minha vida. Rapper G Marce MC

  7. I love it this speech. I enjoy it, she inspired me to learn more by more English withs kind of message thk You Oprah

  8. Someone just told me to go back to the kitchen today and idk how to feel. I wanna skateboard but it’s a community made mostly out of men. I’m intimidated and unsure if I should just quit. His comment, “so go back to the kitchen” made me… feel things ngl.

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  10. Dear Oprah Winfrey !! Are you pretender ?Don't fake that you didn't see !!
    I'm the Ghostwriter of many African American artists, ,It's the original song of Happy :
    published it on 2011, And HAPPY is published in 2013 .. They just plagiarized my songs , and never pay me any money , 
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    They always say "Black lives matter !!" 
    But now they wanna murder their ghostwriter "Me" !! Just because of they don't wanna pay any little royalty to me ! Who is liar ?
    Dear Oprah Winfrey,could you say something in public ??

  11. So just me who is amazed as the shining skin of all the ladies this video showed. I mean brown is beautiful ❤️

  12. Of course this video was interrupted by Trump Nazi traitors trying to say Mueller report exonerated Trump at al, and it's a lie, that Obama was involved, more Nazi lies! That there is any truth other than a Nazi Russian sympathizer is in the white house. I warn you Nazi republicans sellouts, your headed down a road that will end your futures and the futures of your children with these Nazi lies, pathological lying, misrepresenting anything! But your hate and greed is going to take you were your worst nightmares are experienced

  13. Oprah, you have been helping me since I was 21. I am now 53 and you continue to do so. I came to the decision to go back to school to complete accounting. My dream since 21 when I started school for accounting was to become a CPA. Over the years school had always been a stop and go, stop and go. As a result quite some credits have accrued. I'm enrolled for the fall semester. This time around, it is no stopping. My plan is to have my bachelors in 3 years then thereafter go straight for the masters. With God's help and yours I have the confidence to do it. Your wealth is good wealth, not bad. From the bottom of my heart I'd like to thank you. I love you , I love you, thank you.

  14. Very few people know why they are born, what's the purpose of being on earth, she is one of them, it reflects in her words.

  15. She is one of my inspirational people. And what I learnt from her is: whatever your dream is, keep trying and have the courage to never give up, you'll surely fulfil them

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  17. Como pode uma mulher como Oprah me fazer chorar?
    E olha que não é fácil retirar lágrimas de mim…Mas o final me emocionou quando ela disse "Você quer doçura em sua vida…" me senti abraçada por essas palavras, parecia o próprio Deus falando comigo, obrigada Oprah ❤

  18. THAT'S right!!!!! My first memory is of my father sternly saying "Damnit, kid, I taught you right from wrong!" (Guess I'd just done something wrong, LOL!) I HAVE SPENT MY LIFE DOING MY BEST TO FOLLOW THAT GUIDELINE.

  19. Guys i want you to check on my speech and please let me know by commenting how good or bad i was on my first time speech. please

  20. Years ago i spoke that You come and speak to the troops in Iraq…They laughed…Fast forward it took me 40 years to get 20 good years for Army retirement…Explemary service even in death I was requested to be with the solider not in War time but in Cilivan life. She encouraged me in spite of others…I belong to GOD at human service…#I spoke, I dreamed…See You soon…Sincerely

  21. Question: "What is the 'church of Oprah'? Is Eckhart Tolle's 'New Earth' compatible with Christianity?"

    Answer: Oprah Winfrey is arguably one of the most influential women in the world. With a daily viewership that has peaked around 10 million, The Oprah Winfrey Show definitely has the potential to impact the lives of many people. The Oprah Winfrey Show definitely promotes much that is good. However, there is another side of Oprah that has only recently become an integral part of her show—and that is her rejection of biblical Christianity. Oprah has made statements on her show in the past that have given a small glimpse into her personal spiritual beliefs, speaking mostly about her belief that there are many ways, millions even, for a person to "get to what some call God."

    This more recent exposure of her beliefs revolves around the book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, which she helped to make a best-seller by promoting it on Oprah's Book Club and on her website. Beyond simply promoting the book, Oprah has partnered with Tolle in presenting weekly online webcast classes in order to explore the ideas and principles expressed in A New Earth.

    Some have gone as far as labeling Oprah a cult leader—and with good reason. She is a figurehead for the promotion and propagation of anti-biblical beliefs which deny every foundational truth of historical Christianity. Her webcasts have attracted hundreds of thousands of participants with the promise of gaining new perspectives on how to live a life of enrichment, peace, newfound self-worth, and spiritual freedom.

    Eckhart Tolle, a well-known New Age author and speaker, promotes nothing short of personal divinity in his teachings. In an attempt to deceive people into thinking that his religion is compatible with Christianity, Tolle occasionally quotes from the Bible and refers to biblical principles. The problem is that Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth, is in complete opposition to biblical Christianity from cover to cover. Nearly every reference to, or quote of, Scripture is twisted by Tolle's consistent misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

    Consider what can be found in just the pages of the first chapter: evolution of life over millions of years is accepted, assumed, and understood to be fact; Jesus is misquoted; flowers, crystals, precious stones, and birds are believed to be temporary manifestations of the Universal Consciousness and are themselves considered enlightened life forms; the definition of sin is misinterpreted; Jesus Christ is thought of as just one of those rare people who, like the Buddha, achieved divine consciousness; other religions, such as Buddhism, are considered just as valid and true as Christianity; an early Christian cult, Gnosticism, is portrayed as one of the few groups who actually understood the teachings of Jesus; original sin was simply a forgetting of the connectedness and oneness with the Source, along with everything else connected with the Source—a delusion of separateness; heaven is portrayed as merely an "inner realm of consciousness."

    These teachings are found in just the first chapter. Obviously, Eckhart Tolle is promoting a new religion, one which combines the most mystical aspects of every major religion. The first chapter, of course, sets the tone and direction for the rest of the book. This direction happens to be as far from biblical truth as is possible. If you are concerned at all with whether or not this book is compatible with the Christian faith, you need not read any further than the first chapter to understand what Tolle believes and what Oprah is encouraging others to believe.

    Tolle ends the book writing about the new heaven and new earth spoken of in Revelation 21. He states near the end of chapter 10:

    The only existence the future actually has is as a thought form in your mind, so when you look to the future for salvation, you are unconsciously looking to your own mind for salvation. You are trapped in form, and that is ego. “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth,” writes the biblical prophet. [T]he foundation for a new earth is a new heaven – the awakened consciousness. The earth – external reality – is only its outer reflection. The arising of a new heaven and by implication a new earth are not future events that are going to make us free. Nothing is going to make us free because only the present moment can make us free. That realization is the awakening. Awakening as a future event has no meaning because awakening is the realization of Presence. So the new heaven, the awakened consciousness, is not a future state to be achieved. A new heaven and a new earth are arising within you at this moment, and if they are not arising at this moment, they are no more than a thought in your head and therefore not arising at all. What did Jesus tell his disciples? “Heaven is right here in the midst of you.”

    In line with chapter 1, chapter 10 places the final stamp of approval on a belief system completely void of biblical truth. Salvation is presented as a state of being, achieved through one's own power; heaven is referred to as simply a state of consciousness; and Jesus Christ is relegated to a spiritual master who taught that one only needs look within oneself to find spiritual release. Scripture is used only out of context and presented as obscurely as possible.

    There is no room for Jesus Christ, the God-Man, or His teachings in Oprah and Tolle's belief system. In fact, Oprah and Tolle propose that all people free their minds from a belief in Christ. Truly, deception is the only thing that Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey offer. They, and those that follow their teachings, have fallen for Satan’s original lie, “you will be like God” (Genesis 3:5).

  22. I've rewatched Oprah's videos over and over again for so many years now. Years ago I always thought, she's so crazy, and I had no understanding of what she was trying to share. I always felt that she was waffling around with her words. As I grew older, and older and older (I'm 31 now). Her words really start to unravel and bits of her message begins to hit closer to home and the heart. She's sharing a powerful message about living from within our hearts then living that outwards. Quite profound. If only this message would have hit close to home earlier.

  23. I just want to hear Oprah speak truths. wish there was no background music, it repeats in a way that indicates the next note will go higher or climax and it doesn't shift, so it's annoying. It is so not needed. Oprah is ENOUGH!

  24. Absolutely loved this. Greatness comes by the service of others. We feel so blessed to have been able to solely focus on serving others traveling the world these last 2 years. Serve others by serving your children first so they can also in turn lead a life of greatness serving others. ?

  25. I love Oprah and I don't mean any disrespect but I completely disagree with having a destination because if you have any expectation you are going to be disappointed
    I know this from my life experience
    I can also tell you that there's so much wonder and treasure navigating the world through your intuition
    you don't get directions except step by step
    you're on a need to know basis.
    You can chase the butterfly that doesn't mean you can catch it
    even when you do
    it won't end up well
    you'll either harm it or it will escape you
    we have to remember
    not everybody has that type of calling and
    overachieving is definitely not for everyone
    If it was it wouldn't be "special"
    not everybody is looking for fame or fortune
    those who are still looking for fortune might not want the fame
    I don't really think
    great things come from fame
    either you have to sacrifice your privacy
    Or you have enormous pressures due to new responsibilities
    when you have that type of quote-unquote, power
    so you better always be your best.
    Because everything is a test
    your true character is who you are when no one is watching
    The trouble is you're watching and you're your own witness and the witness of God

    I do agree with the service part of this
    I've been in service for a long time
    So long as it is balanced
    We're not just here to serve others we are here with Dominion over ourselves
    Yet we relinquished that the majority of the time
    Produce you think about Genesis and consumption of animals which are beings
    Family and soul counterpart to the humans the plant kingdom
    To all life
    Because we are one

    After a huge trauma
    After a few additional
    kicks and sucker punches
    Nearly 3 years ago
    I have lived in my 2015 Toyota Corolla
    I'm not looking for sympathy
    It was part of my journey
    Definitely not the same destination/destiny
    As you

    I know that you enjoy learning and that's very analytical and articulate
    Very left brained
    This was initiated from your childhood because you valued it greatly
    Because it wasn't afford it to you and it should have been
    If it had your passions and your purpose would not have been
    I went through a period where I had to know that I was all of those things and have them stripped away
    As if I have been blindfolded
    Therefore I can rely on only one book and that is the book of Life
    The book that I'm still writing and that was written for me

    What I've learned
    Is that home is where the heart is
    And I do not intend to be cliche
    I fully embody that truth
    every single moment,
    every breath

    I jet on a whim
    I do not plan my day I answer every call from spirit
    When I arrive I'm never disappointed
    so long as it is balanced and I serve myself as well with integrity with respect with kindness compassion and most of all with great love the unselfish divine love that I am is not just for all it is also for myself because I am included in everything that's what I've learned.
    I cannot spend my life living a lie.
    I cannot spend my life chasing
    mechanical butterflies
    there's no magic in that
    but if I take a "wrong" turn
    I prefer unexpected turn
    I find that there's always something there
    something just for me something special
    that brightens my day
    it sparks my imagination
    to do and be
    than the moments before.
    Imagine how many beautiful experiences, interactions with wonder
    I would have missed
    had I followed direction
    that was outside of my intuition
    chasing things may not have fulfilled me
    it may have been a detour of me trying to succeed
    Maybe be because I felt inadequate maybe because I felt that I was lacking
    maybe because I felt I Had to struggle to survive
    I felt like I was lacking
    At some point in my life maybe several
    I felt that way
    looking back
    I reall.eyes
    I should have just breathed
    believed in the magic
    followed the yellow brick road
    It does us great service to remember
    all that glisters
    is not gold.
    If you are quiet
    if you are still
    you can hear that guidance coming from within
    that is the only voice that matters

    And pint/plant size beings
    are pretty amazing
    great things come in small packages
    let's not forget
    God loves all creatures
    both great and small

    ♥️????? ?

  26. Learning to love myself, got pulled over by CHP, I cried so hard today. I followed all his instructions, i was scared, and he tried to turn it bad. But i did everything he told me to do, i cried so hard, i did not want him to see me crying, so i tried to wipe my face really fast before he saw me. Bu yhat time my eyes were blood shot red, he gave me a warni g i did not get a ticket. I hate driving.

  27. 4.00
    Martin Luther King said that not everybody can be famous,but everybody can be great because greatness is determined by service

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