Orchard Supply Hardware CLOSED!

purchases all hardware and Beaverton
Oregon today’s the last day closing my son Matt works here which is very poor
and what’s good for me is I started what we forego to many many many years ago
did a lot of things for orchard including Iran they’re fixed workshop
all by myself had a huge shop in San Jose started with work – yep that’s
crazy today it’s really crazy yeah this has been a great store for all of us
it’s a the people are just really awesome
learned a lot of about hardware and plumbing and electrical they didn’t
think I would ever know and that’s just sexist or go it’s a great company and
here in an experience from my dad and thoughts about you know past work and
everything is just kind of kind of sad to see everything kind of come to a halt
oh go go over to Lowe’s and find a new job and finish school and get a
professional job so things are progressing in today it’s the last day
that Orchard Supply here in Portland Oregon’s gonna be open I have to say
we’re gonna probably get these pictures and hang them up at the barn and it’ll
be of our memory of being here at Orchard Supply I think which is why that
Matt’s at work death David worked at Orchard Supply and in Santa Cruz
I joined Capitola and George it’s been around since 1932 1931 and all the
stores are closing Matthew stores closing it as of today kind of a sad day
I just have fond memories or two supply and like Matt said I learned so many
things different sections of Orchard Supply and
talking to different people with different skills just thoroughly enjoyed
my time with her to supply it’s just it’s sad I started applying and I gave
her a hard time and I it is kind of cool that math work all
the same company I work

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  1. Well it was owned by failed company Sears and then bought out of bankruptcy by Lowes who is not going to stand for any more competition. I am a firm believer that Lowes is owned by the same parent company as Home Depot. We need to break up the monopolies. Corporations are ruling the world and the poor consumers pay through the nose for it.

  2. Had no idea you guys were from the San Jose area. We lived and worked in the South Bay for decades and OSH was my favorite place to go for tools, odds and ends and assorted hardware over Lowes or Home Depot. After our move to the PNW, was glad to see a few OSH stores in the Portland area but too painful(Portland traffic!!) to get to from Clark County for odds and ends.Was shocked when our daughter sent us a text from the Bay Area announcing the whole chain was closing. I remember when Sears took the chain over and then sold them to Lowe's and they started rebuilding all the stores and opening new ones too. One brand new one near our daughter hand only been open at the most three years…..sad indeed.

  3. I understand the sadness, I never worked at the local store but sure shopped there a lot, it was the place that had everything even the things you didn't know you needed,,lol There are very few of those great stores around anymore.

  4. This is sad. We don't have an orchard supply in Reno, but my family and I used to always shop at the Orchard supply where I grew up in Fremont, CA down in the bay area. I did just find out we have a new Tractor Supply Company store that just opened up in Sparks, NV. Look forward to getting up there to explore that store! They have some cool stuff.

  5. How many remember when OSH gave out their Railroad themed Calendars every December? You had to be fast to get one of those!! I think those stopped when Sears took over…if not then certainly when Lowe's did.

  6. Sad they are closing. What great life lessons must have been learned while working there. Glad you we able to go and get the nice pics for the barn.

  7. Loved the one on Cottle Rd in San Jose. Miss the Train Calendars at Xmas. They started going down hill after sears bought them. Always had good help with knowledge and the same people for years at the store.

  8. So many places and experiences are irreplaceable. My father in law was a pharmacist and proprietor of one of those old fashion drug stores that sold gifts, fabric, etc. Even had a soda fountain. It was a hot spot in it's hay day. They delivered meds to seniors. Christmas it was the place to buy gifts, toys and trinkets. There was something special about those places. A different time.

  9. Sears dumped the debt on their books onto orchard supply when they owned them, at the time osh was a successful company and due to the horrible horrible management by sears even sears has now almost shuttered. Lowes gave it a shot but even they have had some financial issues compared to the home depot. In the end, you can thank sears for destroying OSH. They weren't always the 'best deal' but they had products you can't find in the big box stores.

  10. Aside from the elderly cashiers taking FOREVER to checkout my purchases, I always prefered OSH over everywhere else. Seemed to fit for someone who was a home owner rather than a trademan like Home Depot is.

    Last purchase I made from them was a SUREFIRE TITAN I found hidden behind a large Maglite on clearance sale in the final days. I have it everyday hanging on the keyring in my Camelbak in case the lights ever go out at the hospital where I work NOC shift.

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