2 warehouses music: I speak metal because I have gold i have silver, i have bronze I have what you love I speak metal, I have gold i have silver, i have bronze I have what you love magnet fishing, that is of course our greatest pride and passion that is why we are here today we are going magnet fishing and it was quite a success after a long time The problem is that everyone in the beginning does its best but then it always collapses so I made up a challenge who finds the least today and I mean the least important or valuable he must eat cat food and now they want to, Marc is already in a suit and that normally takes an hour he is already ready I think this keeps the motivation high so that we do not immediately stop if 1 person finds something nice he is in heat the challenge, what should I say about that it started when i went to the supermarket to buy brian fruit suddenly I see cat food he says, shall we take that to motivate everyone? and then the loser must eat it the bowl of cat food take a bite I had come up with a challenge it was not normal I was immediately against the idea, but you know Brian He doesn’t care and buy a bowl of food cat pate I get sick when I talk about it mark take your hands away no don’t that’s impossible apologies but i like nick and brian mark just finds it exciting it’s because of that pate, that makes me horny this man is so sick in his head he is able to rock with that pate and then he has an STD again do you know the movie american pie? so much has happened here, this entire home was full of Germans there was a V1 position at the back of this forest it will be completely full, it was a stronghold of the Germans so we will find something today anyway I hope so, man a man has been living here for a long time and this man just told us that they have dredged for the bombs but he also told that German helmets were found here at the time you can’t bet on that music: I throw a rope in the water with a magnet around it I hope for diamond rings, or a nuclear bomb I catch a can, a can, a bottle and a safe Call the police, come and have a look the grenades are outside on the sidewalk that shit is all sharp call the EOD call the GGD everything goes wrong, we go viral with this one there you have mark, and mark has something what do you have mark? this is a find by brian it was deep in the blubber as long as it throws right, everything will go deep into the blubber an old zundapp or something? yes it seems that way, there is a kickstart on it kreidler or zundapp block? no this is neither a thomos sometimes had that a good piece of swimming man a thomos had such blocks too if you know it put it in the comments look brian just found this knife with cartels and it is very beautiful, used by divers sharp look once you see the cartels on it this is just broken what will have happened? I think the diver did the same as in the movie Amsterdam then there was a diver in the canals of Amsterdam and he was going to kill everyone that movie is called Amsterdam who are you really? you can introduce yourself because not everyone knows you because normally you are always behind the camera yes normally this time you are in the picture I have the most thankless profession there is guys it’s super hot today and I just want to say that box we found at the castle along with thomas, that turned out for the V1 no to be a V2 rocket it was a switch box it was used to adjust the engine of the V2 rocket so really a special find and thomas donated it at the war museum in overloon He also made a video of it if you want to watch it it was really a very special find presumably there is only 1 in the whole world that is what makes it so special I’ll just go and see again what the boys are doing I am completely sweaty in this suit nice to hear that summer it was just not summer oh that’s an old one this is an old scoop what? yes a scoop a very old one you have to film this nick comes from the other side nick can’t swim watch him frolic nick you really can’t swim? watch him go how do they do that? you have to go up with your fingers I used to be dismissed from swimming lessons I always secretly went to the girls’ dressing room what did you find? well beautiful we cannot count this but this one is really cool a tree saw no this is a very large iron saw no this is for trees that leaf is really thick, it used to cost a bit everything used to be better yet it is old stuff I’m still 10 minutes up, so I’m probably going back do it because you are behind nick This is very old stuff, isn’t it, Jim? do you think it’s from the war? Yes for sure I have never seen such a thick blade on a tree saw that is because the trees used to be thicker but what kind of thing is this? something of art maybe? this is a nick promotion that hopes for points Nick hoped that this used to be at H * tler’s office and there could then be candles but you can see it is old these are those that are no longer for sale after all, brian had it recently in Haarlem? but then he only had the magazine then we thought it was a shovel for a pizza maker it’s old stuff anyway with the wooden handle still on it Bart has also found something beautiful because nick doesn’t like cats pate so I just picked up a pack of chunks for him junior sensation cat, cat, cat, cat we put the pate away and now have special chunks for you do you want it with water or with milk? bullets they have been there for a while I don’t know what this is, but I want to show it to you they just threw them out of the house then we are now in the right place, if there are clips there must be more to be found indeed, they will not throw away 1 single clip bullets in the clip and this is a big drill this is also from before the war I think so, but I really wouldn’t know you have to put this piece against your chest and then you could drill deep look grainy powder comes out then we are finally in the right place make sure nobody sees it I think they are not magnetic, but then I just drop them no dude then you just have to get them wet and then call look here put some mud on it and then nobody sees it then I say that they walk past all the beautiful stuff talked about cheating more people are responsible for that than I am alone yes I had the sleeves from an old episode the episode where we find 1011 sleeves I still had a few in the car and then nothing came suddenly look I have found shells I do not believe that I went to the side to eat a piece of watermelon and then I discussed with Bart the cameraman that it might be nice to take a few sleeves with you I’m not used to it from him he always says he likes things but most of the time he only finds waste then he can make a nice story about it I told them that they were made of brass and that Brian would see that immediately no it doesn’t matter says bart just put mud on it then I do that brian say immediately in a second that it is fake he immediately understood sleeves Yes? fake! he sees it immediately, the joke failed bart how does he see that immediately? I told you it is made of brass they are not magnetic, a pity for you maybe even faster before I got them out of the water, brian realized it yes they come straight from the water then I immediately see that it is not magnetic I put them in the car myself this afternoon john what are we eating today? how are we going to tackle this? john what are we eating today? how are we going to tackle this? I’ll put it in this container just slaughter the melon the melon just bursts with cold watch nick was so sweet to bring melon because at these temperatures you have to think about your moisture drink good water or eat watermelon but I was already on my way so I didn’t have a knife to prepare it but I still had this in my car this plastic blunt knife so I had to scoop it out There’s something wrong you prepare the melon for everyone and you will eat a banana yourself i don’t like melon then I’ll take it with me you can’t win from brian with food if something comes off the whim it is already in his mouth before you have been able to take the first bite and what does that look like? is it on it nice jump 15 points nick what are you doing look it belongs in such a large clip flak he was shot by the way 2 stengun warehouses look give the magnet you just film that way do not throw on the stones then it breaks Just ask Jim how hard I just threw it at the wall yes f * cking hard most people don’t know this but we live below sea level and these signs indicate how many meters our level is much higher anyway than yours f * cking cool man, now we have to continue then we might find that stengun but did nick find this? yes nick had found them Jim throws and I saw them so actually, I also beat nick they were on jim’s magnet she dropped it, but it is still Jim’s find we found this today 2 beautiful clips of a stengun presumably from the resistance their couriers came by bike quite often here and when there was German control, they threw their things off the bridge and 1 German anti-aircraft gun sleeve 2 cm flak we certainly found nice things we ended the entire bank in the beginning and there we found a lot of old stuff mark found a clip and a bullet it was very promising but we couldn’t get any further until jim stood on the bridge where we parked all day with the cars just threw the magnet in the water and with that find a flak sleeve and find 2 clips of a stengun I think that reason is worth the search who has actually lost? we must have an objective referee john come and have a look he does not choose a party then it will be my fault it was your idea i think you should choose but I look at him Who? now turn your camera around then you see a very pathetic boy but where is the pate then? he lies with his thumb in his mouth boys I felt pretty defeated I could not keep up with the pace of the boys in the sprint I tried to switch on the climb went well, but I had to drop out at the highest point the acidification started to take effect and the boys still had fresh energy unfortunately lost the stage, but the tour is still in there John wanted Nick to eat he talked about it all day nick doesn’t like anything but he had wonderful finds but nothing was good enough really nothing was good enough take a pinch you must eat mark no that is too big man ok a little less than this then? you make it bigger and bigger no you are fake, he is lying on the floor no nick has to puke I see you throwing it away dirty person that you are, with your cool talk he has not eaten anything, he has a big mouth but throws everything on the floor the cats even have to puke I can’t stand the jelly on it and he just had a big mouth, I easily eat the tub empty I’ll do it then no you are not good no don’t do it don’t do it it’s just liver pate I ate it men and I still had the best finds but that was actually it this was not a fake man, it tasted so dirty I did this for you friend I was the person who had lost today, I had the worst finds and the kids on the boat also thought I should eat and they don’t even know who I am, but nick is an easy name sick right? but I had to eat it myself so it didn’t make sense ultimately brian saved me, because he ate I am the person who had to puke I almost had to puke but he went completely I saw him standing behind the tree, whole strings were coming down I’m just going to see if it’s there I went super fast, I can’t stand that I can puke with only dirty thoughts look, he really puked go away! it becomes completely white come on nick take 1 bite nick 1 bite I can tell you 1 thing this was really dirty fuck with that shit he is completely sad now look he is really completely white bananas are the tastiest thing you can eat in the world just do it normally it was really f * cking nasty get away with the camera


  1. Ik heb ook een voedselvergiftiging gehad van vlees, week geleden. Het is geen kattenpis dat kan ik je wel zeggen.. Met dat warme weer vlees en schaaldieren beter niet eten is mijn ondervonden conclusie lol.

  2. Leuk dat jullie een keer iets anders proberen met die tussenstukjes waarin jullie praten. Maar ik heb ze er liever tussen uit ik weet niet of er meer mensen met dezelfde mening zijn.

  3. wen you are spanish and you can't undesrstand nothing!!! :c

    im really sad because i really like this chanel but i dont know what they are saying :v

  4. 3 min 50 die moet ik echt hebben is wss een tomos l4 of een puch mv/vs/ds zoveel modellen van puch hadden ze kan ik die ophalen jongens?

  5. ja video is mooi geedit daarom , alleen het format past niet echt, als of het een docu is. weinig mag-vissen gezien vooral veel gelul van de mannen πŸ˜€

  6. Hoe komen jullie aan jullie kennis betreft determinatie van vondsten? Is iemand van jullie werkzaam bij een OCE-bedrijf?

  7. Ik wist dat ze gek waren maar dit slaat echt alles πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ hilarisch dit ( hebben jullie nou al die metalen stoffer en blik want je kan me nog steeds opvegen )

  8. Gruwelijk vette magneetvis vlog WatchDutchMD en….de kattenvoer challenge πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

  9. Bij in Deventer is een mooi blek om magneetvissen en om brikstok te gebruiken en ook met de metaaldetector daar is blek waar de Engelse bome af hebben af ge vuurd en ik hebbe zel daar 10 hulsen ge vonden misschien wat voor jullie watch Dutch

  10. Jullie hebben magneetvissen populair gemaakt echt top ga door met zulke video's ps vond het wel zielig voor nick

  11. Muziekfragment op 7:51 is de intro van het Youtubekanaal genaamd Mark Felton. Zeker de moeite waard als je van de geschiedenis houd van al de mooie vondsten van de jongens van WatchDutchMD . Ga zo door jongens. Kijk met veel plezier naar jullie video's!

  12. wat een leuke video weer mannen, en kattenvoer dat is afval vlees die word vermalen tot patΓ© of ander vlees voor die katten πŸ€£πŸ˜‚, maar heb wel zitten lachen hier tof weer. en veel succes voor de volgende locatie waar jullie heen zouden gaan.

  13. wat er gezegt is op 5:16 dat er maar 1 is in de wereld klopt denk ik niet want wat doet dat kistje dan daar als de lanssering in De koepel van Helfaut-Wizernes in frankrijk gebeurde dan zou daar dus geen liggen messhien eens tof om daar naartoe te gaan voor een video ik ben er zelf al eens geweest is de moeite

  14. 10:56 je hebt ook ook stalen hulzen met een laagje koper van wo2, je kan dus wel degelijk magnetische hulzen zonder roest vinden.

  15. Hahaha Nick je had ook verder op bij de Leidsevaart moeten gaan prikken ( spoor gaat daar over de weg ) volgende keer rauwe makreel

  16. HahahaπŸ˜ΉπŸ˜Ήβ€De katten moeten er ook altijd van kotsen β€œ….πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‚ GL and HH Mannen.πŸ™πŸΌπŸ€β€οΈπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

  17. 8:53 doe mij een paar van die WatchDutch hulsjes haha Wist dat jullie gek waren, Maar dit is toch wel gekker dan gek hoor =p Ineens straatkatten geworden? hahhaa

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