Owner Interview: Green Bay Packers Championship Group, ca. 1965

APPRAISER: At auction, combined, this would
bring $75,000 to $100,000. GUEST 1: Really. Wow. APPRAISER: We think an insurance value is
between $150,000 to $200,000. GUEST 1: Well that’s fantastic. APPRAISER: You know, when this came in, we
were thrilled. I lit up. GUEST 1 & 2: (laugh) APPRAISER: And you’re still Packers fans,
right? GUEST 1 & 2: Absolutely (laughs.) GUEST 2: My dad’s career was a huge part of
our growing up, so this just always has kind of been a part of the family. GUEST 1: Yeah. GUEST 2: One of the unique things about the
Packers back then is a lot of the Packers all lived on the same street, or in the same
neighborhood. Like, Dave Hanner lived across the street,
Jerry Kramer and his family lived kitty corner to us, so it was, um, it was just, it was
really just a fun time. We spent Thanksgivings together. Lombardi would, uh, have these huge events. GUEST 1: We didn’t know that it was any different. We had no idea he was a public figure. We thought it was normal to have people come
up to your dad and ask for autographs because all of our friends were other Packer kids. It was not unusual, anytime we would go out
to eat, there’d be fans there and my dad would stand there and hand out the ring, and it
would go across the whole room and people would try it on and it would always end up
coming back to him. GUEST 2: By the end of the meal, it was back
on his finger. (laughs) GUEST 2: He would always say you can’t be
mentally fit if you’re not physically fit. So, he loved to work out. He actually would lose a lot of weight in
the off-season ’cause he played squash and ran a lot and would would have to beef back
up when it came time to play football. GUEST 2: One of the things I do remember is
getting in trouble because he would come home between two-a-days and take a nap. And he would be asleep and we’d paint his
toenails and we put the socks back on after the nails were painted and, you know, he went
to football and then, time to shower, with all the other fellows, oh, he’s got some pretty
little nail polish on his toenails! He was just our dad. GUEST 1: Yeah.

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  1. Very Cool to watch this video…..I have been a Green Bay Packer Fan for over 50 years and it all started with their first Super Bowl victory!! I stared to reseach the players, the coaches, the organization and it just snow-balled and I STILL cannot get enough of The Green & Gold! My highlight was running into The Golden Boy Paul Hornung at LAX airport and being able to introduce my retired USAF pilot Dad to #5 himself. They proceeded to chat for about 15 minutes while pretty much brushing me to the side but I managed to get Mr. Hornung's autograph on my airline ticket! Antiques Roadshow Rules!! Cheers Everyone

  2. Unbelievable awesomeness! I had a sweet romance in 1973 with a local Oconomowoc girl and she was Henry Jordan's neighbor who baby sat for these two girls. I met Mr Jordan one time and shook his hand. His house shared a backyard border with Lu-Ann's house and it was festooned with shoes, helmets and footballs. His hand was the size of a catcher's mitt and it is possible I touched one of those rings. But I was just there to make out with the girl. I had priorities you know.

  3. My mother was Henry's cousin and has told of us his wit. She was excited to hear that you two were on the show – and then shared a few stories with us of when they were in high school. Sounds like he was a great guy.

  4. Years ago, shortly after getting out of the army in 1969 I went to a police banquet where Henry Jordan spoke.  He actually passed his super bowl ring around and I got to hold it for awhile.  I was not into sports at the time so I only remember the ring.  It was big and impressive.

  5. I'm a lifelong student of pro football history, especially the 1950s through 1970s. I especially like finding underrated players (and it's possible, I would suggest, even to view some Hall of Famers in that light), in terms of players who were near-perfect at their position, from a purist's point of view, and who also were exciting and fun to watch.

    And excellent play from certain positions fascinates me more than other positions.

    All of this leads up to me saying, even before I watched this video, from watching a fair amount of Lombardi Packer era footage, I had finally concluded that the most admirable, from a purist perspective, plus, for me, most exciting and fun to watch, of all Lombardi's defensive players, was Henry Jordan.

    Whether it be the play of Henry Jordan, or that of people I would say are extremely close to his perfection, from a purist standpoint and fun to watch, but maybe don't absolutely match him, specifically, the Vikings' Alan Page, Gary Larsen, and Doug Sutherland, and the Cowboys' Bob LIlly, there's something about seeing great play from the defensive tackle position that especially delights me, and I think should delight all football fans who take a purist's interest in the game.

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