Pair of Limoges Figural Vases, ca. 1860 | Web Appraisal | Boise

GUEST: I was looking for two large pieces
for my fireplace mantle. I walked in a home of some antique dealers
and these just took my breath away. I bought them for their visual appeal, I looked
for marks and I couldn’t find anything. APPRAISER: Well they won’t be marked. In fact it’s a very white porcelain that very
traditionally comes out of France in the second half of the 19th century. It used to be called Old Paris porcelain before
they knew a lot more about it and now with a lot of good reference books they are now
called Limoges porcelain. They come out of the Limoges district in France
where there are a number of good porcelain manufacturers. We can’t say for sure who made them, but always
of a very high standard. You have the combination of the porcelain
being in a biscuit glaze, which is a very matte glaze, almost an unglazed piece as compared
to some of the high glaze, which is more up here. Beautifully hand-painted with flowers and
a variety of birds and all, and the condition is just amazing for this size and the potential
for these with all of the different feets and hands coming out that something could
have happened to them. So often you get one and that’s not the case
here. Two of them have survived, and I can imagine
them having been in a stately home or some manor back in France. Any idea of what they’re worth? GUEST: None. APPRAISER: And what did you pay for the pair? GUEST: I paid $1500 for the pair. APPRAISER: In today’s market, in a well-established
auction house, I would expect them to sell in the range of $4,000 to $6,000. GUEST: That is nice.

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  1. Beautiful Limoges hand-painted china. I love Limoges the most elegant porcelain in the world !

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