Pameran mobil Tua | Old Timer cars show| tinggal di Jerman #21

Hallo guys, welcome back to my video and.. today, right now I’m on an event for oldtimer cars so for the old cars also for motorcycle from years 40’s until 80’s, if I’m not wrong will be interesting, so stay tuned like behind me, now I’m at public transport museum Dortmund it’s for like the old train like this one this is the old train from the past will be fun and follow me so guys I came a little late today this behind me the red car, looks cool it says with two cylinders, and the maxium highspeed just 80km/h and made in 1934 so this is really old by the way, forgive my hair and mustache, because I don’t have time to cut it while watching don’t forget to subscribing too becuase if I get 10k Subscribers, I will do a Giveaway so don’t forget to Subscribe so this old cars from “Horsch” made in 1935 it’s just 200 pieces only and the Maxium highspeed 140km/h spare tire also here it’s really cool imagine if you can go with this car really cool or with this one I want to meet with the owner so I can ask them one or two questions but until now, I haven’t met the owner yet or maybe this is the car from museum? I don’t know to the next place made by DKW Model F5/cabriolet made in 1936 with two cylinders this one BMW, made in 1933/34 the maximum highspeed just 100km/h may be in the past, that’s already the fastest looks cool also old this one “VW” (I said it wrong) it costs 7530 euro in the past almost one hundred million Rupiah now it costs like 38000 Euro I don’t know how much it is in Rupiah how many billion this one Ford thunderbird red color this is from when was this made? v8 this looks nice from 1959, so made in 1959 at the back for stuff this is how it looks from the inside ok guys so I already with the owner from the Thunderbird right now I’m going to ask some questions me: for how long have you had this car? owner: I bought it eight years ago it looks like this from the beginning also the color what needs to be done, the machine must be repaired the rest it’s just like this from the beginning we bought it in Bochum langendreer from the dealer they bought it from Belgia this car was in Belgia for 2 years registered and this car from Amerika unfortunately we don’t know where in Amerika I want to know actually me: but the car works fine without a problem? owner: it has V8 maschine with 300ps actually they will not be broken if you take care of it, then it will be no problem me: thank you this car so tiny but still on I don’t know from which year but for sure so tiny it can be for four people, if they small like me and the top can be opened for the stuff ok guys, so that’s all for today thank you for following me from the start to end once again don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe this Video we meet again on my next video bye..

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