Paranormal Activity At Haunted Antiques Store! (DE # 67)

Are ghosts real? The staff of this haunted
antiques store have seen full body apparitions and heard disembodied voices on multiple occasions.
Tonight on Dead Explorer I perform a solo paranormal investigation to capture real ghosts
on video. I’m Alejandro. I search the world for paranormal activity. I am the Dead Explorer.
Right now I am by the front of the store on the second floor. One of the things that is
real obvious to notate is that there is going to be a lot of audio contamination from outside.
So we probably won’t spend too much time over here. This floor really creaks when you
step too. Good evening. My name is Alejandro. I am a visitor to this store, to this building
and I really want to know more about the people who live here or work here or spend their
time here. The people that I know, Debbie, Susie, and Katie, say there’s been other
people inside this store with them. Those are the people I want to get in communication
with tonight. There’s several different ways you can communicate with me. I have a
device in my hand with a red light. If you go up to this red light and talk to it I should
be able to record what you’re saying. To capture what you’re saying and play it back
where I can hear it. Car passing by. This is a really great way, another car, this is
going to be a hard spot, this is a good way to pass along any messages you want to pass
along to the people who work here, or to myself. People talking outside. There is a lot of
people talking outside. Another way to let me know you’re here as well is to make a
knocking sound or any kind of noise like a clap. There’s a lot noise from the outside
over here, people who aren’t in here with us, so if you want to communicate with me
or if you want me to pass a message along for you, you’re going have to speak into
the red light very loudly or find another way to capture my attention. There’ just
too much. There’s too much audio contamination over here this is not a good spot at all.
Five minute EVP session by the dressers and the mirrors. We’ll check in five minutes
for responses. My name is Alejandro. Can you tell me your name please? Do you know the
name of the people who work here? Can you say one of their names to me please? What
was this place before it became an antiques store. Two knocks. Two back where I was. Was
that you? Would you like to use knocks to talk to me tonight? That’s a really great
way to communicate with me. We can do yes or no questions. One knock means yes, two
knocks mean no. Okay? Make a knock like this. One is yes. Two is no. And if you need to
draw energy from our equipment, our batteries, to have energy to even knock one time, you
have permission to use the energy from our equipment. This is where I heard two knocks
before. If you are over here can you do it again? There’s two knocks. Very very subtle.
Okay I heard two knocks again from over here, so I feel like there is somebody over here.
Is there another thing you can do to let me know you’re here? Can you come up and touch
me? What I really would like for you to do is talk as loud as you can and tell me your
name. This is a really big building so what I’m going to is walk from this end to the
other and if you see me pass you yell stop. I’m going to start over here. When I pass
you please yell stop. Right now I’m in front of this mirror. If I am near you please yell
stop. I’m going to keep going. Right now I’m next to this autopsy table. If you want
me to stop here yell stop. Want to see the full version of this investigation? Use the link to sign up for my free newsletter and gain access to the exclusive
full episode.

17 Replies to “Paranormal Activity At Haunted Antiques Store! (DE # 67)”

  1. NEW! Real paranormal activity at a haunted antiques store! This is one of the most active hauntings I've investigated. #DeadExplorer  



  2. did anyone see the 2 lights or eyes around the time 3:23     soooooooo scawy
    tip look by the windo to the other room kinda to the right 
    and i'm really smart to wachts this in a dark room

  3. @07 46 on the left of the screen there looks to me like a figure's body and head in profile, visible from the table top upwards. They are wearing a high-collared trench coat and have a Pickwick papers character hairstyle with a whisp on curled hair at the side and have a goatie beard, a lighter colour than their black head hair or it could be a very extended chin. Thanks for another intriguing upload Alejandro

  4. another great video! Question, was that you whispering at the 49 sec mark? listen from :46-51 sec and at 49 is a whisper.

  5. Another great one sir! Never tried the Han Solo investigation, I prefer for at least one other team member, because unless you're in a real active location, I would imagine it would get boring real fast! Those of us that do this know it ain't like the TV shows! Lol👻. (Shaggy)

  6. I dont know if youll read this but I would like you to come to england in silkstone and check some places out ive seen some realy creepy stuff lately so I want to know whats happening.

  7. At 1:22 i heard something that sounded like a cow but i saw no evidence of a farm so i thought it was a car but i saw no cars passing by. Did you hear it? Check it for your self and reply what you hear and think.

  8. Look from 7:18 really closely at the left upper corner…. I don`t know, looks like there is another level or something, but you can see someone passing by. Just at the left upper corner, look really closely…

  9. I have watched this again and again. This is my hometown. I personally cannot go into that particular store. My hair stands up and I get a flushed feeling, my heart races. This was all well before this video came about. This building faces the side of the courthouse that had the "hanging" tree for the county. I strongly believe spirits live in each and every one of the downtown buildings.

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