PARFUMS VINTAGE Summer Bottled reseña de perfume nicho para hombre ¡nuevo 2019!

hello friends thanks for joining me on
a new video where we will discover a niche house perfume is from the house
Vintage Parfums, here we have it the box is a color presentation
white as you see in the name his name is Summer Bottle what it means in summer
bottled here we have it and now We comment on whether or not it relates to the
name this is practically the image that has the house, the boxes can
find in white or black depending on the perfumes, in this
occasion is blank and this is the jar of perfume, I really love it, the
emblem placed here in this part it’s fantastic,
all the perfumes of this house have this same way and below is where
we can see the name of the perfume just in case we have many of it and
It mixed us. Well let’s go with the description and we comment
This perfume is from the year 2019 exit notes are
Bergamot, cardamom, black pepper and juniper berries, their heart notes,
nutmeg, peony and gin and base notes Tonka bean absolute, and musk, fine It is a perfume of an intensity
medium-high with a duration around 8 hours and I have to say that from
just in case the niche perfumes are unisex they are both for men and for
woman but in this case for me the your notes that we have seen
how that olfactory sensation looks better in man than in woman but it’s just
a personal opinion and if any woman want to use ole for her, it’s a
perfume that has a way out extremely fresh, i would say gin
is present from the beginning in this perfume although precisely in that
start we will also meet with the bergamot that do it very
cool and then here we do notice the … that spicy note of pepper
black, quickly when a little time goes by let’s put about ten
minutes the bergamot lowers a little intensity and we can start feeling those
juniper berries, a light touch woody between those gin touches and
Bergamot, then little by little as it progresses the perfume is becoming us
a little more in a less citrus perfume and we already enter the part
a little more exotic of those spices like nutmeg and tonka bean that
we started to notice it but always the gin and gin is present in this
perfume gives it body and that’s where they join it joining those notes
maybe delicious delicious exotic from these spices and even pepper,
cardamom, tonka bean and its musk base that make it nice, fresh and
Very bearable, it really is a man’s perfume I liked it a lot when I tried
the different samples of this house this as a male perfume was one of the
that I liked the most trying this kind of perfumes I give myself
realize that the perfumes really male with that base of different
spices attract me a lot, I find them very special, attractive … really
male perfumes that I like very much they like to be taken by my partner and
enjoy them on your skin Of course, I try the perfumes both in me and in
my partner that’s why I think it’s a perfume that suits me or more to him and this one
it is certainly a masculine perfume extremely attractive that I loved,
well friends I hope you liked it Discover this perfume from the Parfums Vintage house with me, I’ll let you down between the comments of the video the
link to the page where you can discover more of this perfume, I have
understood that they ship worldwide since they send it to me from
usa to spain so we have the opportunity to discover these perfumes,
I hope you liked it a huge kiss to all and see you in the next

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  1. Hola, Isa yo,probé hace un,día el nuevo de,Channel Gabrielle, essence y en,my piel duro,muy poco 2,3 horas!!!Si,lo pruebas me gustaría,tu opinión igual que,el Joy dura poco 3 horas!!!!💋💋💋💋🌺💐🤩🌷

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