Pawn Stars: Antique Cast Iron Ice Shaver | History

COREY: What the hell is this? CUSTOMER: It’s a
cast iron ice shaver. COREY: So it makes snow cones. CUSTOMER: Yeah. Yeah. COREY: So where’d you get it? CUSTOMER: From a garage sale
COREY: Yeah. I used to go the garage sales. Now I kind of live in one here. CUSTOMER: I had a clue what
this was when I saw it, because in my country we like to
make a drink called halo halo. It’s shaved ice with
the beans and such. I haven’t used it because
it looks kind of vintage. There’s, a little
rust on the side, and I don’t want to have
to get a tetanus shot. COREY: So do you
know how old it is? CUSTOMER: I don’t, actually. I found one similar online. It was from 1943. It was made in Japan, but
it looked just like this. COREY: That would make sense. I would say it’s probably
1930s, 1940s, just the way it’s built– the cast iron. I mean, for how old it is,
man, it’s in really good shape. Pretty much, I mean, you
would throw a big block of ice in there, slam that down
onto where it would hold it. You’d spin this. That little blade
would shave the ice. And the shaved ice would come
down there, and there you go. All right. COREY: You ever hear the
term have a Coke and a smile? Yeah. It’s because
sweet, cheap things that just make people happy. So, I mean, it takes something
like this– it probably cost a penny to make it. And it was a cheap thrill
for a kid, for a parent, to be able to buy
something like that. You know, it’s the same
reason people do it today. What are you looking
to do with it, man? I want to get rid of it. Maybe can get a couple plane
tickets so I could see my son. I was actually
looking at online. There was one made in Japan
just look exactly like this. They were selling that
for like, nine, I believe. COREY: For $900?
– Yeah. COREY: OK. (SIGHS) You know,
man, I could see possibly selling this to somebody
who had like, a ’50s theme diner or something like that. I don’t see being able
to get $900 out of it. I’ll tell you what.
I’ll give you $300 bucks. CUSTOMER: Can you go $400? COREY: $300 bucks
is what I can do. CUSTOMER: What about $350. Yeah, man.
I’ll do $350. COREY: Right on.
COREY: Meet me over there. I’ll write you up.
COREY: All right. CUSTOMER: At $350, well we
kind of met in the middle. So that was OK for me. I can’t wait to buy that plane
ticket so I can see my son.

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  1. . Watched a bit of this last night. Someone selling something wanted $3000.00. They get a valuer in who said it was worth $1500.00. The offer…$400.00 That was when I decided to change stations and watch something decent.

  2. ME: hey there sir (to Rick) i am Dilun and i am here to sell my MOST RAREST CS:GO KNIFE FOR 99 DOLAR THAT I CREATED BY MYSELF

    RICK: let me call my friends local csgo expert hold on……..


  3. You can tell when they really don't want the item. A quick handshake, an even quicker point "I'll meet you over there."

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