CHUMLEE: How are you doing? Good.
How are you? I’m good.
What do you have here? Some 1920s Paris Metro train
car seats, not from Paris– Paris down the street. [LAUGHS] Pretty cool. Yeah, that’s our
Paris down the street. Yeah, [LAUGHS] I’m coming to the
pawn shop today to hopefully sell
a 1920s Paris Metro train car seat that I have. I’ve had it for
about two years now. And I love unique antiques. But we’re remodeling. And at this point,
we could probably use a little extra money. So we thought, well, maybe
somebody else would enjoy them. Well, where did you get this? I picked it up at a
little antique shop. And I originally
thought they were San Francisco trolley car seats. But then just looking at
the back enameled panel, I found out they were actually
from Paris, from the ’20s. CHUMLEE: Yeah, these do look
like they’re from the 1920s. But the Paris Metro
had been around for a long time at that point. The underground transportations
had kind of a service around 1845, when
they first started talking about building them. And then in July 1900, the
first line was created. It was known as line 1,
and it still runs today. Oh, I didn’t know that. This looks like it would
have been from the second class because there was first class
and second class up until 1991. OK. CHUMLEE: And the
first class were nice, padded comfortable seats. And these don’t
look padded to me. More comfortable. [LAUGHS] CHUMLEE: Yeah, let me see. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, I mean, they’re not bad. But if you had a long ride,
that’s kind of, like– it makes you sit– Good posture. Yeah, it makes
you sit very proper. Right. Let’s take a look
at the back over here. Yep, it has the
number II on it, which lets you know that this
was not the first class, it was second class. [LAUGHS] This is kind of the coolest
part about it, I think. I agree. It’s definitely got
some wear and tear. But it’s in pretty
good condition, overall, for as old as it is. So how much are you looking for? I like to get $2,499
for it, if I could. How about $700? That was a little lower
than I had hoped for. Any way you can go a
little bit higher on that? I could probably do $1,000. But it’s a specialized sale. And this could take a
long time to get rid of. Could you do
$1,300 by any chance? [SIGHS] How about $1,200? If you could just
do the $100 more, that would be great,
if there’s any room. CHUMLEE: You know what? I don’t see any point on
passing on it over $100. That sounds like a deal.
– Great. CHUMLEE: $1,300? Yes. Let’s write it up. TAMI: All right. I was really happy to
make the sale today. I didn’t get asking price that
I wanted for the train seats. But I really felt the $1,300
was a really fair price, and excited to have that,
and put it toward the home improvements and a trip
to see the grandkids.

100 Replies to “Pawn Stars: CHUM SEALS THE DEAL ON ANTIQUE TRAIN SEATS (Season 16) | History”

  1. Let me call my buddy he just graduated from college of seats, he know all about second class seats. And he is getting ready to do his PhD specialize in train seats. And he gained his knowledge from sitting on all Las Vegas seats.

  2. Hahahaha No way that he knew about this.he was briefed and scripted, he has to learn for one hour what the cousins of Donald Duck are called Huey, Dewey and Louie.

  3. What a pair of gutbuckets.
    There should be a campaign in the US along the lines of Just Say No.
    No, I Do Not Want Fries With That.

  4. Definitely got wear and tear. I mean come on my guy used for public transportation for longer than you both have been alive?

  5. Me: "I have a winning lotto ticket for $100,000"
    Rick: "Ykno I'm going to have to go out and waste gas just to go cash this. Best i can do is $20"

  6. Doubtful that the shop ever finds a buyer for these seats that Chum overpaid for. Let me call a buddy who's an expert on old seats that nobody wants, I'm taking all the risk buying this waste of space.

  7. Seller: I got 1920s metro seats
    Chum Lee: give me 15 min. I'll Google it out coz I need to look good talking about it in front of the camera.

  8. Chum de Slum seems to only know about a thing or two about a thing or two, so this history knowledge coming from him? ? Que the laughing track "gasp" sound.

  9. The chances of fat Chum knowing anything about French history, especially something as obscure as early 20th century French Metro history, are as about slim as he’ll never be.

  10. friigin unbueleevable unreel fidint think chcum wus capeuble uf dooing this rick alwees day no chcum too him. goodjob keep it up won sel hav too be many

  11. Whenever chum starts talking about random historical facts I always wonder how long they had to coach him before the show lol

  12. Still, nobody understands that the scenes from pawn stars are researched/negotiated before filming. What the viewers see is 2 people playing shop.

  13. Where is the part where chum is taking a nap on the seats and Rick walks in asking him WTF Did he buy them for without calling an expert?
    And again Chum proves he knows better than an expert!!

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