Pencil record player and speakers Experiment

welcome back to kids fun science my name
is Ken and today’s experiment is making a record player and a speaker as always
adult supervision is required what you need for this experiment is a pencil a
pen or needle a record tape and a park warning use vinyl records that you do
not care about as these will be ruined with this experiment I got mine at the
local library welcome to kids fun science my name is Ken and my assistant
is great all right and we’re going to make a
speaker like a phonograph right so this is a vinyl record you know the vinyl
record is it’s like a CD or mp3 you know I’ve never played music on your iPod or
your iPhone yeah it’s like that but it’s on plastic okay so in these grooves
right here there’s music and what we’re going to do is make a speaker so you can
hear those alright so we put our record here and we’re going to show you how to
make it I got to come to the self-powered experiments were the
hardest because we couldn’t keep out the right speed which either make the voice
go too quick or like album the Chipmunks or too slow okay to make a speaker we’re
going to roll it up into a cone shape so we take the paper this is just regular
paper and we’re going to roll it up so it looks like a cone like this little
hole on the bottom and we’re going to tape it there you go let’s go one more
of a top here yeah perfect so we have a cone with a hole in the
bottom see my finger another little hole now we’re going to take a needle and
we’re going to show the needle there it is and we’re going to tape it right here
on the on the paper to come around you’re crazy there all right they’re good time with the pencil
turntable it started to wobble and we couldn’t keep up the right speed so
therefore not getting into really clear music set up for the pencil turntable is
just taking a pencil and putting it in the hole of the record there if it’s a
little too loose you might have to put a little tape or push the pencil a little
farther once it’s set up your any one person to spin the pencil turntable and
the other one to hold the cone speaker but we couldn’t get the consistency of
the right speed together the music to be perfect the plugged in turntable seems there
worked at bath because we had a consistent speed working with us the Red Solo Cup speakers seem to work
the best as it really amplified the music setup for that is putting a hole
in the bottom of the Red Solo Cup and then putting your PIN in there and
taping that pin so it’s along the wall of the wrist look and what’s the science
all behind this well vinyl records have grooved to them the grooves aren’t
smooth they’re rather microscopic bumps and bends that correspond with a
recorded music or voices as a record Turing September the pin travels within
the spiral groove writing these bumps and bends causes the pin and therefore
the paper cone speaker or cup to vibrate up and down by in side by side their
vibrations and the cones cause the air to vibrate these vibrations then
radiated out to the cone to your ear which you hear music or the voices
whatever has been recorded on the record I hope you enjoyed this video remember
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  1. отличные эксперименты! проигрыватель получился из простых предметов! лайк 8 !!! большое вам спасибо, дорогой друг!

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