People Try Vintage Candy

– Go down to the boardwalk. The county fair’s in town! – With a nickel. Get yourself some taffy. (jazz music) – Old ass candy. – I’m thinkin’ somethin’ dusty. – I’m expecting lots of
licorice which I don’t like. – I feel like their lives consisted of taffy and butterscotch. – It’s just gonna be fruit. You’re just gonna hand us an apple. – [Voiceover] Ah, the good
ole fashioned Charleston Chew! – Cause the Charleston was probably the new latest dance move. – Oh, they smell good. – This was a whole family’s candy. – That is a good visual, though look at that. – That’s great. – All right Charleston,
you got it goin’ on. This is good. Like this is what you give to your kid to make ’em shut up. – It’s like a Snickers
with no nuts or caramel. – You can’t eat this
in less than 24 hours. – The Roaring 20s. This tastes like sin. – [Voiceover] Slo Poke! – This guy looks high as Hell. – Man, I did not wanna
be a dentist in the 20s. – It makes me feel like
it’s gonna slow me down in life if I eat it. – How are you supposed to eat this? – This is it, guys. – You could slap someone
’round the face with that. – Oh my God! – Actually, not that bad. – It’s like a Stretch Armstrong. – There’s that chew that
they’re talkin’ about. – Dat chew! – I think it’s pretty clear that caramel found its place once they
put it inside of candy bars. Not made it its own thing. – Can see why this one did
not stand the test of time. – [Voiceover] Whoo! Sky Bar! – Each little section is its own flavor. – Four different types. – Oh wait! You got caramel, vanilla,
peanut and fudge. – What depression? I mean right? – Cause I was hoping they’d
all be mixed together and now I’m really disappointed that each one is a different one. – Aw, yeah. You could share with your friends. – It’s not very good chocolate. – Caramel’s pretty crappy. – The fudge is pretty good. – Well, they all taste the same. So that fun is gone. – Ew! It’s all over your face. – This does not look like vanilla. – They’re all the same consistency! – I would say the Sky Bar is my favorite so far. It’s got the most going on for it. – Candy coated peanuts. – Blech. – This looks like ibuprofen. – But, it just doesn’t look
like it should be candy. Baked beans is with barbecue. – They’re like… Oh my God! – Oh! Was I not supposed to bite into it? – (gags) That was my tooth! – I like them. – Mmm. This is so good! – Too high sugar to peanut ratio. – This is like M&Ms without the chocolate. – I think they’re weird. – They are weird, but
they’re kind of good weird. – [Voiceover] Big Hunk! – Oh yeah, this is my kinda candy. The Big Hunk. – Cure for the snack attack. – Place bar firmly in one hand then smack your Big
Hunk on a hard surface. – One, two, three. (smacking) (shouting) – You know the house wives are kinda like sexually repressed and
they just need to be like (smack) Yes! – Tastes like Lucky Charms. – Oh this flavor! This toffee. – It’s pretty good, though. This is the best one. – Candy has come a long way. – Yeah, I was expecting
it to taste terrible and have no flavor, but it
was actually pretty good. – I think in the olden days, candy you worked for it, you got the reward when you earned it. – Can we have like some Sour Punch Straws and Reese’s now? – [Voiceover] Ready to go
to the box social, Gerdy? – I gotta pull on my taffy. – These petunias are for you. – Also got milk.

100 Replies to “People Try Vintage Candy”

  1. You expected it to taste terrible why? Because they actually used archaic things like real dairy and flavoring that occurred in nature, not a lab?

  2. If had the slow poke before. And now I have braces and I look at this and this would be my WORST. NIGHTMARE.

  3. Why didn't you give them a frozen charleston chew as well. That snap when you bite is so satisfying

  4. 0:23 girl on the left got a make over on a later episode. Girl on the right is gorgeous and has an accent. They should lez out with a double sided…… Charleston Chew

  5. When the one person said they couldn't eat it in less than 24 hours I laughed because I used to have competitions with my family to eat them and the last one I had I got a full bar down in under ten minutes

  6. There going to make a video in 80 years laughing at our Snickers Bars and Skittles (Marshawn Lynch) Not my Skittles

  7. Sky bar's amazing tho! And the sections do taste like what they're supposed to taste like, so what are they talking about?

  8. โ€œYouโ€™re just going to give us an appleโ€
    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I canโ€™t๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. Sky Bars, charleston chew, and boston baked beans were pretty popular when I grew up. Also every candy ever made is better than sour punch straws. The end.

  10. Sky Bars, charleston chew, and boston baked beans were pretty popular when I grew up. Also every candy ever made is better than sour punch straws. The end.

  11. My mom came home from Boston and brought home an Assorted Chocolate Box that was filled with with Boston Beans. I said "These remind me of Peanut M&M's if someone had ate all but the red ones. Minus the white "m".".

  12. ARE YOU HIGH?! Charleston Chew HAS stood up to the test of time. It's literally the only one of these readily available in most grocery stores that I've looked around in. It's also VERY tasty.

  13. can we go one youtube video that includes the 50s, without someone banging on about housewives and Misogyny?

  14. I remember hating Charleston chews and then I had one a few months ago and I said โ€œWHY DID I HATE THIS?โ€ And ate the whole thing.

  15. RIP New Englandโ€™s own, NECCO (New England Candy Company.) Iโ€™ll never be able to buy a skybar in a convenance store again. The wafers are still around, but those were stockpiled in the billions.

  16. Dude I didn't even know big hunk and Boston baked beans were vintage candy like, I eat this all the time. They're my favorite

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