Perfect Spot for an Ancient Burial Mound! – metal detecting Finland

Boom welcome to True Vikings. I’m here in Finland Beautiful Finland. I have this awesome place. It’s somewhere close to Lohja that I can say. I’m searching for History today. I’m on this small mountain. Thousand years ago no trees you could see Everywhere from atop of here. They used to bury people in places like this. So I’m hoping for some Viking Bronze Age something awesome They have found a lot of Stone Age stuff around this place, but no real metal bronze or anything until today Roll the intro I have my first signal here on the top of this little mountain and That’s usually a good sign If you find something It might be a bullet or it might be something really awesome And this is probably a bullet but let’s dig it up It’s somewhere completely on the surface I think, because nothing is deep here Lets check what it is. And that’s a bullet complete bullets this time And yeah, that could have been dangerous. I might have blown myself up. Now I found something interesting maybe Some Cool Item no idea what it is First it looked like an old silver coin, but no it’s not But something random. Lead maybe Cool. I’m on a right path now And a Bottle cap. From Alko, this is always a good sign. Now we are close where people have been drinking so Always a good sign. So, gonna find some good stuff today still. Oh, jeez. I have a signal. It’s not many many signals you get in a place like this now you have to dig everything Even the really bad ones, but this one was a good one What is here hiding in this moss What is that? What is that? It was just a piece of copper again Don’t know there are pieces of something something random. If you know what it is, then let me know comment below This is the kind of signal that I get excited about in England and Denmark. Fly in my eye, but This could be a old old silver coin hammered or a foil In Finland, probably foil Not foil, but it was a small bullet bullet casing Oh Dang it Bottle cap Getting thirsty It says Karjala, that is a Finnish beer brand These are from the maybe 70s 80s Need to go home and drink beer now. Treasure! Look at this Mmm strawberry. Mmm the best find of the day I have signal! I have a signal. Usually in a place like this You get a signal every 30 minutes or something. I have been going around for I don’t know one hour no signal and Now I have one in a place like this, you usually get bullets or Something awesome, so I don’t think this is a bullet guys So excited I Think my batteries are running out from the pinpointer. I didn’t bring any extra I hope we will manage to find it anyway of course, we will because we’re Professional treasure hunters. It’s somewhere deep really deep something small Because it takes a while to for me to pinpoint it Where did it go? Disappeared again, it has to be here in my hand somewhere What is this? Oh, geez Where did it go? I had it in my hand. Was it a silver? It was something awesome, but I dropped it. I Have no idea. But it wasn’t silver Unfortunately, it was some kind of copper looks like Some kind of I don’t know maybe it’s a from a bullet casing or something hit somewhere But it’s copper Probably not that old It has some kind of strange Markings on it, but I will wash it later but I don’t Unfortunately, not unfortunately not Probably a bullet but there are no bad treasures or signals in a place like this I just found a solution to the copper pieces It’s a from bullet just have had hit like a rock or something Broken off to smaller pieces. Here we have a bigger one Nothing viking, nothing viking. Awesome! Signal. Have a feeling this is a bullet casing the rain clouds are coming here. It probably will rain soon So this might be our last signal. So I hope this is something awesome We have it here. Boom Bullet they have been hunting here at least 10-20 years ago probably Also in the Stone Age, but I have no proof That there were any Vikings here. Forest hunting, metal detecting thing is the most fun and most difficult Because usually these trips you don’t find anything and sometimes you get the real treasure But that treasure I did not find this time. But hit that Subscribe button!

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