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Pottery Barn Party Planner:
Schott Zwiesel Bordeaux Glasses This is Schott Zwiesel triton crystal Bordeaux, or Cabernet glass. This glass is used for your full-bodied
red wines, it is also break resistant, chip resistant, durable for every day use, and resists those accidents that
can happen during entertaining. All of Schott Zwiesel triton crystal
is made in two parts. The stem is joined to the bowl,
and all the unsightly seams are removed with triton technology.
Also all the product bases are flat, so that when they
go in the dishwasher, there will be no water buildup on
the foot of the glass. When you pour your favorite wine,
to the widest part of the glass, it leaves the most amount of exposure on the
surface for oxygen. When you open up your wines, the best way
to get the full body aroma from your wine, is to have your nose directly above
the wine. Schott Zwiesel triton crystal, the ounce capacity here
is equal to the ounce capacity here, so you can properly enjoy the aroma of your wine. Pottery Barn Please visit for
more ideas and inspiration.

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