77 Replies to “Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create a Vintage Car Chrome Logo”

  1. wow Marty, thank you so much! if you would like to see what the outcome of what I'll be doing, my instagram page is called: 49fins

  2. Finally after years of being a follower, I can match a face to THE voice, you my friend have one of the best suiting voice for tutorials on the web. Keep it going.

  3. OMG, I saw Marty's face! Finally something to attach to the voice! Great videos, Marty. Some of the best PS tutorials out there.

  4. holy smoke hold up hold up now Marty does exist !! I thought for ages I'd been going crazy with this robotic voice in all your tutorials. Finally we get to see the face behind the tutorials and the robot sounding voice. Cheers I've been a fan of your tutorials for the longest time keep them coming ☺

  5. Hi Marty ! I'm french so please excuse me for the mistakes I'm probably about to make.
    I'm a brand new beginner at PS (Started 2 weeks ago) and you are my Guide ! I just wanted to tell you that you are totally AWESOME ! I almost understand everything you say thanks to your accent and your amazing calm voice. You teach me shortcuts and there's no need to watch your firsts tutorials to understand the last one. THANK YOU ! So much !

  6. Hey Marty, now we know who is talking to us. 🙂 Thanks for all of your instructions! Very professional. Which city are you from? Greetings from Mainz, Germany and please keep it going 🙂

  7. Hey Marty, thank you so much for the brilliant video tutorial. The best channel (for me) to learn the different effects. Greetings from germany. 🙂

  8. Hi, BLTV, Can I modify the gradient? I finished the picture as you explained it. But I always after finishing something I edit my way. I have an gradient called "Silver" is default on photoshop. And the gradient blends perfectly because it is silver and sticks very well with the car so to speak, greetings.

  9. This is really cool. I've been creating a vector on Illustrator of the Holden car logo (an Australian car) and I'll transfer it over to Photoshop and try out this effect on it. 🙂


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