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Hi, I’m Sophie and welcome to my world.
You know I get a lot of requests for not only jewelry things but also room decor
things to perk up your room so one of the things that I thought would be kind
of fun would be to come up with an inexpensive jewelry holder that you can
personalize for your own bedroom and what I came up with are these little
picture frames and as you can see it’s just a little miniature picture frame
and it’s got two wires across it so that you can hang your hanging earrings. You
can also use your necklaces you could do a bigger one like an eight and a half
by eleven or even a bigger frame and you could do you know whatever things you
wanted to put in their necklaces you could put headbands you could put anything
bracelets you name it so I’m gonna show you how to make one right now and for
this project we are gonna need a few materials the main thing is you’re gonna
need one of these picture frames now this picture frame I picked up at the
dollar store and it actually is a wooden one it’s a very light weight wood and
those are the best to get because they’re not gonna be hard to hammer into.
We’re gonna actually be using little pushpins now not thumbtacks these are
pushpins and a pushpin actually has like a little base that you can use.
It’s going to be very important for this project I’m also gonna be using my
X-acto knife so make sure of course that you’re using adult supervision with that.
Scissors are always good to have on hand a ruler I’m gonna be using a piece of foam core but
you can also use anything you can use cardboard or the inside of a cereal box
anything just a backer of some sort. If you can’t find wire you can
always use pipe cleaners that works nicely as well. Now let me tell you something about wire
the interesting thing about wire is that when you go to buy it in the craft store
the higher the number the thinner the wire so this what I have right here is a
24 gauge it’s nice, it’s malleable you can move it around really easily it’s not
too thin. So it’s got enough weight to it that
it’ll hold your earrings or necklaces but it’s still easy to use so you’re not
gonna have to use tools to actually manipulate it so this is 24. I
would say anywhere between 20 to 24 would be good I wouldn’t go any higher
than that 26/28 gauge is going to get a little thin so 24 up to 20 even 18 would
be ok. I’ve got a little hammer here I’m not gonna need a hammer for this one because my wood is soft but if you get an Ikea frame which this is
actually an Ikea frame that I have right here my IKEA frame is actually
harder and I found that I needed to hammer in using a hammer to get my pushpins in. That’s not my favorite because sometimes what happens is it hurts the
pushpins it breaks them because they’re only plastic so I would prefer to get a
softer wood frame. OK I am gonna be using a pair of needlenose pliers in this case
but you don’t necessarily need them if you have very strong fingers and I do
have a pair of wire cutters although any wire that you use that is like 20 gauge
is going to be easily cut by pair of scissors OK I know that’s a lot of
information sorry about that so first thing first what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
take on the back of your picture frame when you open it up you can see that
they’re these little tiny pieces of metal and you push those back and you
remove your backer now save your backer now if you want to hang it you can you
can throw this away but because you got this little stand back here this is
going to make it great for displaying on your desktop now if you want to hang it
you don’t necessarily have to use this but there are built-in hooks on this one
so I would probably still keep this. Take off your paper and the glass be
very carefull when you take out the glass you will not need this glass so just take it
and set it aside make sure to put it in safe place
because it is easily broken. OK, what I’m gonna do now is take my
piece of foam core and in this case I wanna lay it down and with a pen I want to mark along the sides here. Now I would actually prefer to be using a ballpoint
pen because it gets it closer but in this case I’ve got a Sharpie. Now when you
come back and cut you want to make sure that you’re cutting inside that line so
you just line it up because you don’t because you don’t want it
sticking out past your frame you want it actually inset from your frame but not
too much so I’m just cutting it basically right inside that line and I’m
using my ruler to make a nice straight cut. Now you can use it like this nice and white if you want to because
then you’ll be able to easily see your jewelry however I’ve actually taken a
piece ahead of time and covered it with some duct tape now if you want to you
can cover it with fabric you could cover it with paper that’s up to you so I’ve
actually got mine all covered with duct tape ahead of time I cheated. Now take your frame, I’m gonna take my needlenose pliers and what I’m going to do is just pull out
these little metal strips and these are for basically holding in your frame back
and your picture frame and your picture we don’t need these anymore. I’m gonna
pull those out if you have strong fingers and you have soft wood you should be able to
pull it out with your fingers but it’s nice to have the needlenose and now what I’m gonna do
is I’m going to put thumbtacks in here with the soft wood it’s really nice
and easy I’m just going to right in the middle of there just put one here at the top on either side and then what I like to do I like to
do in a small frame like this this is a a five by seven frame I like to
give myself a couple inches of space for my earrings so I’m gonna basically
figure out where the center is which is about three and a half here and measure
down an inch from there half an inch from there excuse me so I get about a 4
inch mark I’m just gonna place a pin. Do it on the other side as well. Four inch mark, slide it over so that I
get it where I want it. Place a pin. Up at the top I’ve got this one that is actually just to
support my back piece I’m going to measure down an inch for my first put
that right there so that’s at the one-inch mark, basically
the one inch mark and the four inch mark. I’m going to put two at the bottom and the reason
to put two at the bottom is once again it’s for my backer. Nice and secure so the next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add our wires
and so I’m just gonna take my wire and I’m gonna show you how to attach both
the thin wire and a pipe cleaner so this one is going to look a little wonky but that’s ok
you get the idea ok so I’ve got my thin piece of wire and it’s
a little bit longer I’ve made it about twice the size of what I need and the
reason I’ve done that is because I want to give myself plenty of extra wire when
I’m securing it so what I’ve done is I taken my wire wrapped it around once twice, with this extra little bit that’s
hanging off I’m going to actually secure it to itself by twisting like that and
then cut off the extra with my scissors or with wire cutters that’s what I mean about this
being nice and easy to cut because it’s made thin enough that a regular
pair of scissors will do it ok I’m gonna pull this tight over to the next thumbtack so I’m going to pull it tight I put my finger
right here and I wrap that extra around once twice three times then I come down
and I wrap it around once twice three times Snip off that extra You really want to have that extra
there because it just makes it a lot easier now with the pipe cleaner it’s
basically the same thing except with the pipe cleaner I don’t usually wrap it
around its so big and chunky I usually don’t wrap it around the actual pushpin
what I do is I make myself a little hook, wrap it around so it’s just
up and over the pushpin and then I take this loose end cross it over the main
part and just twist and I twist it and twist it and twist it so it’s nice and
tight so that’s not going anywhere then I come over to the other side do the
same thing that I did with this wire wrap it around and then I just go under
and wrap this a couple times. Snip off the extra. It’s actually harder to
cut the pipe cleaner than it is the wire ok now we are ready for the backer now
I’ve got this piece that I told you I cheated ahead of time and I covered it
with duct tape but remember you can
always use just plain white. The plain white looks just as nice. The thing about the plain white is you’d be able to see your earrings probably a little easier but
the thing about it is that you’re not matching it and embellishing your
room with it so I like to use duct tape that picks up the colors in my room
so as you can see that fits perfectly I’m going to take my hot glue and I’m just gonna put a dab here and a dab here and watch your fingers when using the hot glue gun
I’m putting dabs of glue on all four of the pushpin tops now that’s why
I want to use push pins because 1 it gives you space in between cuz they
stick up higher and also because they’ve got a nice head on them so that you can
get that hot glue on there just gonna put it on top I’ve got a little time here
because it takes about 30 seconds to dry 30/45 seconds to dry
a little time I can move it around now I’m gonna add my backer now is the time to decide which way this
goes here. It goes that way so you just pop this down so that it’s right in that
corner so this is the easel part and you just want to make sure that
that’s right in the corner there and it fits perfectly and I’m just going to put
a little bit of hot glue all the way around the backer here and as you can
tell because this is going to cover the backer’s gonna cover I didn’t need to put
that last bit of tape in there and once again I can get this placed and I can
make that perfect. There we go like that so there you go that’s your
picture frame now remember you can also do it this way if you want to do is just
shift your positions you just put your thumbtacks this way instead of this way
but this is getting nice and long. One thing I did wanna show you is on
this Ikea frame here I was gonna show you how to add a hanger and to do a
hanger all you’re gonna do is take your pushpin if you’ve only got a pipe
cleaner that’s ok take your pipe cleaner and roll the end of it right like that so you make almost like a
fiddlehead fern take it up and over snip it make another fiddlehead fern on the other
side and then you can either tape or glue that into place to make a little
hanger or take your pushpin, make a hole wiggle it around in there then take your thin wire push it through bring it up and over do exactly what we did before which is wrap it around the same thing on the
opposite side pull your wire through you may need to just get it in there make that hole you
can’t see it because of the duct tape pattern which is what’s happening here. Leave your tack in there then pull it through you can make it as big as you want. Cut off the extra and so now you’ve got one that can hang and
you’ve got one that can stand you could even do one on top of it like that for
more great ideas for your jewelry and for your room come check us out at

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  1. Could you make duct tape earrings and also an art supplies caddy out of duct tape? And I also love your channel so much! It makes me want to craft every single second of my life!

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