Polymer Clay Tutor Studio Tour – Organized Zones

Hi guys, its Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay
Tutor, and today I’m gonna give you a tour of my studio and talk a little bit about organizing
your craft space into zones. Now it doesn’t really matter whether you have
a tiny little work space, like your kitchen table, or you have a super-giant one like
a whole separate building, if you have a lot of craft supplies, you need to organize them
and keep them in a way that you can get access to them, and then also you can get them put
away properly after you’re done, otherwise you run into issues like buying the same product
over and over because you didn’t realize you had it and that kind of thing. So what I wanted to do is…a bunch of you
have been requesting to see my whole studio, and a while ago I showed you when it was crazy
messy, but I have done a little bit of organizing, it’s still not absolutely perfect yet, but
it’s good enough to show you how it’s setup…and I mean I’m functioning in it, so it must be
set up well enough for me. So what I like to do is set it up…an area
up into different zones…now you wouldn’t store your blender in your bedroom, and you
wouldn’t have your house coat in the kitchen, and so you need to think that way when you’ve
got your craft supplies and your studio set up, so separate your areas into usable zones. So my first zone that I use the absolute most,
is the one that you guys see regularly and this is my work zone, here within…just sitting
at my table, I’ve got my surface I can work on, my pasta machine, my polymer clay tools
are right within reach, my jewelry making tools are right close by, and then this wall
of drawers…which I absolutely love and couldn’t live without, have the things that I use the
most in them. So I’ve got my Premo! clay in little drawers
and every single color is there, I got my Studio… no its not Studio it’s the Soufflé
clay is here, I’ve got canes, all my polymer clay canes here, I’ve got few extra drawers
that I can add more as I build those up. There’s beads, there’s findings, all kinds
of other gemstone beads and that kind of stuff, so when I’m working on a piece of jewelry
I really don’t have to go far I’ve got everything within reach. Now just a little bit out of reach, but close
by, is all of my paints, so up here I’ve got my different paints and finishes, so they’re
all sitting up here, my Liquid Sculpey and that is the Bake & Bond, and the Kato Poly
Paste and all that kind of stuff is up here. There’s also you know I’ve got jars of marbles
and they look kind of pretty, so I’ve just got them sitting there in the same kind of
area and stuff like that, there’s also always some little knick- knacks here or there in
baskets and bins and things. Now right around the corner here… another
area I spend most of my time in is my publishing area, so I’ve got my computer here, this is
where I write my blogs, do web research, communicate with you guys, answer questions and that kind
of stuff is all happening right here, so if I’m actually working on something, I can just
sort of spin around and go back to the computer, it’s all just within arm’s reach. Also, in this area…in this cabinet… I’m not gonna go into any of the cabinets
or drawers too much today, but in this one here I have office supplies, books and…you
know, manuals and that kind of stuff is in there. I have a bunch of knick- knacks and kinda
neat old funky antique-y things up here with…there’s a typewriter and a bin of ribbon and that
kind of stuff is all there. Now over here, I’ve got… this isn’t ideal
because I still could do some more sorting, but at least the things are in zones, so in
this zone I have a lot of inks…I’ve got inks along in these little trays here, I’ve
got all my Adirondack Inks, my Vintaj Inks are here, all in these little bins, I’ve got
spray inks and stencils in those trays, glitters, that kind of stuff, in here I’ve got some
more inks, I’ve got little ink pads and Gilders Paste and Inka Gold, that kind of stuff is
all in this drawer. This drawer here has some rubber stamps…
this is where I could use some more organizing ‘cause I have rubber stamps here, some rubber
stamps over there and another spot, so I need to redo this tower a bit. In the drawers below it are a bunch of junk
jewelry, broken antique jewelry, things that I can use for jewelry making, that’s also
something I should probably work a little better into some zones, but at least it’s
in a general contained area, and when I’m looking for inks or jewelry, I know exactly
where to come. Now this wall of bins here… Doug and I picked
up these bins quite a few years ago at Walmart, they were the three drawer bins with wheels
on the bottom, so what we did was we took the wheels off and stacked them so now they’re
6 deep, and just made a whole wall of a them, and in here are craft supplies that… they’re
sort of on the random side, you don’t wanna throw them out if you’re a mixed media person
or if you have kids, but you don’t really want them hidden away either, otherwise you’re
never gonna find them again or ever use them, so they’re things like… in this drawer there’s
just like little short pieces of ribbon, this drawer has feathers in it…so you know if
I’m looking for a feather, this drawer has the feathers in it, if I find a feather, I
put it in that drawer, and it just keeps it pretty contained, there’s a drawer of corks
and there’s a drawer of crayons and there’s a drawer of…you know, yarn and that kind
of stuff, so the craft supplies are there. The more office-y type craft supplies are
here, so I’ve got pens in here, you know, rulers in there, scissors in there, you know
that kind of stuff, so I have those sort of zoned out. I have my music stuff here, I have this cute
little shopping cart, I don’t know where it came from but it’s filled with CD’s, I really
should switch over to put my phone on and do… use mp4’s, but I haven’t done that yet. Now here is my oven baking zone, I used to
have this closer and on my work surface, but when I bought this new oven, it’s a lot bigger,
it was blowing…it’s a convection oven, so it was blowing the smell into my face and
it was a bit of an issue, so now I have it way over here and it’s a good spot ‘cause
it’s on top of a metal cabinet and it is out of the way. But all my baking tools that I need are here,
so I have a bead rack here…this is a new bead rack I’m testing, so I haven’t talked
about that yet, and we’ll talk about that later, it’s from the Lucy Clay people, this
is… I’ve got my oven thermometer, my little trays
of baking soda and cornstarch that I like to bake in, I just keep my oven baking rack
inside here with the lid, oh and this little Red strip, it’s just a Silicone strip oven
guard and it’s gonna keep me from burning myself ‘cause I’ve been burning myself lately
in the oven…so getting too hasty, burning myself, so that’s what that Red strip is if
you’re curious. Also on the top here is my rock tumbler that
I use for polishing larger batches of round beads and that kind of thing, and all the
little…I have little containers of the substrate in the back there that I use in the tumbler,
so it’s all right there and I don’t have to look for it, it’s right with the tumbler and
I can leave this tumbler running in this area, and it’s a good spot for it. In this…this metal thing…drawers are great,
I’d love to paint it a wonderful Turquoise or something some time, but that is a project
for another day, but these drawers are really sturdy, and can take a lot of weight, I’ve
got kind of random things…it’s another thing I would like to re-sort at some point, but
I’ve got clays like my Kato clay, I don’t use it as much, it’s right in this area but
I do need it, so it’s not in my everyday right at the counter there, I’ve got extra Premo!
clay in the 2 ounce bricks all lined up in here, I also have my 1 pound bricks in here
because they don’t fit in my tiny plastic drawer, so I just hunk…chop a hunk off and
put it in my drawer, I keep things like…where are they, all my color recipe sample chips
in bags here and you can tell I have done hundreds and hundreds of color recipes, they’re
all in little bags, hung on a little shower hook and I keep each volume together… or
each tens of volumes, put them together, so that’s what those drawers are full… there’s
some tools, different things, there’s even a drawer full of hinges and stuff, so that’s
all contained there. I think at one point, Doug and I were counting,
I think I have over 500 drawers in this 10 by 10 foot studio, so drawers are really handy. Another thing I have here is my… this old
dress form, it’s a vintage one, it’s Pink, it was my grandmother’s and I have my lab
coat sitting on it and so that I have it ready for the PcT Test Lab videos, ready to go. Now this rack, it’s kinda tucked in the corner…or
this bin thing, it’s a new addition because I was starting to run out of space, with all
the new products that I test on a regular basis, I’m running into space issues where
I can’t…I don’t want to go put it in its proper location yet because I haven’t tested
it, or I haven’t tried it yet or demoed it yet, so I’ve got on the top here some stuff
I’m demoing or testing, some little test strips and they’re waiting out their time to make
sure that everything’s going to be fine with it. And then in these drawers are the products
of… that I’m going to be demoing soon, and it takes me some time you know, I have to
get to know the product, so sometimes I’ll have a product for, you know several weeks
before it actually gets filmed and sent out to you guys to see what I’ve done, so there’s…that’s
what that tower’s all about. Now in this zone is my books, and I’ve got
magazines and knick- knacks and all kinds of neat stuff in this thing, it’s a little
unruly at this point, I really could use some more space, so when Willow moves out, I’m
stealing her room, it’s bigger and the walls are straight and I will be able to get a lot
more stuff, more organized in it, but it is still functioning quite well. I have a rack up here that I have… it’s
a ornament holder, looks like a tree and I’ve just got it loaded up with all my jewelry
that I’ve kept for myself, you know I should be wearing some of the stuff I make, so I
keep at least one piece of all the different tutorials. I have some antiques in here, this is an old
sewing machine of my grandmother’s, an old treadle, and you know it just sort of lends
well to the crafting theme and all that. Right around the side here, I have this new
kind of…Doug it is a little bit hard for you to see, but it’s a rack, it’s a slot wall
rack and I got it at Michaels, I quite like it, but I can hold all my cording and chain,
here I’ve got my wire and different… this is mostly just cording and that kind of thing,
a few findings and stuff and a few seed beads. And then on the back of my door, I painted
a piece of cork…or, what…I don’t know, the hole board…whatever those…that board
is called…peg board, and I’ve got a few hooks, I want to redo this a little bit but
I can’t put too much on it, ‘cause it bangs in to the cupboards and stuff, so that’s how
I’ve worked that, and then inside these cupboards are things that I really don’t wanna look
at like bottles of acetone and stuff like that, I don’t use them that often but they’re
there…they should be in the studio ‘cause that’s where they get used. There’s some old antique suitcases and things
that I’ve got, little boxes and things stored in. In a cupboard here, I’ve got all of my…a
lot of scrapbooking stuff, paper and Sizzix die-cut stuff, someday I’ll go in there, I’ve
got some different organizing things, and then this tower of paper and cutters and things
that are close by to the table. So that is a good kind of…oh and I forgot
this very important middle part, so let’s get Doug to move it around, racing around…this
center island I use all the time, usually I like to keep the top of this clear so that
I have a spot to bring in the new stuff as it comes in, but also to take stuff out of
here when I need to. We film the tutorials… the paid tutorials,
we film those downstairs in a film studio, and I have to fill up and get the stuff prepped
for the tutorials and so I just put them in these bins, and just carry them down, I got
a big stack of them, my Mom is a elementary school teacher and she had…I don’t know
where she got them, but she had a whole bunch of these little bins and I use them for that,
and I can just haul the stuff down to the studio and then bring it back, and then I
can take it from here and put it back where it’s supposed to go. On this side of the table, this is a sewing
table under there, so I can move this stuff off and open it up and sew there if I want
to, so the drawers in that table are all sewing stuff, thread, needles, that kind of stuff,
but the top surface…because I don’t sew that often, I have set it up as my metal working
area, I’ve got a Granite…or a Marble tile here, so that its heat proof and I can do
my soldering, I’ve got a soldering block and I can make head pins and that kind of thing
here and I’m safe and I’m away from everything else. I can also, I’ve got my dapping tools here
and my disk cutters and stuff and a bucket of tools that I use just in this area. And then down here, because it’s a proper
height and there’s a perfect little corner for it and I can swing my chair around when
I’m working, is my polishing station where my JoolTool is, normally I don’t have these
items here or I can move them out of the way, but I have my JoolTool with all of its little
accessories here, then I’ve got a vise that I can move out of the way and all of my JoolTool
things are in this area and contained, and I can just polish right here, right next to
my other surface. So I hope that was helpful and gave you a
bunch of ideas. Really focus on finding zones for your particular
needs, maybe you just have a small area, you don’t have this crazy amount of supplies and
all you really need is just a rolling tower that you put tools in one drawer, clay in
the next, you know, beads in the other one, or maybe you have a huge room that you have…
need to have certain areas, but just… if you keep your stuff in certain zones, you’ll
be able to find it, you’ll be able to use it, and you’ll be able to create and then
clean up after. So I hope you liked that, and I hope you enjoyed
my little studio here, now you know what I do and where I work, if you did like this
video, do let us know. If you have suggestions or if there’s anywhere
in here that you would like a closer look at in a future video, do leave those in the
comment section below. And don’t forget, we have a great resource
over at PolymerClayTutor.com where you can use the search box and find answers to all
of your Polymer Clay questions. We’ll see you next time and bye for now.

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  2. Thank you for sharing that. I am in the process of setting up my art space and this gave me lots of great ideas. My biggest issue is what to store my clay in. I am scared to put it in the plastic storage cases that I bought. I am so happy that I found out about polymer clay. It is the perfect craft for me and my disability.

  3. Great video, and you are so-o right about keeping your supplies in working zones.  I, too, love to explore different modes of creativity and my studio just naturally evolved into almost the same zones as yours!  It helps to keep the mind sane and focused if you are organized.  Very good advice!

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  7. Nice studio tour Cindy. I help artists organize their studios .you have the right idea for sure. To many creative type want pretty boxes and containers to put things in. The problem. With that is you never see what you have. Then the disease hits buying things over and over.

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  14. Great video, Cindy! I, too, have my studio zoned. I can honestly say that , "I'm all zoned out.'" LOL My stuff…errr….important supplies climb the walls through the use of shelving and plastic shoe boxes, peg board, several of the plastic 'towers', both the large and I really like the small 5"x7" or so ones. I've been organizing like mad, and I still have a way to go. I've gutted the two small closets, removed the drawers and put in shelves to put the larger and more awkward 'machinery' and in the other, I put my beads. Yes, I have that many beads. You try being with a 'rock dealer' who sold beads by the strand for over ten years and not have a little of this and a little of that 'shrinkage' 😉 in your stash. I like to use a couple of tv trays adapted to hold my elbow lights by drilling holes in their tops. LIGHT IS AN ESSENTIAL for me. I also have one set up for my pasta machine and basic blades, etc. I can take this where ever I need. 

    I do have a question, though. You referenced your tumbling 'substrates'. I'm curious about what you use. I would like to tumble my polymer clay beads and have looked around for the proper procedures. I've found one that uses plastic tubs as an insert to the rubber tub and different polishing…word word…stuff you put in for the different 'grits' you go through to get to the shiniest finish. What do you use? Oh, gee….idea for tutorial clip?

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  17. Hi again Cindy! You asked for suggestions so I thought I would throw this out there.
     I also use the large plastic storage carts. I really have not found anything else that beats their price, or function. I really don't know how I would keep the clutter down without them. However, visually they appear cluttered to me which zaps my creative process. My solution was to use white foam board that I bought from the dollar store.Cut them into panels, and insert them into the inside drawer fronts. This holds up really well without any other enforcement. The drawers have just enough indentation for the panels to slide into place and stand on their own. I LOVE the white space! So clean looking. You can leave the panels white, label them, cover them with the hordes of paper most of us have, paint them, or now that I've been watching your videos …I'm thinking I might create some fancy tiles to decorate  and label mine! THANK YOU for your tutorials! You are amazing with them!

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  20. Today I visited Harbor Freight. I was only there for 3:30 hours, much less than I anticipated. They sell a drawer unit similar to yours for ?14.99. It has 40 bins. The bottom row is one drawer so the lowest row is useful for various tools and such. Of course it could be used for clay, too. I wanted 6 but they only had 5. I will have to make another trip. Not a hardship for me. If your USA subbies are interested in doing research www.harborfreight.com. Enter 94375 in the search area.

    I read the reviews and preceded with caution. I was concerned the bins might tend to tilt forward if not secured to a wall. Since I am in temporary housing I do not want to mount them to the wall so I plan to hot glue a strip about the thickness of a yardstick to the forward area of the bottom row. Of course I will do the raw clay test. But I can proceed with sorting jewelry findings and such.

    I appreciate you sharing how you organized the clays. I had been concerned about how I would keep everything organized. Your system sounds ideal. Once you started describing your system it made perfect sense, I do not have nearly the inventory you have but starting out organized will help me avoid clay chaos similar to the jewelry finding challenges I am facing. As always thank you for sharing.

  21. I posted on your website but it was on an older thread,not certain which you would read first. If you are still interested in some of the discontinued Premo! colors you might want to check www.polymerclayexpress.com. They had photos of 2 two ounce and one 1 pound clays in the older packaging.

  22. Where did you find the drawers in front of your work space? They are perfect for what I've been looking for!

  23. Very nice room! I love the towers! I have been working on mine but it has been hard for me! I can't afford all the storage so I have to make my own. In a way it can be nice but then it takes a lot of time! I used old shipping boxes to make storage in my closet to have everything organized since I could not afford to buy the shelving to do it. It took some time but it saved me money! Now if I can just get the rest of my room finished I would be happy!

  24. [" I love you and your studio" she whispers in total envy.]

    My name is Sue, not Reinaldo – the boyfriend may be surprised I used his account, since it was open, to post this. Hee hee, shh!

    I have been a creative/artist since childhood – weren't we all back then? As a teen I had half of a finished basement for a studio and lots of money to finance supplies and whims. Now I'm a gramma (nearly an adult), my studio, in a state of wrecked, is just 10'x10' or so, and supplies are painstakingly chosen by immediate need. As a teen I was sure I'd always be an artist earning a living by art. Then I had a family – followed by what others call 'real jobs'. Now I am a volunteer at my local Veterans' Hospital, where I am a art therapist. Best job ever in my life. This job leads me into trying things I have either never done or haven't done since my teens (a decade or two ago, lol). I love it!

    This ramble DOES lead to a question for you:

    Since I am just now getting into polymer clay seriously, What are the 'Top 10' tools you would suggest to get the (polymer)ball rolling? Let's pretend, or just admit, I have none at the moment.

    Thank you so very much for your channel, though this is the first video I have watched … I love your presentation style and find your explanations simple to follow. Kudos to you, and Doug!

    Sincerely, Sue

  25. Dear Cindy. I'm very interested to buy storage like the black set up you have above your desk to hold your individual clay's inside. Is this a specific brand?. Or name for this type of storage please?. Many thanks x

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  27. Great video. We can never be too organized or learn too much!! You do have tons of stuff. That's always a challenge to categorize! its one thing to shove things in drawers but organizing is sorting the mind! Kudos to the videographer (yay Doug!) No motion sickness throughout the entire 360+!! Yes, Cindy, we did see the socks 😘 Thanks much for the video.

  28. I will share something unusual… When my daughters were young they had a bunk bed (sturdy metal). I have hung on to it ever since. I now use it as a storage device… I've put the sets of drawers on the bottom bunk with open racks with bins in the back. The top bunk has less-used items and then there's always the under-the-bed storage for much less-used items… Its not as great as having everything visible like Cindy has it. But it certainly is a lifesaver for all that extra stuff I can stowed away.

  29. Thank you so much for sharing your studio with the rest of us. I'm at a point in my life where I have some major decisions to make including what portion will I dedicate to my crafting (polymer clay, gourds, miniatures) and how seriously I'm going to pursue it. My craft room is so tiny, with so much "stuff" in it, it's time for me to go through and get rid of things and that's so difficult for me! You really are an inspiration for me. Your space, while full, is also neat and easy to work in. I wish I could just ask you over for coffee and talk to you. If you're ever in Kentucky, I sure wish you'd let me know!

  30. Hey, Cindy. I love watching your videos. You're a really wonderful teacher. My customers have been asking me to make a YouTube Video. So I made one. I'm really low tech, but I wanted to share my first video with you. I may never make another one. LOL They are a lot of work. 😊 Here it is. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1E5Ot6OHwUgiXMk_ggh8Ig

  31. Hey there! Stunning studio! I'd love to know where you got the clay black storage units, I looked them up and I couldn't find them anywhere!

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  33. Love your organizing! Per other queries, the storage bins I have are made by Akro-mils, and have a great rep and a good price considering how much clutter it can confine. (Akro-Mils 64 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware & Craft ) Check out their website. They come in various sizes, and can be bought through their retail outlets, including Amazon and Grainger. There are similar items made by other companies available at discount "tool stores," , but I've found them to be cheaply made, and a real hassle when it comes to weighty objects like clay. Akro is much sturdier. No, I don't work for Akro, but I've still got their bins I bought 20 years ago.

  34. Hi, Cindy,
    Was just wondering if you have ever done a video on lettering polymer clay jewelry? I have lots of requests from my clients to make customized pieces with names and birthstones. I have tried some projects, but they just don’t look professional enough for me to sell. My problem is 1: getting it to look like metal and 2: getting the name dark enough after impressing the letter without making it look smudged:::: help! Thanks, June Harris

  35. I am impressed, it's not a large space, but u have organized it so it works well and is a functioning space. I would love to have a craft room, but right now we r living in a small basement apartment with our 2 kids and I just get to put my stuff wherever I can and store what I make in boxes till we have our own house. One day I hope to have a functioning craft room that's organized like urs cuz I have to search 4 things constantly! It will be nice when I can just have things handy everywhere. Thanks 4 the video

  36. I bought several of the CD storage binders to storage my conditioned clay. Each book has 200 compartments. I tried dozens of ways to organize my conditioned clay and this was the one that ultimately worked for me. I don't have a room designated for crafts so I can't spread out, sadly! But I have a beautiful tall bookcase filled to the brim which also helps keep my craft supply addiction contained to what will fit. Of course I've managed to expand that a bit by things like hooks to the side. I try to keep it looking pretty since it's in the corner of a room by using acrylic shoe boxes I decorated & standing cloth bags with clear vinyl fronts I made. My sewing area is in my bedroom and I came across an old Singer treadle sewing table I mounted my sewing machine in flanked by a barristers bookcase that holds my fabric stash all wrapped around decorated pieces of cardboard. Threads and the like are stored in decorative clear glass jars and have their place atop the barristers bookcase. How I wish I had a full room to spread out in and not have to worry what it looks when company walks in the door. My craft table is a bookcase with a fold down table that's never big enough! But I make do. I've found when the weather is good crafting outside is such a joy. A beautiful day and polymer clay is the most amazing boost to the creative juices. I may be planning to work in a certain color theme but a butterfly or hummingbird.. or even a new flower opening often changes that in a hurry when I'm crafting outside. Even project seem to take on a life of their own influenced by the changing colors around me. Now if these been around way to long cold temperatures would just go away and let spring start in earnest! I love your videos and have learned so much from you. Thank you for sharing your talents and time.

  37. Thank you for sharing — it's always nice to see where other people do their crafting! Many good ideas too 🙂

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