Pottery for Beginners : Clay Formation in Pottery

In this clip we’re going to work on forming
our pottery project. We want to continue throwing on the wheel, putting water in between my
fingers on the inside and out, lining our fingers up on the outside and the inside,
keeping our bottom thicker than our top, not undercutting. Don’t go too fast with the wheel
with the pedal and don’t go too slowly either. We want to keep it going straight up as opposed
to going out. With gravity and the velocity of the wheel, once you head out, it’s hard
to head back up again. So we’re working on our cylinder, don’t forget to compress. You’ll
notice I’m going a little bit slower with the wheel. Add water, and again, back down
to the bottom, and try to get that clay up off the bottom. As a beginner, it’s hard to
get all the clay up and the weight off the bottom. So try hard to get this out of there.

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