Pottery for Beginners : How To Center Clay in Pottery

In this clip we’re going to work on centering
the clay on the wheel to prepare it for throwing. I have wedged my clay here. I have a nice
good sized ball of clay. I’m going to put it down on the wheel here, firmly attaching
it to the wheel. I’m going to use water here to wet my hands. I’m going to wet the clay,
step on the pedal and press hard on the clay to try to get it centered on the wheel. You’ll
notice I have my hand like a record player, right down on the wheel head. Add water to
keep it wet or moist, and then I have my other hand locked in, my two hands locked together,
again my hand on the wheel head covering the clay. I am not covering the clay up so I can’t
see it, but I’m really, my hands are touching, or my fingers are touching every part of this
clay and I have some out so I can see what’s happening. Remember to keep the clay damp.
Your fingers should be sliding across the surface of the clay. It’s important to try
to get the clay as centered as possible before opening the pottery up.

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  1. can i used a modeling clay we dont have what u used just asking and also how long should you bake the clay thanks

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