Power Hungry COP Messes With The WRONG Lamborghini Owner!! *Watch Until The End*

Hello! Hey I’m Trooper Rummer with the state police
I got a little microphone… Nice to meet you! Gonna record our conversation ok Yes sir Reason I’m stopping you is cause you don’t
have any license plates on this car Ok… Any reason for that? I’m from Dubai, it’s my license plate right
there. Ok but you’re not in Dubai, you’re… I’m visiting as a tourist Well no you’re not visiting as a tourist if
you brought a car with you! Well… Do you have your drivers license with you? Yeah yeah of course How it works is we ship the cars we get a
permit and… You don’t have a permit! What you need is a Carnet… What’s that? A Carnet It’s a very rare thing I know you’re confused
but… NO I’M NOT CONFUSED! If you wanna drive this car.. you have to have
a license plate from somewhere in the United States or a trip permit, which you don’t have,
do you have your drivers license with you? Yes sir Yeah, the way it works is… We get a EPA exemption PARDON ME? A EPA exemption and then a Carnet De Passage DO YOU HAVE ANY OF THAT? Of course, yeah, yeah, I’m gonna provide everything… Do you have something that says you can drive
this car on the road? Yes sir Let’s take a look at that Of course So, it’s gonna be a lot of documents, I will
give you one by one… Cause I think what you’re talking about is
the ability to import this and what I’m talking about is registering it No no, well… Do you have your drivers license with you? Yeah, yeah, I’m just trying to answer your
questions Well, it’s a temporary thing, I’m visiting
as a tourist and.. I CAN’T HEAR YOU! It’s a temporary import… IT’S A WHAT? It’s a TEMPORARY import It’s not a permanent thing, we fly our cars
here, we do our trips and we fly them back that’s how it works I know it’s confusing but… NO IT’S NOT CONFUSING IT’S VERY SIMPLE ALRIGHT! No, no sir… If you have some sort of import, that that’s
to get it into the country, OK? I will… Let me see what you have that says you can
drive it in Oregon You will understand in a second… PARDON ME? You’re gonna understand in a second, I’m gonna
provide… I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about
right now So, this is my permit, it’s a international
federal agreement Ok And, I’m gonna provide you with drivers license
in a second DO YOU HAVE YOUR INSURANCE WITH YOU? Yes sir! So, this would be the international drivers
license which they come as a package there you go, the other part is inside it as well This would be the registration of the vehicle What is this? The registration of the vehicle OK What I need is, proof of insurance Sure This is So the… this is, this is CANADA? Ok, there you go! No, no sir, this is UAE I NEED YOUR INSURANCE Alright, why are you so defensive? I’m trying to… PARDON ME? Why are you so defensive? I’m trying to provide… NO, I’m just asking for these documents and
you won’t quit talking about other stuff No sir, I’ve provided you everything you’ve
asked for I WANT YOUR INSURANCE! OK? I’ve provided you… I DON’T NEED ANYTHING ELSE RIGHT NOW! Sure, sure, you just asked me for the documents
and… PARDON ME? You just asked for a document and I provided
you and I’m gonna provide you the insurance in a second sir Just give me a second… Why don’t you keep working on that and I’ll
be back with you in a minute Sure, sure WOW What’s wrong with this guy? He hasn’t even realized the steering wheel
yet… This is gonna be interesting… Did you find your insurance? Yes sir! There you go THIS IS NOT INSURANCE! Sir, in the bottom you can read it, it’s insurance,
the policy number is there as well… WHERE ARE YOU TAKING THIS CAR? I’m going to Canada Going where? I’m going to Canada, Vancouver Where did you import the car into? From Canada, I drove it in here I do a road trip every 2 years You do a WHAT trip? Sigh Imagine you want to drive your car in Europe,
what do you do? You ship your car there, you drive it for
a month and you ship it back… NO that’s not that’s not what I’d do ok look… You… What is your question officer, I can answer
your question… Look… Yes sir Here, here’s your stuff here… You gotta get a temporary permit, OK? I have another call I have to go to SIR… Be safe pulling out into the traffic It’s a federal law, you don’t know the law? What the… What just… I have another call that was priceless! Hahaha There he goes… He just gave up on life! You have to have a permit blaah blah here’s
your stuff! What did he even talk about! What was wrong with that guy!

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  1. This so called "policeman" should be cited for his conduct in this matter. Not only was he rude but he definitely profiled this man due to the man proabaly being Muslim. He should have been a man and apologized to this man as soon as he knew he was wrong. Witch should have been immediately.

  2. There are cops like the trooper in the video, there are others who are very nice, and that sums the American police Forces…

  3. Don't argue, don't attempt to educate. This is "Dealing With Simpletons 101". Give him license and insurance and he'll go away.

    Belligerent fellow though, wasn't he?

  4. Best trooper line ever said to me– Don't know the law?? Son, I AM the law! I openly laughed at him, & no ticket given.. . Good times

  5. When cops realize they won't get you…then they will look for something else…
    But then if you get arrested for unlawful driving that's different…
    And my friend with what going on right now…i would wait until the next election…

  6. If you get pulled over by a bad cop just simply dial 911 tell them your situation and they will send another cop out

  7. Personally, I'd rather get a license plate and avoid getting pulled over every five minutes for something so simple. But thats just me.

  8. Does anyone know if the dickhead cop who approached with attitude immediately for no reason other than pure jealousy he doesn't own a lamborghini, was disciplined or suspended or anything? Just wanna slap the attitude out of him!

  9. Cops got bad adtuide probby went home beat wife and kid fuck the pig the guy should told cop go fuck his self

  10. The cop didnt see that he took his wheel off whhaaaatttti

    I got one like #it was meee


    I’m really bored are u

    The floor is lava in






    Are u to lazy to move like

  11. Typical american cop. Not actually trying to work out if things actually are correct. The cop just opposed EVERYTHING then buggered off.

  12. The reality is, this is probably the first guy the cop has ever come across in his career that has done this. Not something you would expect to find every day.

  13. Cop is following a system, applying Law which exists,for a country that exist,many countries have a written systems and laws does not exist in reality.only ink on a paper


  15. I bet the Lamborghini didn't even do anything wrong. He just got noticed and sometimes that is all it takes. It seems the only 'protecting and serving' by far too many police these days is them protecting and serving themselves.

  16. Why is that fing cop admit he is wrong? He dont know the law about this issue. Just admit your wrong and we will respect you

  17. Yikes, now I know not to get British cheeky with an Oregon cop when I visit Washington. (Ofc I have to visit the freak show of Portland)

  18. BROS WATCH THIS COP get OWND!!!”!”!”!”!”!”!””!!”. You guys sound like a bunch of 12 year olds after a bender on Grand Theft Auto. You have no idea what happened prior to the filming of this video. For all you know this guy could of be driving like an asshole

  19. Wake up people… We live in a "Police state"…. Surely you must know by now… if the cops arrest someone, they must be guilty. Oregon has the WORST record for incriminating innocent people. 30 or 40 years ago Oregon was a leader in doing what's right… Now in Oregon you're guilty unless you can prove your innocent.

  20. That’s cool lambgenie,my moped license vibrated lose,and they gave me 30 days in a cell with crackheads,and some bean cornbread,then when released,they had scrapped my moped,and sent me along on one of those 4 inch wheel scooters,was ok till I got on the 405 freeway,a 18 wheeler ran over me,now my head look like a possum

  21. The cop is a dipstick….too proud to admit a foreigner is a lot more knowledgeable about American law that the cop is…cop is a PRICK

  22. Under current American law, all you need in order to drive in the U.S. is a valid driving license issued by your country if you will be in the U.S. for a maximum of 3 months. A foreign license to drive in the United States will be considered valid in 49 states, except for Georgia, which requires a US driver’s license for foreigners, known as an International Driving Permit (IDP). In every other state, your foreign driver’s license, together with your biometric passport for the U.S., are sufficient documentation for you to rent a car or in case you are stopped by the police. {No license plate required, no insurance required}. I'm not sure WHY foreigners are allowed to NOT have a license plate OR insurance, so they are treated BETTER than Americans!!!

  23. While I KNOW how sexy and wonderful it is to have such an automobile for your vacation; a Lambo without plates draws certain ATTENTION from our police forces. I would have never, repeat, NEVER brought such a car into these United States! A rent-a-wreck Honda or Toyota sedan would be preferable. I'm sorry but that is the truth. I hope your travels went better than this.

  24. Stupid smart arse lol. "I'm not confused, I know what I'm talking about right now"…….. "I gotta go I'm busy" OWNED. Well done bro.

  25. If a cop ever says i have another call to go to and lets you go for an alleged violation like driving without plates or a license, you know hes really saying "i was wrong and dont know what im talking about, but im too afraid to admit it." No cop would ever go to another call and let you off for those violations. Its just his way of saving face

  26. What a great video. Thanks for the upload. Not all cops are like this (I’m a British Pakistani guy born in the U.K.) but some are sadly. Is this Police officer hard of hearing?

    I had a similar experience in the U.K. recently. Got stopped for no insurance or tax when my car has both. The officer went through a millions checks then said “you can go – it just wasn’t showing up on our systems”. Fools

  27. so do you actually think its wrong for a cop to pull over a 250k dollar car without licence plates , you do not have the right to drive in any country without a licence or temporary plate , stop the stupid bullshit that cops are wrong , No one can drive without plates , Try it in any town ,see what happens , What did you want the cop to say ,, oh hi sir, i glad your driving and not bearing any licence plates like the other 350 million Americans have to do ,,,but can i buy you a slurpee ,have a lovely day

  28. "Sir I refuse to look like an idiot so let me look like an idiot while I'm trying to not look like an idiot, be safe pulling into traffic and have a nice day."
    I understand officers are trained to maintain verbal/psychological control of an interaction, but when you don't have it you *don't have it*.

    Seriously… "I have no idea what I'm looking at or what to do with it and I'm waiting for word from my supervisor while I'm trying to appear like I'm in control of the situation and know what I'm doing…" … How hard is it to just admit you've never worked with this kind of documentation before, I need to verify some things with HQ, sit tight and I'll have this straightened out in a few minutes?

  29. It's and odd situation. How many people fly their cars to other countries for a road trip? Are you guys really trying to adapt to the officers reaction to the lack of proper number plates? Or is it just americans reacting to the presence of law?

  30. LOL He think its only USA on the face of the earth hahahha! Idiot! Well done for being polite to this idiot and teaching him a lesson he wont forget.

  31. Fuck Tha Police coming straight from the underground a young nigga got it bad cause I'm brown

  32. I have all the respect in the world for the police and I give them the benefit of the doubt, but this particular officer is not making a good name for himself or law enforcement in general. What a disappointment.

  33. The driver was respectful and had all necessary information and regulations. Cop should have checked him and been on his way. Maybe the cop was insecure bc he didnt know what was going on so came off aggressively. But at least nothing really bad happened for no reason.

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