Protester smashes $1 million vase by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei

It was worth $1 million because it was by
Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei, but it seems one painter in Miami was unimpressed. Not happy the Perez Art Museum was seemingly
only displaying international art, Dominican-born Maximo Caminero smashed one of the vases and
got caught on camera doing it. Caminero is a painter who lives in Miami.
He told a newspaper there he had no idea the vase was so valuable, and said he was actually
a fan of Ai Weiwei. The 16 vases are about 2,000 years old, dating back to China’s Han
Dynasty. Ai Weiwei has long used ancient vases and artefacts in his work, drawing criticism
from some that painting them defaces the originals. Caminero said his action was a spontaneous
protest, in part inspired by the Chinese artist. Ai has long attracted international attention
for criticising China’s government policies on democracy, free speech and human rights. The piece, smashed by Caminero is titled Colored

40 Replies to “Protester smashes $1 million vase by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei”

  1. LMFAO we want more we want more hahahahahahhaha
    One million for a pot hey imagine how manny ppl could be fed for that amount of money.
    Feel free to smash the rest untill these elitists bastards get the message

  2. ITN. the guys broke the vase because he was upset at the fact that Miami doesn't display local artists in its museum. Anyways, Miami.. not surprising.. that place s.u.c.k.s.

  3. ironic that he'll probably become famous for this and will now himself be selling works for millions

    what a strange world we live in

  4. I guess taht is how a crabby egomaniac behaves when he feels that museum is not hanging his work which is infinitely better than anything on display – just ask him. Ten years in jail along with confiscation of all erosional property. Maybe tattoo 'DICK" across hi forehead too.

  5. how ironic. Ai Wei Wei got himself famous by smashing ancient urn, and now someone smashes his vast and gets famous for it…lol

  6. something that valuable and timeless should 1. Not be painted on and 2. Be in a museum fully inclosed with glass or acrylic so people cannot touch it.

  7. what we need to ask is how can someone walk up to art and smash it. if it was so valuable It should have had more protection  

  8. What is the difference between, Ai Weiwei painting over a 2000 year old artifact, and this guy smashing it on the floor? Seems like the same thing to me.

  9. “I don't really care much, and actually my work is often damaged in different shows, because it's fragile so normally I don't take these things too highly,” Ai said. “Damage is damage, you know. If they have insurance, maybe it will be covered.”

  10. Too bad these 2000 years old vases are smashed.
    Too bad AI Weiwei repainted them for his "art"
    Why didn't he repaint terra cotta warriors?
    This so called dissent "artist" is nothing but a clown. Just like pussy riot, he suddenly became famous when he started to criticize the government.

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