Pumpkin Organic Shape 3D Model in Rhino 6: Jewelry CAD Design Tutorial #87

Hello everyone, welcome back to PJ Chen
Design. Halloween season is coming so let’s take a look on how to make this
pumpkin shape. Are you ready, Let’s get started! We are going to start making
some bumps, of course you can kind of do what every bump that you like which it’s
not symmetrical. The way I will do is I will use these stars and snapping into
the zero, making the corner of a start number for 10, and you can do any size
that you want, and have them to come back. Once we have that, we need to have the
corner to be rounded. Let’s use the fillet corners, and we can fillet this
one. Let’s set it up for radius for 2 and see how we like it.
At this point, you can kind of make it not as symmetrical, because it’s organic
shape, and you can have one speaker or smaller or whatever that you like to
change. After that, we are going to make a copy by 3D scale with Gumball, and then we
wanted to make a copy by clicking ALT key. So the things that we have is we
have the big one is right in the middle, and depends on how tall your
pumpkin is going to be. I draw the other one over there, so the pumpkin is coming
outline like this bumpy. In fact, when it come into the center we want it to be
nice and smooth. so right here, I’m going to draw a circle and bring the circle in
a little bit. What I mean a little bit is this shape is coming over here, and kind
of cave in to make it symmetrical. I’m going to have this one mirror to the
other side, so we’re going to use the command called loft.
We’re gonna pick in the order, go to one, two, three, four and five. Go to the top
view, and double make sure everybody is aligned. So we want to make sure that
everybody is snapping into the quadrant, otherwise, pumpkin surface will be
twisted. Let’s take a look on this one. If everything should look
nice to you, you can just click OK. then we already have this shape here you
can simply just use the “cap” to cap the opening. So it will be closed over there.
okay so I’m going to lock this one, and just using this curve. For this curve, I’m
gonna scale it down a little bit, and making a copy. Make sure it’s still
snapping into the center, so let’s using aligned tool, and snapping into the
centers. So this is where the bottom is going to be, and once this is coming out,
I will like it come back to the circle. So on the top, it’s going to be a circle.
so you’re going to see something like this. Have this moving to the top. If
we look at the curve right here. This curve that we have. If we want to rebuild,
we need to make sure it’s degrees 3. We’re gonna make it into 24, and
let’s click OK. Make sure the top one is a degree 3 too. Then we have the
same point to curve over there. Let’s using the commands called loft, and we’re
gonna loft again from here to here, and make sure they are aligned to the quadrant,
or somewhere close to the quadrant. This is the surface that we get, and
it’s a single surface that means we can turn on a control point. so in order to
have more control points, I want to insert somewhere on the bottom over here.
somewhere on the bottom over here, and somewhere at the neck over here, and then
let’s take a look what we can do. At the front view, we’re going to turn on the
control point, and I want this one to be scale it down a lot, so we can get that
beautiful neck over there. and maybe we’re gonna lower down this one, and make
them a little bit bigger, so we can kind of a getting the shape like this right
over here. We might also want to get it smaller and smaller. so you’re kind of getting this like neck
looking shape, and you can do whatever change that fitting into your
design. We can also turn them in the angle so we might want to kind of turn
them like this, and this seems sitting a little bit too lower so let’s bring it
up a little bit, and once you like it you can go ahead and cap it. Let’s go ahead to
take a look on the render view. So give a very nice bumpy shape over
there, and once you assign the material and that will be what it looks on the
rendering. I would like to give it a special thanks to Karl Brophy, thank you
for your generous donation to my channel. that will help me to improve the channel
content and helping more people. I’m so excited because this is my first
donation that I received from the channel, so thank you, and thank you for
everybody for your watching please like and comment and share my videos, so I can
reach more people who want to learn Rhino. Thank you and I’ll see you

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  1. No minuto 3:42 , para inserir pontos de controle, minha direção estava em "U", por isso não estava conseguindo. O correto era Direction=V.

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