Raleigh Team Castorama 753 Dynatech Vintage Road Bike

Hello and welcome to bikes in focus this is where we get to look at some extra special vintage road bikes I have got a very beautiful bike right over there so lets go and have a look This is a Raleigh Castorama 753 Dynatech built in 1990 by the special bike development unit at Raleigh for the Raleigh Castorama Racing Team This frame was accully made for Jean Claude Bagot to use in the 91 season and is stamped J.C.B.B2.90 meaning Jean Claude Bagot, bike two 1990 93 being his racing number in the 91 Tour de France the team helped Raleigh develop the Dynatech technology hence Reynolds tubing and decals once done and put on sale Raleigh moved away from using Reynolds tubing and developed there own range the majority of bikes used be the racing team was actually made by Cyfac and then painted and badged up by Raleigh As far as I am aware their was an internal dispute between Gerald O’Donovan who headed up the S.B.D.U department and the team manager as to which frames they should use in 89 it was the super U who were the sponsors but by 90 and 91 it was Castorama during 89 and 90 Campagnolo C-Record with Delta brakes were used by the team but by 91 the team was using Shimano Dura Ace strictly speaking this frame should have Dura Ace but as there is no documentation or pictures of Jean Claude the bike was built to Fignon’s spec as seen in a picture of him riding a team Dynatech in the 1990 Tour of Holland on e of the hardest bits to find of the build was a Fignon spec fork mounted CicloMaster Computer the Specs its a Reynolds 753 Dynatech frame full Campagnolo C- record group set with Delta brakes ITM bars and stem turbo saddle original TA water bottles and Tour De France Coca Cola Bottles Look pedals however Fignon rode Time however the cleats are extremely hard to get hold of they have got Wolber TX profile Clincher rims as ridden by the team Michelin Hi-Lite Super Comp Tyres in 700 by 23 c again as ridden by Fignon Rigina Cassette and chain to match the rear mech and shifters the frame was fully restored from bare frame then resprayed with decals, many of which was custom produced such as the names of the Maxi Sports ones What an amazing piece of history that is I can not believe that we have it here to share with you and to be able to show case this bike in its full glory if you do have a bike yourself that you would like to show case or one that you would like me to get hold of then please leave a comment below i would love to hear other than that if you do enjoy watching these videos and your not a Subscriber then please Subscribe Drop us a like, and Bye for now!! Thanks for watching….

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  1. What a bike! It is easy to forget how close some of those machines came to being a toss-up between technology and art. They exemplified the last stage of lightweight lugged steel absolute race machines before al and cf took control. Interesting to note the use of clinchers.

  2. Can you find any tt funny bikes? A guy at my high school in 1986 who was a tri athlete had a funny bike with a 24" front wheel 700c rear sloping top tube bull horn handlebar Shimano 600 groupset steel bike. We all though it was out of this world

  3. I built racing frames in the 1980's mainly Columbus SL and Reynolds 531 and 653, I knew a few licensed 753 builders, takes a lot of skill to braze that tubing.

  4. Love all the vids you do but please pronounce the brand names properly for example

    Campagnolo is pronounced as it's written, not campagnolia as you say …

    Small gripe really just feel it takes away from the quality of your content.

  5. Many of the components on this bike are not Campagnolo Record but Campagnolo Chorus. Nice bit of history to this and excellent video as always though.

  6. Really enjoy your videos especially highlighting the vintage Raleigh lightweights. I just purchased a near mint 84 Raleigh Road Ace with all the og parts (you could use it but I live in France). Would be nice to see an 84 Raleigh Competition and a Dawes Imperial. Also the Holdsworths of that era would be nice too. Keep up the excellent work.

  7. Andy, How about some information about how the bike survived and it's recent history? I.E. how you came across it and what condition it was in when found.

  8. Dear Andy, the narration lacks fluency. It doesn't matter when you're on screen, but once we just have the bike and your voice, a fluent narration will provide a bit more polish to an otherwise well produced video.

    Thanks for making videos, Andy. I especially like the content about the manufacturer's history.

  9. What a great bike. Nice change of pace as well Andy, nice to see you do something different. If I could pass a comment – your voiceover wasn't quite as fluid as your other videos, and the volume levels seemed a bit off. Just a comment that I hope will help you with future videos like this pal

  10. Andy :)loved this short on Raleigh's history, am pretty sure this is the first time i heard of this model,beautiful indeed and loaded with campy and goodies. i like the new location but needs a sound check, sometimes was too low, mostly while you did the narrative and were not in the picture, perhaps echo cause its such a large locale and pretty mt but looks great, thank you for sharing . Cheers J

  11. I meant to ask you and forgot, what do you know about Raleigh's super Grand Prix? am looking at a frame set headset included Tange 5 and it has some fancy seat stays only one tube into the seat tube then becomes 2 for the stays, thanks for anything you can share on it

  12. What a beautiful bike…..and I just love those Delta brakes.Whoever did the restoration deserves alot of praise, this one needs to be eyes only.
    Thanks for posting Andy.
    John from Canada.

  13. OMG !!
    Amazing !!
    I love it !

    Gerald O'Donavon was head of Carlton Cycles at first, I think, but then when bought by Raleigh he did the high-end Raleigh frames. I think it's a shame the Carlton name was dropped.

    Anyway, I'm a massive fan of Raleigh, especially the '80s Reynolds frame bikes. Only a 753 Panasonic would better this, IMO.

  14. Next month im possibly buying a vintage Peugeot that looks similar to the one you restored. Hope i dont have to restore much, by the looks of it only the saddle needs changing, and a new chain as it is rusted. Other wise it looks great, maybe a touch up on the paint as it is chipping, but no rust on the frame so far.

  15. you have one factory of campagnolo delta break's ๐Ÿ™‚ . Excelentes mรกquinas , muy bueno tu canal, I'not speak english ,very good Chanel and excellent machines .

  16. WOW!!! Amazing!! I have a 1990 Pogliaghi TSX thatโ€™s all NOS Campy C Record Delta 8 Speed so I LOVE this stuff!!

  17. Absolutely stunning bike…Very authentic build with pro peleton provenance. Unfortunately most of the consumer Dyna-Tech bonded framesets literally fell apart…

  18. I have a Dyna Tech 755 that's been sitting in the shed for 15 years!!! After seeing these videos I've been inspired to try to restore it.

    Can I get the original de cals?? I know the one on the seat tube is damaged the bike needs a lot of tlc!

  19. I had a boxful of Ciclomasters – pink, black and red. Various models, too. You could get them for a song in the early 2000's. Cleaned out the garage and pitched them all. Poor choice, I know.

  20. bonjour je suisย jean claude Bagotย le vรฉlo est vraiment magnifiqueavez vous une adresse pour que je vous envoie le vrai maillot Castorama 1991cordialement JCBagot

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