Rare Antique Ball Motor [Restoration]

This old rubber has hardened The rare cylindrical carbon brush! It’s huge! Just in case… This is not paint, it is japanning very hard to remove with paint stripper I need to remove as much as possible so it does not clog the sand blaster I forgot to turn on the vacuum… Japanning is thick and originally filled these holes Filler primer sand, then low gloss black enamel paint 7 coats Checking for electrical continuity I have to check every one… 2000 grit sandpaper Machining would be the proper method The chuck is loose… I lightly sandblasted it Brass blackener/kool-aid I glued sandpaper to the screwdriver I still want this to look old, but with the background a consistent colour Penetrating oil to revive the old rubber soak for 24 hours these are indexing marks Clear is better I am using a variable speed controller This motor spins very fast, almost too fast…

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  1. 😂 I thought it was gonna explode when he first took that little handle thing 😂fuckin bomb looking thing 😂

  2. Cool resto! So what would one of these ball motors be used for? Im trying to figure out what it goes in LOL. Just noticed someone said its for dentist's chair.

  3. I say, if it came off a medical vibrator the first time, you need to hook that bad boy up to another vibrator now!

  4. Hard to tell if you filled a giant Nutella container with grease, or whether you filled that greaser bit with Nutella just for the gag. Either way, bravo.

  5. Out of curiosity, do you know what they mean when they say "medical vibrator?" Because they didn't use these things to relax sore muscles…

  6. I can't get over the sheer weirdness of this thing. "It does what?" "Are you kidding me? It's the size of a bowling ball."

  7. So no ones gonna mention NUTELLA being used as grease?? Or why would he have a 3kg bucket of it in his shop?? I bet he used before but is just replacing all his grease with Nutella?

  8. Very nice peace of work. But instead of doing dangerous stunts with drill bit at the end, you can just check the rpm.

  9. Too bad you can't find heat shrink tubing with an interior layer of adhesive. They used a lot of it in the 80's on auto electrical harnesses

  10. OMG…just your opening and Muppet smile was enough to get me to subscribe. Still laughing. 😀 Brought you by 'garbage on the floor' was the crowing point. :s

  11. Y’all are getting all wound up that he used Nutella like he couldn’t just stop the camera, clean it out, and put grease back in it!! Lol

  12. I love your sense of humor dude the bowling ball sound effect at the intro though really really xD? Haha

  13. I just watch the video, when you open the hardened-rubber cover, l though a human head was inside (the coloured black winding looks like human hair LOL). Anyway awesome videos! keep up the amazing content

  14. Another person attempts to bring a motor somewhat like these back to life. She gave up too soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjQX3n55cR8&lc=z23jzlvxtrevz1b34acdp432mruyk5p1lzyh35ohtzxw03c010c.1563993293997465&feature=em-comments

  15. This motor bears a remarkable likeness to something my dentist used back in the 50s to drill teeth. It was slow and took two visits to drill the tooth to the right depth. Whilst I must congratulate you on a very professional restoration, I am cursing you all the way to hell and back as I have to go again in a couple of weeks for root canal work. The memories of Mr Hurley and his ghastly surgery will be with me till my dying day now. OF COURSE! It was the Betz ball motor that caused the phobia! Well done anyway!

  16. They didn't give a damn about safety back in the old days. No grounding and those brass terminals are insulated by a rubber grommet. This is what products would be like if the Republicans had their way.

  17. They sure don't make stuff like they used tothat looks so simple to repair I know it's tedious and time-consuming but simple

  18. I got a wierd Idea maybe someone here can tell me if it would work.
    It seems the part that gets cleaned the least is the insides of the motor itself.
    Would be possible to use an ultrasonic cleaner of some sort and use mineral oils as a liquid?
    A homemade ultrasonic cleaner would be awesome 😀

  19. This was the highlight of my day. The comedic moments and slapping the ball motor were unexpected, but funny as all get out! Do you think these were hoisted on conveyers in factories and the workers could move them around the shop to different areas where needed? That might account for the circular hook and round shape. They could take a factory's beating…

  20. Cool motor and restoration, with a perfect purpose. But it looks like your drillng and grinding on your house or somebody's.

  21. 5:47 WTF is wrong with you 😱 noooooo…. use emery cloth not a damn file… and why on earth would you use grease when you are supposed to use mineral oil! Hell even SAE30W oil would work! Jesus…

  22. You can put color led inside for see something (i cant see nothing inside) , and it looks like steampunk machine …. 😉

  23. Wiyam i pozdrawiam!!SWietna renowacja antycznego silnika w ksztalcie kuli,ciekawe rozwiazanie z tamtych lat,bedzie dalej sluzyl,Jedyny minus to kiepskie polaczenie kabli ze soba,mozna to bylo troche lepiej zrobic,dobry pokaz filmu ,tak trzymac!!

  24. Starkes Intro … cool intro
    How to: wie entschärfe ich eine Seemine … How to: how do I defuse a sea mine … kaboom

  25. Starkes Intro … cool intro
    How to … wie entschärfe ich eine Seemine … How to … how do I defuse a sea mine

  26. Starkes Intro … cool intro
    How to … wie entschärfe ich eine Seemine … How to … how do I defuse a sea mine

  27. Starkes Intro … cool intro
    How to … wie entschärfe ich eine Seemine … How to … how do I defuse a sea mine

  28. Just think, the last time the inside of this motor saw daylight my great grandfather was certain the horseless carriage was doomed to failure. Great vid, as always!

  29. So I have to ask…purely out of not knowing. When you restore things, and Ive seen the many different things you have restored…awesome btw. Are these things that you randomly find somewhere? You restore them and hope to sell them to some random collector? Or, are these things people send and commission you to restore for them?

  30. Pretty interresting machine. Glad that you bought it and restored it. That plexiglass idea was great one.
    I had no idea what used for. But thanks for outro, now i know.
    That opening intro is pretty funny. I like 90's theme.

    EMMY AWARD FOR Gabrage on the Floor!

    Great video, enjoyed it.

  31. How do you avoid electrocution with the older equipment? I'd end up taping and silicon-ing everything out of caution and still be afraid.

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