RC ADVENTURES – Vintage RV Upgrade! Drive System & Rear Wheel Steering – 1971 Tonka Truck Winnebago

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  1. i have exact same tranny but its a 2spd. didnt know had 1 speed. on 2 speed 1st gear is good 2nd gear seams way over geared even with 8 tooth pinion.

  2. this isn't an Insult of any kind but it seems like you never keep rc's stock and by the way I'm waching this from southlake tx love the vids keep it up

  3. Medic long time viewer here just wondering where you got the outcroppers style tires since the outcroppers were discontinued?

  4. u.s.a. utah love your videos and your commentary is awesome you are always in a good mood and watching your videos lightens my moods thank for an awesome channel and inspiring and introducing me into a new hobby my favorite is rock crawling because here in utah we have lots of rocky areas to climb. one question I have is without the sound system in your k5 ascender how long would or does your battery last? keep up the awesome videos glad I found your channel

  5. hey love the vids and i hate to put this in comentd but i dont know how to enter the contest but ill just put here that im interested. thank you and keep up the good work

  6. dude that's so cool I loved rc cars when I was a kid now have kids ages 3 and 4 and just bought them their first rc car . The ruckus 4wd monster truck .Its a great little truck for the price will not waste money in Walmart crap. Do you have any tips on making an open diff a locker

  7. Love these Tonka Winnebago conversions. They're always so cool! I need to get mine finished up. Pretty much trying to go the scale route on mine and using the transmission, axles, wheels and suspension from some of the Tamiya semi truck kits and I designed and machined the frame from aluminum and then had it anodized black. Right now I'm waiting on some urethane to come in the mail so I can make the body mounts and hopefully get the body and frame hooked together. Actually have a post tracking my progress with pictures in the "Tonka Winnebago Project" thread in the Scale Build Projects section of your website if you're interested.

  8. Hi medic, I have a problem i'm hoping you can help with. I built a moa hill climber, i bought a spektrum dx4s and i can make it front wd only or rear, or 4wd. Problem!!! In fwd the back tires still roll without power, i cant figure out how to have brakes applied to the rear for digging. Thank you for your time. Keep the rubber side down. Ps looked around you tube not much info out there. Ramp-Ja's Rc's

  9. I didn't know you smoked cigars at 10:40 in the video when you put the camera down in front of the truck the reflection in the bumper show you holding a cigar

  10. please send me this RC truck I really want it with the trailer and my phone number address is 29114 and I live in Michigan

  11. I just seen your rc tonka camper After upgrading my wraith I took all the take offs and have a large tonka wrecker come to find out everything from my wraith is perfect to use to covert the wrecker into a awsome 4Γ—4 Rc even the stock 2.2 wraith tires are a great fit Once Im finished building it I think my grandson son will have a ball learning rc driving. Its not like he could break it even if he did its not a big exspence to fix I have the camper too but I have dibs on it had sence i was a kid lol thanks for sharing your video i did sub too

  12. why won't you do a video on senders and receivers, and what models are the best and smartest? would be nice… since my knowledge is stuck at the 40Mhz

  13. Too awesome, I'm still saving up for s 1/16 scale airsoft Tiger 2, steel tank. Same winabago they used in space balls

  14. You thought about opening an online store so people interested in the same model could get it without plowing Google

  15. love the idea of rear steer and 4wd but it is a bit over the top lol but a whole lot cheaper on an rc rv than a real one lol cool mod

  16. That is so freaking amazing man… I've been watching your videos for many years.. unfortunately had to sale all my rcs because of my hospital bills for my heart and cancer (lymphatic leukemia and they found a tumor on the left side of my brain) and really really really really really really really miss them, but with 1 year old twins and my other kids and my girlfriends kids and on a fixed income because they quit letting me work I can't afford to get any, but I still really enjoy watching your videos man.. been a long time fan… and probably will be until the day I take my final breath…. this rig is awesome man… thanks for your videos

  17. Hey Medic do you know where to get the model kit for the Suzuki 500 I scored a losi 1/24 mini crawler about a month ago but can't find the kit

  18. Ha!. I watched this video, went on ebay and picked up a 1971 Tonka Winnebago. I'm just using a scx10-II with a dually in the rear on 1.55 rims. Im custom welding a chassis using steel 1/4 inch rod.

  19. What you should do is if you record with your phone you can hot glue a the phone mount of a selfie stick on to the controller and you could use two hands to drive and just follow the rc to record

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